More tax measures to be implemented?

January 18th, 2013

Minister of Finance, Dr Peter Phillips recently announced that there will be more tax measures coming for the Jamaican public. According to an article in The Gleaner, Phillips announced during a press conference that “the Government would be increasing its primary surplus from 6.3 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) to 7.5 per cent next fiscal year.”

So, yet again we have more taxes to pay and no more money to receive. What will happen to the honest Jamaican taxpayer? Where will we get more money to pay more taxes?

Personally, I fully agree with Financial analyst, Ralston Hyman who states that “It is going to be extreme pain … If there is going to be wage restraint in an environment where the dollar is sliding and prices are rising, it means that the standard of living is going to fall and more people are going to slip into poverty.”

What is your opinion on the matter? Go ahead and have your say…

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6 Responses to “More tax measures to be implemented?”

  1. Monica Brown says:

    The Govt. is to clean up the public sector waste or unaccounted for/unauthorized/payments to non performing workers.I am sure there are areas that can be effectively trimmed to help with reducing the burden on pay packages. Munroe Ellis is shedding some light on some areas but it appears nothing is being done or is the case that there is no one to trust at this time.
    Are we so corrupt?
    Mr. Phillips n ur cronies wake up,this is not when the Admin. PNP was in power PNP before,people r very aware of proper governance these days.
    One year of NOTHING!!!

  2. Monica Brown says:

    Oh!I forget to mention the pensioners that are being taxed from the the little monthly pittance,why not p,ug some of the loop holes or waivers n reduce ther taxes.You will notice I said reduce as the elderly r not unreasonable.
    Do something for them,if your administration give a d …. About the elderly in this society.

  3. mutty perkins says:

    it is the middle class that will again be called upon to pay . “poor people”
    pay nothing. they party all night, enjoy free light, free water, squat on land for free and have kids like rabbits.
    they pay not tax. any time the government needs revenue, the look to the middle class.

    i know many ‘poor people’ that run their ac all day, eat good food and party ever week.
    While the poor middle class try to conserve, eat tin mackerel and fret when they hear about new taxes.

  4. What the Finance Minister need to do is to get all the cabinet minister to work in their portfolio to get more money into circulation.Raising taxes wont put more money into circulation.What Jamaica need is each cabinet Minister give a quarterly achievement report,in order to identify who is performing.Jamaica’s main problem is low performances.

  5. Bob says:

    I don’t think we have a tax problem in Jamaica, but rather a collection and spending problem by government.

  6. Jo Bent says:

    Property and business taxes are not been
    collected from the rich, some owes 10 yrs,
    P.A.Y.E ppl and remittances cannot carry
    a progressive country, also I think employees
    in public sector are stealing the country blind and the large on whats turned in. Poor ppl cannot be taxed anymore, there’s no middle-class and our rich wants more.
    Taxing our pants off alone will not work.

    Cut parish councillors to 3 regional ones to
    cover Cornwall, Middlesex & Surrey.
    Cut Consultants to 6
    Begin visa requirements from some sountries
    that carries a fee like other countries
    requires from us.
    Implement 2 & 3 shifts system in some sectors
    with the improvement of National Security.
    Taxes alone will not change the a spiral into
    this abyss JA has entered.

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