What do you think of the Prime Minister’s most recent address to the nation?

January 11th, 2013

On Sunday January 6, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller gave an address to the nation. This address has been shot down by several individuals and organizations who believe that it lacked depth, and failed to give the country to a better understanding of the complications with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal, among other things.

According to the Opposition leader, Andrew Holness, “There are important things that must be addressed and we didn’t hear a sense of understanding, a plan and a direction, and that was very unfortunate.”

Personally, I agree with him and many others who have stated that the Prime Minister’s address lacked depth. I also believe it was mainly a recount of the government’s supposed “achievements’ in the past year, and a number of very important issues were clearly ignored.

What is your opinion? What do you think of the Prime Minister’s most recent address to the nation? Have your say…

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21 Responses to “What do you think of the Prime Minister’s most recent address to the nation?”

  1. she did not seem to concern about the economic condition of the country nor the welfare of the people.I don’t want to see the whole Jamaica become poverty stricken and poor like her constituency,and i don’t think any well thinking Jamaican want to see that.Jamaica is an entity that stand aloe,we just cant go on with a situation where parliamentarian pay them self from the public purse,and refuse to tell the public what is taking place.This is grave disrespect for the people that pays.

  2. Ritchie says:

    Just a bit of garbage

  3. Princess Joan Porteous says:

    Mrs. Simpson-Miller’s prepared address to the nation was empty rhetoric. She should get rid of her present speech writers and get those who have a sense of reality. Maybe the speech writers are a reflection of the entire PNP CABINET. I do not believe that Jamaica’s situation should be based upon speech good or bad.We need the FACTS

    Jamaica needs government and opposition to act. “Action not a bag a mouth.”
    The question is does the government have the solution to Jamaica’s economic problems? Clearly the Peoples National Party has no solution.
    The PNP needs a new President, Mrs Simpson Miller cannot read the compass in shallow waters more so deep waters. She is out of her depth.
    Where are the promised jobs.
    Mrs. Simpson Miller and the PNP campaigned on having solutions to Jamaica’s problems.
    She did not give the specifics then, during the 2011 election campaign because they were afraid that the opposition would steal them Ahahahahahah.
    Now seriously she is in the position to implement these plans. One full year has passed yet she has not started.
    Portia Simpson Miller where are the feasible plans?
    IMF loans are not the answer, nor should be the plan. The possible to access the IMF loans is NIL. Jamaica has no productive base and no capacity to repay IMF loans.

    The IMF is just a strategy by the PNP to keep the people thinking that Jamaica is waiting on the IMF, until the PNP can come up with a solution.
    This is what Mrs. Simpson Miller must address NOW

    What is next for Jamaica and the PNP if there is no IMF by Easter the IDES of MARCH 2013? “Beware the Ides of March.”

  4. Princess Joan Porteous says:

    The IMF is just a strategy by the PNP to keep the people thinking that Jamaica is waiting on the IMF, until the PNP can come up with a solution. The PNP is fishing for TIME.
    This is what Mrs. Simpson Miller must address NOW

    What is next for Jamaica and the PNP if there is no IMF by Easter the IDES of MARCH 2013? “Beware the Ides of March.”

  5. Jo Bent says:


  6. MUTTY PERKINS says:

    IT WAS NOT AN ADDRESS TO THE NATION. It was a reading-from-a-piece-of-paper-some-people-gave-me-earlier to the Nation

  7. evarainford says:

    The peoples national party lacks vision,up till now she dont mention anything about the IMF they need to send back the sixty posh vehicles they bought if they have the Jamaican people at heart,the money they used could help with the wage bill and pay for probably a month of imports also they can buy cheaper vehicles the peoples national party is so “VERY THOUGHTFUL”.

  8. Jo Bent says:


  9. Makeba says:

    Mrs Portia Simpson Miller needs to undertake a crash course in governance and then realise that the country is not gaining confidence in her administration. Mrs Simpson Miller and Miss Lisa Hannah, Minister of Youth and Culture are allowing the administration to be deemed ineffective and their personal arrogance in somewhat insulting to the population.

    Mrs Simpson-Miller seems confused, lacks passion that is needed for her to grasp attention and should consider tearing up the vapid speeches she is paying academics to prepare and talk to the population for the HEART, does not matter if she conveys messages in English or Jamaican Language. She has demonstrated no zeal, no intimacy in her position as seems as if she is “warming” the chair for someone else!

    I might sound trivial with this point: Miss Hannah is well-groomed; however, she was not being judged in a Glamour of the Year competition. She HAS to realise her lack of lustre, her vapid speeches do not reach young people and children. In fact, the manner in which she dresses and posters alienates young persons and children.

  10. ninja says:

    it a beggers paradice, the jamaican voters lack vision on how to vote. miss miller is not the problem . they are ,they know what they were getteng into.

  11. jones says:

    in life if you have nothing to say dont say anything.what people wanted to hear was the primary concern of the country at this time which is crime and the economic state. the current administration management level is poor.she had nothing to say about IMF as they are still to arrive at a conclusion .so the address was a waste of time

  12. Ernie lowe says:

    Ninja i would not say she is not the problem,i would say she is a part of it.But you so right the Jamaiacan voters are the ones who put themself in this mess that we all are in.They should watch the JLP for one more term then if they didn’t deliver all they promise we decide if we let them continue,or to bring back the PNP.Jamaicans are in real problems because none of the 2 leading parties have the people at heart.They are all liers and thiefs,sorry to say but we are in a very bad sittuation and dont know how we gonna get out.God himself have come down and help us.

  13. Jo Bent says:

    This is J-A-M-A-I-C-A not J-A-M-A-K-E-R

  14. david lindo says:

    What did she “bray” about?

  15. Tiredofallofyou says:

    Honestly, did we expect anything new from the PNP. They don’t know any better. They will never come up with solutions to the problems they themselves created. Come on people! Wake up. Jamaica need new leaders with “guts” that can lead.

  16. was shocked and disillusioned at Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s address to Jamaicans last Sunday evening, especially that bit about the shrinking of the net international reserves. This is a very serious situation, especially as she did not address any remedial action.

    People’s resolve cannot possibly address this situation. These are the tasks which test the proficiency of effective leadership. As a matter of fact, those who understand the implication of this will severely curtail their expectation as to the immediate future of our country.

    Most of the prime minister’s supporters are not cognisant of these factors, hence the unconditional love for her. Apart from that, she did not adequately address the ongoing negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, voice any resolve concerning crime, speak on the very important logistics hub to coincide with the widening of the Panama Canal, or even the path taken to improve revenue and spending.

    The only speck of light is ongoing projects left over from the previous administration, some relabelled JEEP. All in all, her speech was a sad reflection of a government at sea in a rudderless ship. She seemed to be saying, “we are helpless”.

  17. Shabs says:

    Sorry to say, but the fat lady is singing !People were deceived by the Dudus ting and put the PNP back in power, the same PNP Govt. that took 18 years and completely destroyed Jamaica.
    Where is Air Jamaica ? Where is the Bauxite levy monies ? where is the money from Tourism ? Why did we sell Cement company ? where is West indies Glass? Royal Cremo LTd ? Tanners ? Bata ? The Telecom Sector ? The only thing Jamaica have left fi sell a Suck-suck.

  18. In my personal opinion, the PM needs to stop flying all over the world, staying in 5 star hotels and spending the tax payers money frivirously. Jamaica is a poor country that needs a strong educated leader to get it up from the morassed the country is sinking into. Jamaicans wake up and get rid of incompetence in your leadership. Either recall her or give her a vote of no confidence. This is the 21st century, your leader should be able to grasp economic matters and lead the way to a better future. While your leader is prospering the have nots are getting poorer. People be proactive and rescue your country from the brink of disaster.

  19. Samantha McCreath says:

    jamaica is in a bad spot… well we have always been but in latter years it has just been getting worst. jamaicans and those who seem to have alot to say should seriously think about it why is this so…. some will say is who dem vote fa do this to them other will say its just a rough period. but on the contrary i think the so call political parties should stop with the division and combine forces. if they has the country’s best interest at heart they would seek to do something together! United! the country is divided in a PNP/JLP war and we will never get better economically if it continues that way. each politician just wants to know that he/she is in power that all.50yrs and what have we economically accomplished and are these accomplishments being improved? why arent we better as a nation?
    its about time we start saving ourselves and stop running to the IMF, i believe we only put our selves in more debt going to the IMF now. hell yes we need money but is the IMF the answer to those financial problems. word of advice to the opposition if you were the current minister i believe we would be facing the same problem if not worst so back off try helping instead of criticizing. to the current prime minister do what u must but remember the country is depending on you and if there is no improvement Jamaica is gonna have you pack up Ur bags and go!!!!!!!!!!

  20. johntowit says:

    Chickens come home to roosts – that’s xactly y da ”politicans” dont want to teach Marcus Garvey’s philosphies in school, bcaus the people will get too wise and read btween da lines. Sorry to say but da majority of Jamaicans r illiterate and its da politians who over 50 years had schooled them and feed them curry goat dinner, bottle of beer for their integrity.

    We shuld b commending PSM and da pnp 4 conducting such marvelous xperiments, that they know which strings to pull and da puppets just sing their songs.

    It wuld appear that da pnp did’nt xpekt to return 2 power so quickly, so I think they were caught off guard. That’s da only way I can xplain y they’re performing like numb skulls. But if da world was xperiencing boom during most of ur 18 & 1/2 years and u some how like a genius managed to sink a little island, why shuld we xpek u to do good in 1 year.

    That’s y u hav 2 really recognize da jlp, technically da world recession began in 2007, and these ppl managed to stabilized da currency, improve da economy, break up da crime HQ of Tivoli (that’s y crime is trending down ever since), established a 2nd tier stock exchange for B companies (giving small, medium sized bizniz motivation & impetus to strive to reach da main stock xchange).

    Da electorate came down hard on Golding bcaus of da Dudus saga, u culd say da electorate was/acted petty in their selection of this dibbi dibbi pnp govt.

  21. Erica Jackson says:

    It is now July 2013 and Portia Simpson Miller STILL have not made any positive contribution to Jamaica.

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