Jamaicans now need visas to travel to St. Maarten

April 13th, 2011

It has been reported that Jamaicans and nationals of Guyana will now need visas in order to travel to St. Maarten. This new measure was announced by the St. Maarten government recently, and took effect on Monday April 11, 2011.

To be honest, I am really not surprised by the latest demand of the St. Maarten government. Jamaicans seem to be on the verge of being restricted free entry to almost every country known to man. Some persons believe that these countries are after us because they are jealous, while others think that our behaviour in these countries have lead to visa requirements and other strict provisions. Whatever the reason, it is fairly obvious that there is a major problem.

Although a St. Maarten official confirmed the new visa requirement, he did not give an official reason for the decision. However, the owner of the news website, SXMIslandTime.com in St. Maarten, Samuel Allen, told The Gleaner, the new directive was prompted by figures which indicate that Jamaican and Guyanese visitors were overstaying their entry time on the island.

He also stated that the increase in crime could be an additional reason for the new regulation.

What do you think of this new visa requirement by the St. Maarten government? Are you surprised by it? Do you believe that this new regulation is unjust? Have your say…

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55 Responses to “Jamaicans now need visas to travel to St. Maarten”

  1. Semone says:

    If I have to get a Visa to go to St. Maartin, the Jamaica, then we should do the same in return. They should need a Visa to come to our good country also

  2. Jackie V. says:

    I think it is a shame that we allow just about all the Caribbean Nationals to enter Jamaica without any visa requirement and now St. Marteen is requesting that Guyanese and Jamaican nationals need to have a visa. I feel like our Jamaicans are being singled out. Some travelers use St. Marteen as a transit airport for going to other islands and when you read the visa requirement there is no allowance for in-transit travelers. Also you would have to apply in Trinidad. So forget about trying to travel to see your neighbours, by the time you have purchased visas their is no room in the budget for airfare, hotel and spending money.

    I am waiting now to see what restrictions we are going place on our Caribbean neighbours and as for that CARICOM passport, that should be discontinued, as my daughter asked with exicitement “now that I have a CARICOM passport does this mean I can go to the other islands” I told her no, it does not mean that it is the same process like trying to get a US visa from our own people.

    We need to tighten up on our entry requirements, we need to be more selective also, we have alot going for Jamaica regardless of our challenges. Everyone comes here and take and take, because they would not be coming here if there was nothing of benefit. We need to take care of us now.

  3. Calxuna says:

    What a surprise? The only country not aasking for Visas to visit is Jamaica. The visa requirement produces a kind of exclusivity, the price of which serves as the deterrent. Truth is that Jamaica is just as and probably even more so exclusive but for the price of a level of fear mixed with excitement and sensitive nerves. We know everybody would like to go there. I say ask for a visa as well. Jobs. Income. Less taxes. More visitors to a real exotic destination. Bless!

  4. tavia says:

    I agree that we need to start accepting visa before entry into jamaica. Why are we so afraid to retaliate when our neighbouring countries are not It is not fair so we should let them get a taste of their own medicine

  5. Bob says:

    We have no body to blame but ourselves and our crooked politicians who for generations have divide the country into tribal garrison where we are allowed and forced to slaughter each other at the pleasure of our political leaders!.. this should remind us of slavery and should propels us to take action and get read of those criminals who call themselves our leaders!.

    Every body have a right to protect their country!.

  6. RAQUEL says:


  7. Dora says:

    We also allow most of the world to come to Jamaica without visa. I remember when American did not even need a passport. They all require visas of us. The British Queen is our head of state and we need a visa to go visit her. Why this uproar at the CARICOM members? There is an international concensus that we make bad guests. Require visa of St Marteen, when last have you seen them here? And don’t visit them you say? Well that is just what they want.

  8. Franklin M says:

    @Jackie lol you r so right…i really have to laugh…i use to travel to st marteen in the late 80′s early 90′s back then, jamaicans were seen as exotic n mystical, true caribbean ppl now after 20years we are now seen as undesirables!!! wat a sham!!! theyre many other nationals living in st marteen illegaqlly, as far as europe and asia to south america and other caribbean islands.
    When i use to visit there i would tell them that Jamaicans are the best in what we do…GOOd or BAD!!! the few of us really make the rest of us look bad…the requirements they had before wad working, i jus see these visa requirements as a money making venture…
    We as a country and should really start to have our own restrictions for the caribbean…I DONT CARE, CARICOM IS NOT WORKING FOR JAMAICA!!!…we are the largest English speaking consumer market in this region n we are being treated as aliens…look at who is in this country on a business level, they all are…lets start to look within our self and our identity and protect our shores, our soverign our dignity, if we have any left…we are a proud people with a rich history and heritage and INFLUENCE!!! COME ON JAMAICAN PEOPLE…WAKE UP!!!

  9. Anna Fletcher says:

    Instead of blaming others we need to ask ourselves why is everyone placing restriction on our people? As honest citizens we know that it is our bad attitude we were taught in basic school that our attitude determines our altitude and there is conquences for every action and this is one of them.

    As the world watched the Manatt/Dudus Enquire look at the behaviour of our leaders then we wonder why people marganalize us.

  10. Mr. Sands says:

    I have said it many times before, Jamaica is a paradox…you have more churches per capita, yet you are a violent country, the country is homophobic, yet you have a VERY large gay and lesbian community (Check out South Florida,where they florish). Your main source of revenue is tourism, yet you are supporting visas for Jamaica. Wake up people, start with the man/woman in the mirror, and fix your country. Make tertiary education available to all, like in Trinidad and Tobago.

  11. Edward says:

    I live in Curacao. Here in Curacao we have a lot of criminality lately where Jamaicans are involved. Also we have a lot of illegals from Jamaica.They come in as tourist, but never leave. Once here if they can’t find a job, they end up in criminality. Just in case you start thinking that I am prejudice…….I’m married to a Jamaican, and was there in January for a family wedding. And I can’t wait to go spend some more time by my mother in law.

  12. john allen says:

    wow this was quick,they just reported this yesterday,about visa to St Maarten..yet there was no blogging about the savages in Barbados …why are these Jamaicans all over the place anyway,my daughter came off a cruise ship in St Maarten the other day,she is American born and bred ,yet she was surprised to see so many Jamaicans working in that country..i did not even know myself ,that these Jamaicans pick up and go to the smaller islands,hopefully its the disciplined Jamaicans and not the noise making bad habit ones,who go to these places,but i know the natives of those smaller will become restless if too many of others invade their country..only in Jamaica i see everybody just run willy nilly all over,sometimes treating the foreigners better than their own Jamaican,don’t know if that’s stupidity or just their nature..but not everybody will likewise be accommodating..so you Jamaicans better stay home,educate yourselves and keep Jamaica flourishing..leave these smaller islands alone..even dogs have shame and know when they are insulted..

  13. NGR says:

    It’s a good thing I got the ‘other’ passport or else I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere! Seriously people we have to check ourselves and think about why no one wants us in their country, it’s really sad because good Jamaicans always have to pay the price for the behavior of the riff raff.

  14. Pat says:

    We really need to stop the misplaced outrage and take a long, good look in the mirror. WE, Jamaicans, need to wake up indeed. Wake up and curb our behaviour and attitudes towards other people’s laws when we visit their countries. We treat every country with the same disregard that we do our own and when they say “Enough!” we spout our angrily about it. Puleeeeze!!! Let’s raise our standards, starting in Jamaica and take that elsewhere.

    Also, reasoning that we should in turn require visas to come here is ridiculous. How many people from St. Maarten do you think want to come here at all much less to overstay their visas? LOL Again, we really need to wake up and check OURSELVES. kmt

  15. KFiennes says:

    Jamaica has murder numbers of over 1,200 people per year for at least the last ten years. That’s in excess of 12,000 Jamaican citizens. Our prisons are overflowing. Do we behave ourselves suddenly when we congregate in other countries?….NO! We get up to the same mischief and create problems for the local authorities in those countries, form gangs and posses just as we do right here in JA.

    St.Maarten a dutch colony and St. Martin is French. We need visas to go to the motherlands in Europe and they don’t belong to our CARICOM grouping. Nothing is wrong with them trying to protect their country being overrun by nationals from other countries that create chaos in the caribic idyll. We can’t protect our own citizens from ourselves. They are protecting their citizens from us the best way the know how. No one is “jealous” of Jamaica! What kind of “foolinish” statement is that!

    Jamaica is a poor country, we seem to not realise this, and we are desperate for revenue. We cannot impose visa restrictions on too many countries as we want them to come to our shores and spend their dollars. We in fact impose visas on many many countries especially African, Eastern European and Asian countries. So what’s the fuss about?

  16. peter says:

    We need to look at ourselves and find out why so many countries are now requiring us to have visas. Once we find the answers, we should work with each other to try and eliminate those reasons. Let’s stop talking about retaliation by imposing visas ourselves; that is not going to help us! Let’s find ways to clean up our image, as it is really bad!

  17. simone says:

    As the best Caribbean in the world we need to clean up our acts,then these little hurry come up places wouldn’t be doing all this to us.We need start eating what we grow some of us if it dont say made in USA they don’t want to buy .Things from USA is not as good as we think.What happen to di home grown tomatoes lol peppa skellion no darn chemical.Wi waaaan falla everything oddas duh tap it.Growing up mi neva si pickney a heng dem sef inna ja now look every odda week it happen cause wi falla fashion.Jamaica is nice but wi mash it up clean up.Wi fi show wi colour for the right things.Mi waaaaaaaaaan come a mi yardddd but come to what????? A mean trial and crosses dey every where but mi nice nice ja gaaaannn bad.

  18. Beverly says:

    I’m apalled that you people even question why you all are put on visa restrictions! The ‘badman’ attitude that you’ll want to export cannot be tolerated! @ Franklin geing the ‘best at what you do’ soes pay off! Visa for you all! The largest consumer market but Jamaica aint got money! I wonder why would ant1 be jealous?

  19. Stanley says:

    Visa means that certain persons will be barred.Money talks!

  20. paul says:

    its time eny government of jamaica enforce the visa requirment on our caricom country show these other caricom idiots that we will not tolerate their behaviour towards jamaicans, i like cuba the best, barbadoes is a little dot its time we show caricom that jamaica is right now the crown jewel of them all nuff said

  21. Sam says:

    Too much crimes fe Jamaicans?Slow down the crimes brethrens.

  22. monika says:

    Lord a God what is not this, lol,I do understand where these people are coming from, though I know that they is a little jealousy somewhere but having said that, some Jamaicans needs to learn how to behave decent both home and aboard and if I realise that these people are potentially a threat to my country then by all means they need to imposed a visa and secure their borders.

    Am sorry to say but Jamaica is becoming a lawless country, every country had their own problems but to be honest I believe that Jamaica creates its own problem, both from politic other outside entities. From the police force to the small man who cannot get justice.

    Jamaica has lost its power, you sell out Air Jamaica and other resources so they have to depend on other counrty for everything including drugs and guns, so who would dear wants them in their countries, it’s a shame.

  23. risto brown says:

    Who really cares about St. Maarten? Next topic please.

  24. tyson says:

    I think our Government fail US big time, We fail ourself it is SAME ,. why we can’t our country and the peoples displ.

  25. Marcia says:


    People like you make others think Jamaica is the worst place to live or even visit. I am in a Caribbean Country and it is Jamaicans who build this country. Not only Jamaica has corrupt politicians. Have you been reading the news lately?? Have you read about the GREAT England and many more in the Caribbean? I support Jackie 100%. She is so right. Jamaica is a free for all. We must place value on our country and let other Caribbean countries know that just like how they can scrutinize us, we need to do the same to ensure that no unscrupulous visitors enter into our country.

  26. Eggshop says:

    Why do we even need to go to these little countries, I blame our leaders as they have no respect for our people, so what you expect these other countries to do.
    I live in the USA and because of the latest events I would never visit Barbadoes and St. Marteen, not to spend my money, I hope Jamaicans will boycott these wanna be countries, Jamaicans are the back bone for building most of them, as for that Caricom passport, I will refuse to use it, we should pressure our Govt. not to issue anymore.

  27. TheTruth says:

    Ummm to all of you geniuses who think that other countries would need a visa to enter Jamaica. Here in Jamaica we have this little industry called tourism, which also happens to be the number one source of foreign income and tax based revenues for our country. If we demand that visitors have visas then the tourism industry will suffer and we will be worse off than we are already (which is hard to imagine). Think before you write!!!!!

  28. claudine says:

    i was so shock when i heard that we will need visa to to go st maarten i was planning on going there july this is what happen i will have to go get visa now it might take longer than july but what i am saying they should require visa to come here too

  29. peter black says:

    Firstly I heard you all.
    Now I disagree with the look in the mirror thing. Jamaica is the main consumer of Caribbean goods, we are the largely English speaking island. The trade in-balance between Jamaica and Trinidad is in the hundreds of millions ($US). We export five times less than we import from some of our “Caricom” neighbours. I say that in terms of Caricom what goes for one goes for all.
    Jamaica has a problem, a huge problem. Those of us the majority are doing our best, to solve the culture of “dread” which has taking over our society.
    We do not need this overall attitude from Caricom, even if the rest of the world think so.

  30. peter black says:

    I respect the right of all nations to protect their borders and their people. But the concept of “One Caribbean, One People” need to be stopped.
    My honest opinion if we had a leader who decided to change, then Jamaica would be different. Someone who is not afraid to put God and country about politic’s and world opinion.
    We need to stop importing and start producing, more people will able to work. Then we can do without the abuse that is suffered in Caricom.
    Jamaica was and still is the greatest caribbean nation. The potential of our people is unlimited, our achievements continue to amaze the world, even the devil in hell knows this. We are literally the best of the best and the best of the worst.

  31. Ann says:

    I have two things to say:

    One- Jamaica should IMPOSE visas on ALL caribbean and other countries who impose the same on us

    Two- on the other hand there are many decent people living in Jamaica. Those who spoil our good name and travel overses, please stop doing it. Let’s show the world how blessed Jamaica is. They say we dont have money, but Jamaica is the richest caribbean country in beauty, talent and natural resourses. It’s a shame we have to be treated like this.
    No matter what I’m proud to be Jamaican-though not proud of all the things that happen there.

  32. JWarner says:

    To all the people who are saying that they should impose visa restrictions on St. Maarten, how many people from St. Maarten do you think travel to Jamaica on a regular basis. To the people asking “Why do Jamaicans travel to these small islands anyway?”, I think the people in Barbados, St. Maarten, etc. are asking themselves the very same thing. To the people who say “boycott St. Maarten!!!”, that’s exactly what the people of St. Maarten want you to do. They DON’T want you in their country. They’d welcome your boycott and tell you to collect the Jamaican dregs that currently reside there while you are at it.

  33. Sharon Kangaloo says:

    What in the world would attract me (A PROUD JAMAICAN) to St. Marteen or even Barbados for that matter. Please!!!!! They have nothing, they do not even have good food.
    No matter where I go Jamaica is my home, to hay with everyhwhere else.

  34. ainos says:


  35. Bob says:

    Marcia I am a die hard Jamaican born and bread there!.. and if and when I die thats where i will be returned!. and also when I retired thats where i will go back to relax.
    What you failed to realize . is we should stop this foolishness . that because they did it we should do it too!…

    Do you understand why our country is like this!.. because when one political party get in power they go in and repeat wrongs that the previous party did , in the name of they did it so we can do it too!..

    We must strive to be the best and stand out in a good way from the rest!.. now we are standing out all right but in the wrong way!..

  36. Ess'iele says:

    Marvellous news about the train lines in JA being reinstated, isn’t it?

  37. Ess'iele says:

    “Where there’s good, talk about it”.
    Skallamooch, Dawg an’ Dem Yout Deh – 2K11

  38. JoJo says:

    I cant understand why our ppl go to some little one horse countries that still uses pit toilets claiming they looking for better instead of building their own country, I don’t get how we go to Haiti, ad some other Caribbean countries to suck salt through wooden spoons so they can come back and perpeate some measure of sucess when some had to lie, sell themselves, clean s… and more, however working menial jobs here is a no no to them.

    Jamaican govt. should now require visas from certain countries like Haiti Cayman, Nigeria, Trinidad St Lucia , St Maarten and a few more, yes we have citizens that go away and becomes menaces to society and should be dealt with accordingly, but also many ppl name Jamaica as their country when arrested for crimes elsewhere. Criminals from any country will commit crimes anywhere, its time our Govt. ban the issuance of passport of Jamaicans with long and or violent police records there R some countries like the Bahamas that don’t give passports to their criminals to go away and embarrass them

  39. mackster says:

    My biggest issue with these sanctions is that they make it seem as if Jamaicans are the master minds for most if not all crime in the world. So seriously they thing that will reduce crime in ALL the countries that restrict us? I want a country to come forward and state the statistics. If that is so i will take it humbly but, if not these people need to stop singling us out.

    Then again we darn NUFF and love push we self in people business. Half of the time is just a brave man the BIGGER men are seeking to do their dirty work and because we aint ever scared!, we go ahead sort it out.

    its life people, thats how it goes. All in all Jamaica is a blessed rock and if we dont start treating it like it is then we just gonna keep on being exploited.

  40. Las, says:

    I may need a visa to st maarten after i complete my travel around the world.

  41. kenneth gayle says:

    this is so ridiculous why is the Jamaican government acting like stooges to these small island we should all be one integrated people in the west indies England carry us as slaves the turn around treating us like animals and all these other countries following. Stand up lets fix our country so it will again be the model for the rest of the world.

  42. Famous5 says:

    In travelling the Caribbean and the World (so far) I have never had a problem for being Jamaican. I spoke to everyone I met with respect and kindness and even have to travel with C.D.’s e.g Bob Marley just to give away to the many people I expect to meet and to be nice to me. Beat the stereotype and exceed their expectation, that’s my travel motto and it works…I hear other Jamaicans elsewhere using expletives in stores, airport workers, airline workers e.g. flight attendants etc. just to show they are the big bad Jamaicans, those are the ones who let us down. Where visas is concerned I chose where to spend my hard earned dollars – if you restrict a visa on me, I have a choice, I don’t have to go there. Just feel we should restrict those who restrict us, Let caymanians, St. Maarten, Barbados and Antigua need Visa to come here!

  43. i am a jamaican born us citizen been to st maarten like it there. but it no better than yard psssssssss leave out the visa part let every one come freely to see our beautiful country no matter what they cant stop us.jamaicans are living in every part of the . world as bob say them ago tired fe see we face.

  44. I think the writer hit it on the head when she said “perhaps it is out behaviour in other countries”. you don’t see Canadians or Japanese restricted from anywhere

  45. Pragmatic says:

    Maybe no one wants Jamaican currency.Not worth the paper it’s printed on.

  46. Kenton says:

    the point made by Jackie is a good one
    Even persons of good character who have to travel to the Caribbean will face difficulties eg to travel to Guyana on business half of the flights go through St Marteen and the other half through Antigua and the return the same . So if you don’t have a visa for St Marteen you will find that you cannot travel via St Marteen ( visas are also required for persons in transit and have to be obtained in Trinidad

  47. jcs says:

    why can’t the Jamaican government ask of these so call countries (St. Maarten, Cayman Martinique et al) the same as they are asking form us. the rules of law should be across the board for all NO VISA then no entry to Jamaica.

  48. Ricky G says:

    JWarner a you star the show, well said…

  49. capisty says:

    What we should do is impose visas on St Maarten”s government officials and still allow the ordinary people to come to Jamaica visa free.I visited St Maarten many times and the people are wonderful and warm.So lets punish the guys in high places and let the little people trod on.

  50. ardea says:

    st maarten became a country and certain laws arebeing implemented to ensure safety, immigration, economy wise to function as a country. Before they implement the visa they went through the process of legalizing those who met the requirements.
    We cannot and should never even be retaliating on the countries that impose visa requirements.
    It isn’t uncanny that so many places do so as we jamaicans which i am proud to be are reputable for our illlicit and uncalled fo behaviour at times.
    The first bank to be robbed in st maarten were jamaicans and the argument in the 90′s were the women came here to take their men, which was also a fact.
    The beauty of it is we have an island noncpmparable tp np other our sweet jamaica but due to bad governance over the years we have to resort to seel and honesy oncome elsewhere. And so good ones leave amd so do the ones that don’t have no repect for no ones law.
    In comparison st maarten and jamaica cant compare with beauty but with economy we can.
    There will be others who are going to be included for visas for st maarten.
    i am great believer and i do understand that people are placed in power for divine accomplishment. This small paradise is as sodom and gomarrah, it is the mercy of the Almighty why they aren’t consumed as other cointries. But i do believe the government is place there to bring in certain legislation that will be to their detrament.
    No sin goes unpunish and it is only time if they don’t repent that they will just be as the island called pompier. So don’t be angry rejoice if youre kept out as the Father keeps us from evil and harm futuristically.
    Sooner or later He will take the rest out. Pray for them thats what we should do and alspo for jamaica and its people.
    The end is near worse will ve happening. Be bless my country.

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