Should Jamaica repeal its buggery law to maintain British aid?

November 13th, 2011

Since the British prime minister, David Cameron recently stated that Britain would begin withholding aid from governments that do not reform legislation banning homosexuality; it seems that the question of whether or not Jamaica should repeal its buggery law has become an even greater source of contention.

Mr. Cameron made it clear that countries being given British aid should either “adhere to proper human rights” or face the consequences.

This has not gone down well with scores of Jamaicans who believe that this is a blatant attempt by Britain to force sovereign states to conform to a British perspective. However, others believe that it is Britain’s right to give or withhold their aid for whatever reason they deem significant.

What is your opinion? Do you think Jamaica should repeal its buggery law in order to maintain British aid? Have your say…

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157 Responses to “Should Jamaica repeal its buggery law to maintain British aid?”

  1. Kelly Wilson says:

    Dig the well before you are thirsty. – Chinese Proverb

  2. michelle says:

    i believe that homosexuality is wrong and our government should upgrade the law for a stiffer penalty–imagine homosexuality run loose in our country; where would the next prime minister come from~clowning: God forbid those acts!!!!

  3. Joan says:

    It is my wish that all countries that do not accept our right to freedom of speech against gay/lesbian lifestyle, and our laws against the unlawful act of sodomizing our children and committing sinful sexual acts in public, are welcome to take all these persons who want to freely live their gay/lesbian lifestyle into their country. It would be the best thing they could ever do for us. We have enough problems here to deal with this issue that is more important to foreigners than the average Jamaican.
    So, UK keep your aid and keep the gays and lesbians, we would be very grateful.


    Greetings -
    The insidious campaign by the homosexuals targeting individuals of the reggae fraternity has gone global – quite literally, so to speak.And Jamaica and the nations of Africa are locked now in their cross-hairs.

    This comes after they have claimed their biggest prize yet with the arrest of Buju Banton on December 10th, a date this writer asserts was deliberately chosen by the homosexuals – and erstwhile allies in the Justice department of the United States.

    Historically, December 10, 1948 was the date of the Universal Declaration of Human-Rights, and with Buju arrest on that day, it was akin to that communities way of leaving a “calling card” – making sure that the astute observer would recognize this connection. Hence our lonely assertion.

    The homosexual community’s efforts to make
    “sexual-identity” a human-rights issue was spawned by a western conspiracy. With western
    approval, support, and economic-aid sanctions looming as a stealth-jet, homosexual advocacy is aggressively directed at the moral fabric of the entire developing world. Those of us who oppose or detest this assault on our culture and the natural fabric of Humanity should be forewarned.

    Opposition to the homosexual-agenda may have unforseen consequences and one should be aware of the intimidation and actual threats
    to occupation,life and/or liberty.

    This may sound alarmist but contemporary evidence affirms this. In a strange twist, the righteous (nations) are now candidates under threat of sanctions – social and economical.We are subjects of life and hereby resist species suicide.
    Tennaystillin – Jah is within.

  5. Jean says:

    Laws against buggery make criminals out of both homosexuals and homosexuals, but the law is seen as particularly against homosexual activities in Jamaica. It has led to harassment, discrimination, vigilante justice and high levels of HIV infection in the homosexual community.

    For reasons of love, respect, and compassion this law against buggery should be ended even for the sake of only one innocent person who won’t get infected.

    Without abandoning church doctrines opposed to homosexuality.
    Let’s push the message of ‘test and treat’ rather than stigma and discrimination.

    Let God judge sin not the police.

  6. Who has something is something. – Italian Proverb

  7. Warner Lenke says:

    If I canna do’t by might, I’ll do’t by sleight. – German Proverb

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