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Motor Sports

Rallysport: Mudslinging at TRUJUICE!

On a day when cricketers would run for cover - rain no play -† and NASCAR machines would not exit their pristine pit-bays, other adrenalin-junkies thank their luck! It was one of those afternoons in St Catherine. The rain entered the venue rather early in the festivities. The rally machines embraced the newly created obstacle and had a wonderful time distorting gravel while spectators scampered to shelter below trailers, umbrellas or any cooperative leaf that could offer assistance! Monster Machine at [...]

Caribbean Dev. Trends Plus

Get Up, Start Up: Local and global partners help launch young entrepreneurs in Jamaica

by Winsome Leslie Recently, I spent a few hours in a conference room with 60 young tech entrepreneurs in downtown Kingston. Their excitement was palpable. This was the final day of the Start-Up Jamaica boot camp, led by coaches from Oasis500, a Jordanian company that provides entrepreneurship training, business incubation, mentoring, and seed funding to help turn new tech ideas into startups. Oasis500 is one of the key partners supporting Start-Up Jamaica, the first Jamaican accelerator focusing on technology. This initiative [...]

Motor Sports

Circuit Racing: Drifting at Dover!

So much has been happening - its frightening - but in a good, fun way. My recording and reporting abilities have been tested, but thankfully, they have survived the torture chamber and I am loaded with exciting material to present. But before we enter the thrill-zone, here is a flashback! Drift Machines at Dover! Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer [...]


Would you buy/use wastewater?

Although it is a dim memory right now, I still have nightmares about waking up and trying to take a bath with only a trickle of †water in the pipes. The drought period affected several consumers, there were reports of persons having to resort to buying water which proved to be an expensive option. There were many communities who had to do without the precious commodity for months. When the rainy season finally arrived, it relieved some of our problems to some [...]

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Social Impact

A Time for Heroics

"Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure" is an oft-quoted remark†attributed to Abraham Lincoln (although these may not have been his†exact words). Nevertheless, Jamaicans take the spirit of these words to heart, as do other countries in the hemisphere and around the world. This week is National Heroes Week in Jamaica. It's a time when Jamaicans take a quick breather. School is on half-term, and working people take a day or two off. The Governor General [...]

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Since the dawn of West Indies cricket, it seems, players representing the regional team earned the lionís share of money made by the West Indies Cricket Board. Meanwhile, those players at the first-class level made scraps, never enough for them to put food on their tables and take care of their families. Under the previous agreement what obtained was that those who represent the region, most of them, were on retainer contracts that paid them between US$80,000 and US$125,000 per annum. [...]

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Much More than a Mosquito Bite

Much More than a Mosquito Bite

By Jonathan Cali Did you know that as of 2005, nearly a quarter of residents of the capital region of Guyana were at risk of suffering lymphatic filariasis, an illness that causes permanent swe...



He is far from bring the most elegant batsman around. His technique has been described as crabby and unorthodox and he does not possess the fluid grace of a Lawrence Rowe or Brian Lara. He also lacks...



Last week it came to public attention that Shelly-Ann Frazer-Pryce was named Ambassador Special Envoy. The two-time Olympic and 2013 triple World Champion and her husband, Jason, were also issued dipl...

Are used cars a better investment?

Are used cars a better investment?

I need a new car. So I started thinking about my options. Should I buy a used car or a new car? Like many consumers, I like new cars. There is a smell that emanates from the interior of a new car t...

The Humanity of Music: It's a Global Thing

The Humanity of Music: It's a Global Thing

"Without music, life would be a mistake." So said the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. A little facetious perhaps, but how true! As we emerged from the Carib Cinema onto the bustling streets...

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