Why were Jamaicans excited about US Elections?

November 8th, 2012

Almost every day for a week leading to the United States (US) presidential election, there were programmes and discussions on the radio and television about who was the best candidate for the President of the United States of America.

After hearing one particular caller become irate on a radio programme because of a disagreement regarding Barack Obama’s tenure in office, and what he achieved as President, I asked myself- Why are so many Jamaicans amped about the US election?

According to Political Analyst, Dr Hume Johnson “the economic and humanitarian assistance to small developing nations, including Jamaica, will not change, no matter who occupies the White House”, and this is also the opinion of almost every local interest group in Jamaica.

Therefore, why were so many Jamaicans passionate about the US Elections, if it will not change anything for Jamaica? If you were zealous about a specific candidate winning, tell us why. Go ahead and have your say…

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18 Responses to “Why were Jamaicans excited about US Elections?”

  1. claudia says:

    I am amused to hear some people ask why we in Jamaica care so much because, after all, we can’t vote. Some have even suggested that we shouldn’t care because we have not received anything from the Americans! Please note the “waiting for a handout” mentality.

    The whole world cares for many reasons, including the fear of war. Why was I interested??
    1. A Black man was running to lead the free world and what a role model for education, charm and family!
    2. When America coughs, we catch a cold. While the Latin America and Caribbean area is no longer important geo-politically (democracies now flourish in the region) Romney’s economic policies would have sent the US into a deeper recession (N.B.Europe) and that would have affected us directly.
    2. The Republicans “anti-China” stance (to whom they owe millions) and Romney’s promise to start a currency and trade war would have affected our exports, tourism and economic growth possibilities and force us to “choose” allies in organizations like the UN.
    3. The anti-immigration stance would have affected us badly, resulting in deportations from the US.
    4. The World Bank is traditionally headed by an American. Fortunately, the one appointed by Obama fully understands the developing world, having worked in a practical way in many developing countries. We may not get all we want from the international financial institutions but isn’t it good to know that we would at least get a sympathetic hearing?
    5. The US Ambassador to the UN has Jamaican roots.Again, a friend at Court.
    Thank God the Dems won! Whew!!

  2. It is not Just Jamaica but the world at large like to know that America is the pace setter of the world.With this present President that root for the middle class,which majority we should see great economic improvement in America and other countries in a short time.I hope Jamaica don’tcontinue to get left behind.

  3. anonymous says:

    Yes its good to pay attention and
    see how civilised people go about
    elections, it concerns the world due
    to war and strife, but if only we
    could adopt america positive and leave
    the negatives we would be going forward,
    we need to concentrate on our yard and
    stop being international beggers.

  4. madge says:

    Thanks Jamaica and the world for your positive thoughts and good wishes. We are grateful for the outcome and look forward to 4 years of peace, growth and other positive outcome despite the obstructionist posture of the GOP.

  5. Lisa A. says:

    If the past 4 years have shown anything, it’s that Mr. Obama is completely ineffective in gaining a consensus within his own government. The likelyhood that there will be “great economic improvement” anytime soon is not shown by the evidence of the past 4 years. Obama is not a war-monger, this is true. But he’s also not a problem-solver. He has shown himself prone to going around his own Congress to accomplish by “mandate” what he cannot accomplish by forming a bi-partisan agreement. What this means for other countries, we can only wait and see.

  6. DKay Kelly says:

    I am really happy that President Obama has won. Although I could not vote, I encouraged my relatives and others to go for his sake.
    Living in the USA for almost a year now, leaves me to wonder what is really happening to the Black Race. My people are large in number but really scarce when it comes to achievement.
    Our President is a typical example of the fact that we can rise up! Let us all work with him to make the ‘Country of Opportunity’ better because here is where everyone waits for his or her ‘Bread and Butter’whether directly or indirectly.

  7. tina says:

    Because he is black, short and simple. The Black people have been oppressed for long in all these white countries. It makes me believe in myself more as a black person.

  8. Jo Bent says:

    Dont know Y, however
    it is nice that he has
    won , many never knew they
    would see a black president
    in their thier lifetime, so
    congrats to Mr Obama.
    Once again we proof with some
    behaviors that securing handouts
    and not caring for home, or concentrating
    on building their country can be as
    patriotic and rewarding, we are glad for
    the US showing class, managment and nation-
    building in that country, but honestly its
    no benefits for JAs, except we are counting
    on begging and remittances, JAs elections are
    just sidebar notes in the US media unless there is bloodshed happening.Cant understand
    the hoopla from those living in JA.

  9. I am a citizen of the United Stateswas born in Jamaica and it’s good to see Jamaicans are interested in the US election because they have family in the United States So keep praying for President Obama and his family his girls are beautiful and smart God bless you all in Jamaica where is Hon Micheal Manley when we needed him most he is resting in peace.

  10. Sean H. says:

    Simple … they are too stupid. They are focused on other people’s business while their own goes to hell in a handcart and then wonder and lament that they can’t prosper like those they are watching WORK THEIR WAY FORWARD !

  11. Princess Joan Porteous says:

    One has to be more than superficial in our perspectives on the outcome of the America’s elections.
    I do not believe that Jamaican politicians are happy with an Obama victory.
    Reasons. a) President Barack Obama stands for integrity and transparency in doing Business. Jamaican politicians are in opposition to these ideals.

    From the perspectives of the ordinary Jamaican people: An Obama win signals the removal of a stigma that people who are not white are inferior from a cognitive perspective. The House is no longer a white House but a multicultural and color House. These truths are very important if we believe that all men are created equal an amendment right of the United States Constitution is fully actualized. Come to pass, In the beginning God created man.

  12. Tika says:

    Forwardness for a black man should be

    applauded by those of the black race,

    the world try to say put slavery and

    our tribulatuions behind us while they

    make it seem the holocust was 5 yrs ago.

    We however should never 4get that we of

    color will fight against each other.

    Family members there support him (most) a

    a few does not, I respect his family

    values and hope black men around the world

    see how a real man behaves with dignity

    and values, excitement here for what?

    Oh we are excited about anything


  13. Xannique says:

    I am only sixteen but my view on the whole excitement is that it was not necessary for Jamaicans to get involved. We are not US citizens so why are we focusing on them? his reign will not benefit us in anyway because at the end of the day we’re still trapped in dept and if we don’t find a way to fix it.. we will soon be unable to trade with the US… Do you think Obama will care since we support him? no, money talks.. we need to stop focusing on the US and focus on our financial and social status here in JA

  14. Pete Delisser says:

    Im guessing they got excited cuz Obama support gay marriage :)

  15. I was pleased to see that many Jamaicans were interested in the election. It is indeed “A small world after alL”, and that’s why i find it to be so ignorant for those who are upset because Jamaicans were excited about Obama’s win. Please understand that Republicans make their own rules and justifications to support their wrong doings. Trust and believe if Robme had won, Jamaica would have felt the blow. For example, no money home to love ones….believe it!

  16. Empress says:

    My reason was far removed from politics. It’s his audacity, charm and all those nice things. He portrays what a perfect gentleman should be – loves his family and is not afraid to let the world know.

  17. Jamaicans were more interested in the USA election than Ja’s election. I hear a lot of them sounding liek PJ Patterson when they say “a black man time now” thsi should not be teh only reason why they want Obama to win. The next thing I hear them say was “Give Obama a second chance as 4 years was not enough time for him to do what he had to do” yet still they never gave Andrew Holness more time to do hsi work they put the PNP in who are missing in action.

  18. CherMay says:

    Because they are bunch of clueless morons. They knows nothing about him, except that he is black. They think that he is going to send them some money…never happen. He has no use for Jamaicans because they are anti-gay. He visited Trinidad but had never been to Jamaica..not coincidentally. He is destroying America and making us all poor. He is so corrupt, yet people says that he has integrity. One thing I can tell you that he gives a good speech and if you are a mindless simpleton, you’ll believe every lies he tells.

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