Travel restrictions to be issued for tax dodgers?

January 2nd, 2013

It was recently announced that businesspeople with outstanding tax liabilities may now be hampered from travelling overseas. According to the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ), the organization has a tax compliance programme that is currently underway, and the “TAJ intends to issue stop orders on delinquent taxpayers who have undisputed liabilities and have been contacted but remain delinquent.

According to a release from TAJ, the organization believes that this move “will prevent such persons from leaving the island until the outstanding matters have been cleared or suitable written arrangements have been made to settle them.

We are looking for persons whom a travel restriction would affect, such as a business person who travel a lot because the business depends on them travelling. The basic thing we look at to identify the persons is their travel pattern,” Merris Haughton, director of communications at the TAJ told the Financial Gleaner recently.

So, what do think of this move by the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ)? Do you agree or disagree with it? It’s time again to have your say…

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19 Responses to “Travel restrictions to be issued for tax dodgers?”

  1. Jo Bent says:

    Another cause for corruption, some
    will be stopped while others will have
    a free ride on this, mainly depending
    on your last name, who one knows, or
    what you can drop under the table.

    Jamaica system lack competence so there
    will be many being stopped claiming they
    already paid or never owned a business.
    just look at the double dipping thats
    affecting motorists who paid for tickets
    but the tax office still have them owing.

    The sysstem is like a dog chasing its own
    tail going round & round in circles, there
    is such hunger for money by our leaders (all)
    that they keep milking poor ppl asking them
    to band their belly the leaders need to
    put back the SUVs money in the coffers.
    How the hell they expect to stop ppl from
    travelling when they have brothers and pals
    who paid no taxes on their businesses over
    7 yrs

  2. John Tiny says:

    This is a political move to take away hard won personal freedoms.
    If the government wants to restrict the movement of any citizen for whatever purpose, they’ll only have to invent some tax liability to keep that citizen in their place.
    Notice that this rule won’t apply to foreigners.
    Warning, this is the thin edge of the wedge.

  3. Pat Lu says:

    Good move forward. Many are willing to pay taxes abroad without delay and disregard the taxes and laws of Jamaica. All the naysayers are stuck on the pass and always bring forth all the negatives to stall reform and advancement. Sorry but progress is a must and by any means.

  4. Good idea,if you owe child support in the US yor drivers licence is suspended if you are diliquent

  5. Tika says:

    Difference in the US the monies
    collected will go to the childs
    mother, and that collected at dmv
    legitimately fix the roads, not so
    in JA,I doubt you’ll C members of PSOJ
    being stopped, it will be the little man
    who dared to have rgistered a biz, that
    has failed but is expected to cough up
    some taxes , What about those MPs who
    owes also their families, and they spend
    more time in Miami & NY than here. Give
    us a Break’

  6. Valerie Lacasse says:

    I say its a good move if the money retrieved is put to good use Promoting Health and disease Prevention, stating with the community.Far too long many people have not payed taxes and its usally ones that can pay.
    When my mother died I paid the required Tax a relative remarked how lucky i was that I can pay he had no intention of paying (his mother had died this was someone who could more than afford it.Life may not be fair but there are laws if You dont like it change it. But in the mean time I say its a great idea.I am sure they will find other means to avoid taxes

  7. Annabelle says:

    All should pay taxes, but govt workers

    pocket money, what turn in get taken

    by greedy leaders, so honest hard working

    tax-payers have to foot the bills.

    Time Jamaica start visa economy too

    like other countries, Cayman, St Martins

    and those should require visaa. US$70

    would be fair, put stop orders on dead-

    beat fathers, let them make payments plans

    hand out large tocket fines on those who

    p or litter the streets.

  8. rudy says:

    I am so disappointed to read the excuses people put up for not paying taxes. If no one pays taxes how can we fix roads pay teachers and take care of our social services. These are the same hypocrites who demand quality service from Government and then make all kinds of excuses why they should not tighten up on the taxes. If these people were abroad they would just have to pay

  9. Princess Joan Porteous says:

    Stop the politicians from stealing from the government coffers the taxes collected then you may stop the tax dodgers from going about their business until they pay up or arrange to pay up his or her taxes.

    I do not see it right and just to pay your taxes and the politicians can steal it without consequences applied to them for doing so.

  10. Princess Joan Porteous says:

    The government waives foreign investors taxes and lock up Jamaicans who are delinquent in paying taxes what a move?

  11. Jo Bent says:

    Taxes on properties especially
    mansions is owed for yrs among
    other things, we should love &
    respect this country, but theres
    no national security or peace of
    mind, maybe thats Y so many of
    ours travel to little one horse
    country to live, just for peace
    of mind and willingly pay the
    taxes there,its totally anarchy
    in the behavior of leaders, police
    citizens & judicial system.
    We even have ppl run away to Haiti
    Bahamas Belize Y ? for a peaceful
    life. Haiti now has more peace.

  12. Jason says:

    I see people here trust the tax – takers. Lets just look at the previous years and see how well our tax dollars are doing. Good roads/health care/education/ and all that. If they did well, then yes, go ahead and squeeze people who are trying to do business and employ people. Get some more out of us!

  13. rudy says:

    The argument that policians and public sector workers steal money and as such taxes shouldnot be paid is a cop out and a poor excuse .Some Politicians in the US UK and every country are involved in some form of skullduggery so how come these same people are willing to pay taxes when they reside in these countries.
    Folks let us wise up. I am convinced if 75% of the taxes owed were collected we wouldnot need any IMF agreement

  14. cherry march says:

    do what they do in the us. if u owe taxes u are given a time to pay it and if u dont they start taking your house, cars, boats and everything of value that can be sold to pay off your taxes and you can also go to jail. this should be done in jamaica this money is uses to fix roads, health care, education and many other things for the people of jamaica. us tax money inn the bank and u better be able to prove where u got it if it is a large amount.

  15. 876hobo says:

    Lets see how this plays the 1st time it is challenged constitutionally

  16. trevor says:

    they should be made to pay,
    stop them travelling, no where to run,
    no where to hide.

  17. arthur says:

    Probably a useful first step.However many tax dodgers travel on usa or british passports.How to control these?The Tax authorities should require ALL Persons to file a tax return and do random tax audits as say in the USA.
    Question-What is thepurpose of the TRN system?

  18. Monica Brown says:

    I agree with suggestion ,however, proper data will be required to ensure no one is embarrassed on departing the island.
    This process must be thoroughly examined at all levels prior to implementation and all loopholes plugged.(this may be difficult but we have to start somewhere).
    The very least is that an accurate
    a data bank is established so that a quick check can be made just as quick as verifying passports.
    We have the ideas in this country but lack the required personnel to make it happen.It is a real shame!

  19. Jill says:

    God says give to Caesar what belongs to him. We are expected to pay taxes. How the country will function properly without it? Old time saying says, “a fowl teach him master fi tie him foot.” The dishonest people in Jamaica are the cause of many of our national woes we are now having, e.g. bad roads, the government going back to IMF. No wonder we can’t get out of the economical mess we are in!!!! We are a country of dishonest tax payers!Thus, the government has to take drastic action—-put a stop to tax dodgers, prevent them from traveling.

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