Is Mike Henry still the Chairman of the JLP?

November 12th, 2012

Mike Henry

What, Mike Henry never resigned as Chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)? Then where has he been? Imagine my shock after reading an article in The Gleaner recently in which Mike Henry declares that he never resigned as Chairman of the JLP.

“I never resigned as chairman. I went on sabbatical from the party, and I said I would not stand again at that point in time and I still will not stand again. All I am trying to do is to clear the records,” states Mike Henry.

Henry emphasises that while he may have resigned as Minister of Transport and Works, he never resigned as Chairman of the JLP. In fact, according to Henry, he went on a sabbatical from his position as chairman of the JLP in order to smooth the progress of a forensic audit on the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP).

Yet now that both the election and the audit are out of the way, no one has asked about his position as Chairman. “No one has corresponded with me even after the JDIP decision,” states Henry.

What do you think of this situation? Does this mean that Mike Henry is still the Chairman of the JLP? Have your say…

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10 Responses to “Is Mike Henry still the Chairman of the JLP?”

  1. Tika says:

    I think he resigned as Transport Min due to

    JIDP fiasco but not as the party leader;

    Them seem to have taught Andrew well in the

    areas of cut-throat business, thought he

    had a vision and bright ideas,,,, naaaaah

    time proved he is clueless.

  2. Tika says:

    Time for Mr Henry to go, he should not
    be shoved out though, he left because of
    the financial shenenegans at JDIP but not
    the party leader. Its time for him to pass
    the baton on but in a democratic manner,
    this is the kind of behavioral dictatorship
    old dinosaur politicians like himself keeps up.

    I dont think Joan Welbly,Mr Chang, or Holness
    should hold this post, new ppl are needed,so
    Henry should leave in a professional manner
    not forced out.

  3. BB says:

    If he wont leave of his own accord then he should be kicked out forthwith. It’s time to let go. Many like him have been in the power seat for far too long and when you consider what they have achieved (which is zero) it becomes more of an issue that time limits should be imposed within the constitution.

  4. Bad people says:

    sometimes the clueless should be barred from talking such as Tika. Mike took leave of absence from his position, therefore his deputy Chair would act in his stead. If Mike had return from his leave he would therefore be reinstated, he didn’t. We are approaching the annual election of officers in the JLP where persons will be put themselves up to serve, this means a new Chairman will be chosen should Mike Henry not put himself up in the race. And for your information Joan Gordon and Dr. Chang are both running for position of general Secretary not Chairman. plus Andrew Holness is the leader/president of the Party. These positions are separate from the role of Chair. (follow the media)

  5. Tika says:

    Well pardon me for mixing up

    the positions but I am not much

    of a political teh-tes, I am

    bid enough to admit any mistakes

    I made.Its too many positions

    cant keep up.

  6. Jo Bent says:

    I would hope this is a medium in a democratic
    country where a person can have their say even
    if not well informed as long as their statemnt
    is not libelous, this is a democratic country,
    the cow-down behavior is one os JAs issue.



  8. Objective Person says:

    Mr. Henry is still the Chairman of the JLP. He did not resign from that post. The post becomes vacant when nominations for Central-Executive posts are open, just after the Annual Conference of the JLP. The far majority of the top members of the JLP is ignorant of the procedure of their very own party. It is a shame. No wonder the JLP cannot even effect an effective campaign. I honestly expect the JLP to remain Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition for at least another 15 years. No joke.

  9. brainz says:

    keep him there and JLP will lose every election for the rest of his career, shameless.

  10. the cannon says:

    this is for bb mr henry did a good job while in office,more than can be said for the people around him,and they mostly all get enrolled in a minor dispute while heading a country,he also knew how to deal and speak to people,unlike the rest of the private club in which they operate under.his experience is vast and is liked in his area,not such a bad leader

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