What are your thoughts on the incident at Utech?

November 5th, 2012

Did you hear about the incident that took place at The University of Technology (Utech) on Thursday November 1? If you did not, here is the short version of the story.

According to reports, two male students were caught in a compromising position in one of the bathrooms on the University’s Papine Campus. They were chased by a group of persons and one escaped, while the other was caught and taken to the Guard Room at the entrance of the campus.

The student was physically assaulted by some on-duty security guards employed by the contracted security company, Marksman Ltd. while numerous other students surrounded the Guard Room shouting obscenities and demanding that the student be released so that he could be harmed. The student was however rescued and removed from the campus.

Although The University’s administration, the University’s Students’ Union, Marksman Ltd. and several other organizations have strongly condemned the assault on the student by the security guards, there are individuals who believe that this assault was justified.

Personally, I believe that physically assaulting this student cannot in any way be justified, but that is only my opinion. What are your thoughts on this incident? Go ahead and have your say…

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38 Responses to “What are your thoughts on the incident at Utech?”

  1. Jo Bent says:

    Homosexuality is WRONG something
    I do not condone, but NO ONE have
    a right to beat these ppl, I say
    they should have been arrested, no
    one homo or hetro should be having
    intercourse in a school bathroom.

    Many in that mob themselves are
    indulging in lew & licivious behaviors
    themselves, all these menage a tois
    going on is the same sin, so JAs need
    to stop the hypocricy, sodom fell due
    to behaviors of harlots, thieves,liars
    molesters, fornicators also.

    Why is’nt molesters, murderers, MIA dads
    set upon when they R JAs main scrooge?
    Fornicating & having kids is also a sin
    so all sins R sins, I think the company
    should lose the contract & they better
    expect a big lawsuit.

    Finally I think gay ppl should stop
    trying to get more rights, they claim they
    need jobs & place to live in New Kgn. well
    they just have to earn it like everyone,
    how dare them think they have some sort of
    entitlement…..I dont think JAs R more
    homophobic than elsewhere , we just dont
    to C it in our faces, its a pretend culture
    those in the closet will beat gays too,&
    gays R not been beaten just walking down
    the st. its really just when they becomes
    too brazen as the UTech incident their
    life is threatened, however no one has a
    right to beat anyone. Wonder if those
    guards think this was worth a steady paycheck.

  2. Sophia Mullings says:

    Situation is just unfortunate. Why these security guards let their emotions get the better of them. These two men (g/men) are consenting adults. Even though they should have respect for their institution. Its a down right disgrace on both sides.

  3. claudia says:

    The incident was unfortunate. However, I don’t think that students at UTECH should be “hunted down” (as suggested by a commentator on one radio station) for prosecution or expelled, as indicated by the Gleaner’s editorial on the issue. Do we really need more unemployed and angry young people out there?? Rather, UTECH should include some sensitization sessions on campus, not to change persons views on homosexuality but to suggest alternative ways for dealing with conflict and difficult situations. And, could homosexuals please not use public spaces for their private acts?

  4. edge says:

    Sometime I read an article and I see where it’s coming from, and this one is close to my heart because my father was born in Belleview Mooretown. I believe if we want to go down this path of blaming and ownership, some of us including some of the individuals who are writing comments need to look at the history of Jamaica and the mix of people we have in Jamaica, and how freedom was taken or in some case given, and look around you and see who benefits, and are still benefiting from slavery, the Maroons did help the British, so did a lot of people still living in JA without naming names
    This Colum is too limited to say it all, just to conclude, most of the Maroon who collaborate with the British were ship to Sara lone:
    Not wanting to make excuses for History, every ruling body’s or conquering nations had there collaborates. Time is now; we need to start heal and building Jamaica as one nation island, and stop pointing the finger. We are still doing the house nigger field Nigger Thing

  5. Christian says:

    My comment is comming from Canada. Violence shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, but this is even a greater shame that it’s happening at a university level. That clearly shows how deep the roots of homophobia are located. In such a crisis time, what is the Jamaican government waiting to educate people properly about sexuality? It’s evident that the religious right groups are too powerful and controling these aspects. I whish that Jamaican artists would challenge homophobia while government is not doing much. Congratualtion to Jamaican artist Mista Majah P who has devoted a lot of effort in his musical career to educate people. His videoclips can be seen on YouTube. Hope several talkshows nationwide will take the UTech story and try to raise consciousnes about this topic.

  6. zagalo says:

    against that type of sex , and if they were in fact engaged thats wrong , find privacy. we are sinful country like the rest of the world so one should beat any one. Also gays feel that they are entitled , they are not

  7. Tika says:

    Well I could go on and on
    there’s a savagery thats
    embedded in Jamaican culture
    and many hypocrits to go
    around, these same guards
    will get in bed with 2-3
    girls and most think its fine.
    It was wrong what I saw on
    video done to the man, but
    playing swordfight in public
    places can get one killed and
    if you are a Jamaican well
    aware of that… Securityyyyyy
    is to secure.
    In the meantime the deviants
    here are getting brazen pushing
    the envelope, we dont have to
    expose this type of thing keep
    it behind closed doors and no
    no one elsewhere should want to
    set Jamaica/s moral compass,if so
    then line them up in the Golden
    Triangle and give them their
    visas…thats what they want
    anyways… a smogasbord of fish.

  8. Ana Layla says:

    It was not unfortunate it was a disgrace of the highest magnitude and such dense ignorance at a tertiary institution is further proof of the baseness of our society and its inablity to analyze controversial issues beyond the scope of simple regurgitation of bigotry, bias and ignorance. For those who thump the Bible they will be called to account at the end of their days for upholding hate and cruelty on earth because no God instructed any of them to perpetrate this ridiculous ignorance and to not use the mind God gave them to think or to gain even mildest form of wisdom in His name.

  9. The Establsihment says:

    Does anyone know why the security guards resorted to hitting this person? I don;t think any of us do. Everythignthat i have read or heard in the news says that he was attacked becuiase he is gay. Is it possible that the student was threatening and abusing the guards? Whereas this kind of assault by security guards should be condemned, let us hear what is/are the guards’ reason for their actions.

    Until then let’s leave the specualtion alone.

  10. Shanny says:

    I am a Utech student. I was really terrified by the way how the security guards handled this situation. I am a friend of the security guard who acted so violently towards the young man. People remember it is pure allegations; utech have no proof that the were engaging in sexual activities. Ones Sexual orientation is their business. Lets pray for the guys and hope that this does not affect them psychologically and also their tenure at this noble institution. The security guards must be punish and also the company sued. They should be protecting us a student, not harm.

  11. Zendaya says:

    I have not heard anyone pointing out that the University is a place for education and not a brothel for people, whether they be homo or heterosexuals, to be ‘caught in a compromising position’.
    Anyone who is in heat should go rent a motel room if they cannot go to each other’s place . Most of us do not wish to see anyone in that ‘position’. So although the guards had no right to beat the guy there should be a law saying that ppl who are caught doing such things in inappropriate places should be subjected to a few lashes.

  12. Charmaine says:

    Professionally, i really dnt think that the Security Guards should beat the alleged homo, security is placed there to protect lives and property, but on the other hand, these gay persons need to be taught a lesson, they should keep their nastiness at there own place, not in a public bathroom. The security officers should have secrectly let the homo out so that the mob deal with him… the bible speaks about homo…. it is wrong… soooo wrond!!!

  13. Jo Bent says:

    Those who R without sin cast the
    1st stone, Its unatural behavior
    that should not be condoned but that
    young man ran to the guard for protection,
    when caught he did NOT abuse any guards
    lets not put a spin on this to justify
    wrongs , he should have been handed over
    to the cops for public indecency.What if we
    start stoning men/women to death having all
    the illigitimate children here?

    Most real men secured in their sexuality
    have no desire to beat a gay man because
    real man dont even acknowledge gay/mans
    presence , wonder if the guard had a reason
    to react in this manner.
    Please… stifle the crap the boy & security
    disrespected the institution. too many
    ppl in heat.

  14. kid rich says:

    i support wat the guards did i think they should be crowned HERO’S the only sad part is that the guards has lost there work.

  15. Nigger says:

    GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please learn how to spell!!!!!. You guys are ridiculous. Sigh

  16. barberomr says:

    Here we go again!
    Is it not an illegal activity to be gay in Jamaica?
    Why are all these so called scholars trying to teach us to be tolerable to wrongdoers?
    The students and security officers had all right to punish wrongdoings and the wrongdoers.

  17. maureen says:

    I don’t think that Jamaica is the most homophobic place on earth , I think it’s one of the most homophobic places on earth along with some African countries. Of course , If those two young men were having intercourse in their university it should not have happened but this ban is valid for heterosexuals as well. One of the reason why some Jamaicans hate gay people is because they can’t help imagining them in bed when they have sex ,for me those who imagine such things are just vicious haters with a dirty mind.Do you picture your heterosexual friends having sex? So WHY do you visualize gays having sex? Do you think that their love is based only on sex?? I have gay friends and they are just normal people , I don’t know what they do in their private life it’s not my business so respect people private life and stop having dirty pictures in your mind, it will help Jamaica to go forward!

  18. man from afar says:

    Those homo.knows that they are like sore toe to most Jamaicans,if they wanted to do whatever pleases them, don’t use public areas such as lav. toilet, bathroom or whatever you might call it for such purposes,i think they really needed a good flagging.

  19. anonymous says:

    Flog Jamaica nasty cheating men
    and women Then I will agree.
    Some jealous, neither woman or
    man attracted to them. 2 wrongs
    makes no right.

  20. grace says:

    Since when homosexuality became acceptable in Jamaica as an alternative life style, who deemed it so. Lets face reality men are wallowing in filth and women playing with them selves and to what end. God said that because they refuse to retain Him (God) in their hearts God gave them up to carry out there things among themselves. Let us be reminded that we are spiritual beings and that God created us and we answer to Him. WE CANNOT CHANGE THAT FACT. I do not agree with the reaction of the Guards but the impression is that the student caught is right and the guards wrong.

    Homosexuality is repulsive and a sin. All who find themselves in this camp are fools. Ask yourself the question, If you do not need the use of a woman or a man why one of the same sex plays the role of a woman or a man (stupid).

    Get right with God

  21. Dee S says:

    hope that you are right with God, grace. i would not be surprise to find you on the same side as the homosexuales come judgement day. jamaicans, biggest hypocrites ever.

  22. Ire jamaican says:

    What away them brite these days. When has been a “Homo” in Jamaica became “acceptable”? The students were just reacting to a lude , illegal, nasty act been portrayed in their learning environment AND Rightfully SO. This is not what anyone want’s to see in one’s learning environment homo or hetero. Jamaicans uno stand up for uno rights. This Newspaper is on a “QUEST” to desensitized Jamaicans to this alternative “lifestyle” as been acceptable sorry we will not compromise our principles good job security.

  23. Derick Goulboune says:

    as a past student of UTECH i am saddened by what happened but not surprised. The homosexuals on the UTECH campus over the years have defaced the male restroom with their Graffiti’s glorifying their homosexuality. This has stirred up a lot of anger in other users of the facility. The violent reaction of the student does not surprise me. I am still angry and revolted by some of the things which were scrawled on the FELS male bathroom. The institution knew of the mental torture and psychological warfare that was being waged on heterosexuals and did nothing about it. It is clear in my mind that they support the gay lobby in their nastiness

  24. Toy says:

    I am utterly disgusted and ashamed of the actions of the guards and students (on the outside) at a so called institution of higher learning. Not at all saying that those boys had any kind of right to be having sex (if in fact they were) in the bathroom but what gives anybody the right to beat another person who may have offended but did nothing to harm you or yours? Jamaica, I have something to tell you: there are heterosexuals and there are homosexuals and both groups are here to stay. Deal with it. As to the person who stated that the only time gays are beaten in Jamaica is when they do something to provoke it, you are very mistaken. I know someone who almost got run over in half way tree recently trying to get away from an angry mob that was after him simply because he’s a “fish”. He did NOTHING to provoke this-he was walking in Half Way Tree as quickly as his legs could carry him because he knows exactly what some people are like but someone just didnt like the look of him and all it takes is for one person to cry b@++ybwoy and that’s it. Jamaica needs to move out of the past-gay people have always been around-they are simply tired of hiding and denying who they are and who can blame them? To those people who keep citing the bible I have this to say: didn’t the bible say that we are ALL sinners and doesnt is also say something about he who is WITHOUT sin casting the first stone? Oh yeah, it does. In that case-shut up! Also those talking about their inability to procreate then I say thank god for that!! There are already too many people on this damn planet-it’s excellent contraception. It also means that we have more prospective adoptive parents for the millions of children around the world born to heterosexual parents who for whatever reason chose not to parent them. I’m a very straight women who support all people being free to be who they want as long as it doesnt hurt anyone else. Gay Jamaica-you have the support of us well thinking Jamaicans.

  25. BENZ says:

    Am of the opinion that homosexuality is wrong and should not be displayed in public areas, however is it the duties of the securities to protect these students whether homo or hetro. As university students the angry mob also have no right to attach these persons, regardless of the position they were found in. All parties acted without thinking about the consequences of there actions. Jamaicans don’t see that this has given the gays ammunition to campaign for the changing of laws to protect them. The outcome of this activity should be that the guards should loose their jobs and arrested which have already happen, the security company should be sued by both the institution and the alleged gay man, the gay man should also sue the institution and the gay men should be charged with inappropriate public conduct. Was this really worth it a question for all parties, alleged gays: did the couple minutes of interrupted. Pleasure worth it? Securities guards: beating the gay and undergoing the present stressful state worth it? …. Lesson to all we must pay for our actions therefore we MUST think things through before we act. Ps I am praying that the gays complete their education tenure in a secured space.

  26. alexspeed says:

    Firstly-no one should be having sex in a public bathroom-male or female. Someone brought up the point that maybe the guards were threatened. This was not the impression I got from the video but at the same time the video did not show what occured before they started to beat the alleged gay. Therefore it is more prudent to have the guards have their day in court before some of you ignorant people start to make baseless comments.

  27. anonymous says:

    Never heard this much about
    rapes and molestation especially
    from the men,Jamaica have a
    bunch of fake godly people
    who mention god when it suits
    them,the deacons, pastors
    and congregation members have
    the most closeted concubines,
    sodomites and gays.
    God create everyone and they
    will account to him all their
    sins, the badmind,lovers of
    things,liars have the same sin
    stop use god as excuse.
    The guards should go to prison
    and the gay guys should be
    charged, fined and order to
    do some community service,
    because the place they choose
    to do this was disrespectful.
    I bet they learned their lessons.

  28. Ynot X says:

    Oh well, I do not agree with the fact that they were beaten as one would not like us to beat a thief either but the right thing to do is to bring them before the law, after all Buggery is a punishable crime isn’t it. Just saying. Sigh.

  29. maklach escoffery says:

    we must fine new and creative ways of resolving our differences,disagreements and persuasions.we must demonstrate our maturity as a civil society by not resorting to street justice(which must start at the top).
    those of us who know better, must do better.Because these student act was inappropriate there has to be policies,procedure in place to correct their behaviour letting them understand its not socially acceptable or its illegal.
    Let the courts take its course if the are laws of the book to address these behaviour

  30. Sammerz says:

    I do uphold the assult that was placed on these “gay students” but I will not put aside that these same educated gay students chose a public area to carry out their sexual activities.

    To the gay community……. When are you going to realise that Jamaica is not Canada? We will not applaud you or grant any extra favour because you choose to engage in same sex relations.

    You all know the scriptures of the bible and therefore I will not waste time repeating. Waht you are doing is WRONG.

    I am really disappointed that the security guards physically assulted this young man, however I implore to you the gay/lesbian community keep your private lives private; do not flaunt it in our faces because that is the reason for the mass homphobic bashing.

    These are my two cents

  31. Sammerz says:

    I do not uphold the assult that was placed on these “gay students” but I will not put aside that these same educated gay students chose a public area to carry out their sexual activities.
    To the gay community……. When are you going to realise that Jamaica is not Canada? We will not applaud you or grant any extra favour because you choose to engage in same sex relations.
    You all know the scriptures of the bible and therefore I will not waste time repeating. Waht you are doing is WRONG.
    I am really disappointed that the security guards physically assulted this young man, however I implore to you the gay/lesbian community keep your private lives private; do not flaunt it in our faces because that is the reason for the mass homphobic bashing.
    These are my two cents

  32. kingston kush says:

    And to think, this happened @
    A University. I’m a J’CAN living
    In CND. Not saying whatever
    Those 2 Consenting adults were doing was right,(only because it
    Was in a public location.)But
    That angry mob should put all that energy into stopping CHILD
    MOLESTERS,the Raping of Children, and Violence against Women.Worry
    About that.

  33. Tika says:

    Bet all those posting here will be in
    hades with the gays, only that they will
    be there for adultry and fornicating LOL

  34. labrish says:

    gays are not the norm in jamaica. It is against the law to begin with and these men or boys know what would happen if they were caught. the guards should give them to there peers and let them deal with it.

  35. dallo says:

    what in the name of the lord is homophobia? we go around using these buzz words put out there to put people on their heels and we don’t even know exactly what they mean. the world at large don’t like homosexuality ’cause it violates the natural order…no question about that;it’s filthy and disgusting to a great many, myself included.
    for myself,i reserve the right to ‘burn out’ the practice rather than advocate violence against the individuals. by the same token guys should protect themselves by keeping their thing private. this public thing is akin to promoting what i call aberrant behavior, in which case ‘anything is anything’.
    make your choice and live with it.

  36. Dee says:

    I hope the guards are criminally prosecuted and Marksman is slapped with a lawsuit so big, they never recover. Better yet hope when he’s incarcerated, the other men place in him a “compromising” position.

    The two young men were in “Comprmising” position in th ebathroom??? Exactly what does that mean? If Im homophobic, two men standing very close to each other could be ” compromising” Ever stopped to consider that the person who saw them in this “compromising” position was just a trouble maker and made a careless comment?
    The guard may not be engaged in “activities” with another man ..bet you though were it a grown man with a little girl in that bathroom, no one would be raising an alarm and beating anyone.

  37. Black Opal says:

    He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life.

  38. tina says:

    I don’t pay much attention to religious matters, but didn’t the bible say all have sinned bla bla bla, and doesn’t the bible speak out against fornicators, adulterers, murderers, and people who don’t follow God’s commandments? Let us be consistent and start beating up all these single parents (men and women) and these murderers etc, then the righteous ones that remain will all have a place in god’s kingdom?

    Let him that is without sin cast the first stone

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