A strong dependency on modern conveniences

November 3rd, 2012

Even before Hurricane Sandy hit on Wednesday October 24, I was left without my water and energy supply. I sat there night after night in complete darkness and wondered what I was missing on the television or whether or not I was missing something interesting on a radio programme.

While going to work, I finally got to hear some news on the radio and realized that I was not the only one having a major breakdown as a result of the loss of my utilities. Several persons called the radio station complaining about having no light and water.

“We need di light and water now”. “How wi fi cope”. These were some common statements I heard continuously, and I wondered to myself, how did we live without modern conveniences? Why are we so upset about a few days without our utilities?

We have even become so dependent on technology, that being unable to get on our phone because of a dead battery gets us more wired than fallen trees and debris.  How did you deal with the loss of your energy and water supply? Go ahead and have your say…

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3 Responses to “A strong dependency on modern conveniences”

  1. Jo Bent says:

    I was without light, water,
    cable & computer.
    IF I had light I could have
    back it up with DVD.
    IF I had water I would’nt bump
    my foot in bathrom on 5 buckets
    water we stored for bathing,or
    had to run to HILO to grab btls
    of drinking water.
    IF I had my computer up I could chit
    chat with my friends overseas as
    do everyday on my downtime.

    Lord I was miserable I had a tiny
    battery fan, and found a tiny $ store
    radio I had brought here, I discovered
    Dear Pastor,& a station they read the
    news in pathois, but I soooo missed
    my cable.

    Finally light cable & water came back
    in that order Thank the lord, I was
    born in the utilities era I need ,I need,
    I have to have mordern convienencies LOL
    Two days after the storm I was fit to
    be 36 Hrs was enough….I was like OK
    enough already”” Jeez I had to endure
    another 2 days…..5 days & it seem
    cardiac arrest was looming here ..Oh well
    hopefully all gets back to normal soon &
    those needing help recieves it.

  2. Tika says:

    I missed my cable,microwave
    and light most.The radio
    could not appease me.
    I dont know why so any people
    came after on TV acting as if
    the job of giving us light was
    something special by JPS. Is’nt
    that what they were hired and
    paid well to do.

  3. Bird-watcher says:

    I have a back-up generator to keep refrigeration, I also have a bank of batteries being constantly trickled charged by two solar panels for light. Our compound is served by a well for water, and I switch the generator between refrigeration and well pump. All the stoves are ran on propane. I have a UPS as a backup up for my computer. Still looking at a windmill..

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