The scrap metal trade returns

December 24th, 2012

It was recently announced by Anthony Hylton, the Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, that the scrap metal trade will resume in January of next year. I think most us have not forgotten why this trade was banned in the first place, but to remind those of us who do not remember, the ban was put in place as a result of the pilfering of private and public infrastructure and equipment.
However, according to the Minister the trade will now be conducted under strict regulations, and appropriate consequences will be put in place to deal with those who breach the new rules.

Three of these new regulations include:
• Exporters being required to use one of three central multi-user sites, where customs officers and members of the security forces will be permanently positioned.
• Traders being required to obtain a special permit to export and will also be charged a regulatory fee.
• Traders being required to post a $7 million bond, a part of which will be used to compensate victims of theft.
What do you think? Will these new regulations stem the theft of private and public infrastructure? Go ahead and have your say…

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4 Responses to “The scrap metal trade returns”

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my Jamaicans, Let me wish for the whole Island grerat success for 2013 and going forward. I don’t now if I am in aggreeance with the return of the scrap metal trade or not, however any control that will be put in place must be monitored by the proper authorities, let us move and thing possitively. Good Luck

  2. Jo Bent says:

    Wishing all a peaceful, healthy and
    hopeful New Year. The scrap metal
    business should have not return, but
    since our leaders are visionless and
    living high on the hog they continue to
    take the easy way out.

    The new laws they claim will be in
    place will be over-ran by corruption,
    so sad, Lime, Digicel, JPS and other
    companies will suffer not only from the
    scrap metal thieves, but their crooked
    employess.Jamaica doed not even have
    enough scrap metal to export.

    Our leaders are ineffective and lazy
    so is a large number of our citizens
    always taking the easy way out. I expect
    chaos just watch.

  3. Tika says:

    B. F. Idea

  4. Monica Brown says:

    Jamaica does not have enough scrap metal for an ongoing trade hence the constant stealing of good materials.Mr. minister u shud know that n find other solution to the problem I do not think the Public shud be telling u what to do u r the elected person n shud be able to do ur job effectively.
    Review the situation before it is too late.

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