Scrap metal ban takes effect today

July 29th, 2011

The Government of Jamaica has imposed an indefinite ban on all scrap metal exports. This ban takes effect today, July 29, 2011. This decision comes in the wake of numerous complaints by citizens, regarding the theft of their property to be sold as scrap. Persons have lost their gates, manhole covers, fences and lots more.

Businesses, both big and small have been losing supplies to persons involved in the scrap metal trade.  Train lines all across the island have been dismantled and sold as scrap metal. Not even the dead have been spared from this burglary. Graves have been dug up and articles stolen.

Many persons decided that this was just too much to bear, and despite the fact that individuals will lose their livelihood, the good will have to suffer for the bad.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you support the scrap metal ban? Have your say…

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7 Responses to “Scrap metal ban takes effect today”

  1. demus says:

    Good on the parasites them brining down the country.

  2. FyaWya says:

    Banning Will Only Push It Underground & It Still Going 2 B A Problem Only Now U Cant Tax It

  3. Errol L. says:

    I am SURPRISED to see the Scrap merchants putting out adverts saying what Good and Honest corporate citizens they have been, and how under their stewardship the Wealth of the country is Safe and accounted for.
    In reality NOTHING could be further from the truth. Within the Rank of these merchants there are a den of thieves as there are everywhere else.
    So the Scrap merchants hide the thieves that they know are among them, or they dont report their what they know to the authorities. The Merchants are GUILTY either of “Acts of commission” or “Acts of Omission”. Mr. Scrap merchant I hope to God that you are Right, Your advert says Today for Me, Tomorrow for you. I hope that you Meant that you hope the Government will now seek to move Ruthlessly against the other Nests of Criminals that are sheltered by the “Good people”. I will forgive “Bold and Decisive action” even if it turns out to be wrong and cause pain. What I cant abide is second guessing and third guessing. I say GWAAN Mr. Driver.

  4. White Marl says:

    The GOVERNMENT should be held responsible for this outrageous BEHAVIOUR by these COMPANIES. If the right RULES and REGULATED REGULATIONS were put in place, and ENFORCED. We would not have to experience these END RESULT on a DAILY BASICS from the SCRAP METAL INDUSTRIES.

    If a VIOLATION ACT and HEFTY FINES were IMPLIED. We would not have been here talking about CLOSING DOWN these PLACES of EMPLOYMENT

  5. Winston Bedward says:

    In the 60′s and 80′s we had industries that produced scrap metal we now have very little to speak of. The amunition we had for blocking roads has all left for China. We are out of scrap metal for commercial purpose. The dealers know this so they are just as guilty as the ones who steal peoples’ metals.
    Ban the Trade except under special circumstances.

  6. jam8acanpops says:

    Once the ban goes in effect let’s see if the GOJ has the will to enforce it.In addition there should be severe penalties for the dealers who accept scrap metal who because of the item,a reasonable person would know it was stolen.A charge of receiving stolen property should be laid on the dealer.
    This trade should be permanently shut down.These people have no conscience and in the case of the theft of the train lines puts innocent people at risk.

  7. RENZO says:


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