Night Club fire kills hundreds

January 31st, 2013

My heart really goes out to the family and friends of those persons who lost their lives in the Brazil Night Club fire recently. This incident really got me thinking about our own Jamaican night clubs and dances.

Can you imagine going out to have a night of fun, and not returning home because the night club you went to, caught on fire, and it only had one exit, and no working fire extinguishers that could quell the blaze?

Well, according to reports that is what happened in this particular case.

Although the cause of the blaze is still under investigation, witnesses say that it was either a flare or fireworks lit by band members playing at the club, which caused the fire. However, what I believe is more significant is the reported one exit, and no effective fire extinguishers. How can you possibly have a night club which has only one exit and no working fire extinguishers? Absolutely ridiculous!

I believe Jamaican night club owners and those individuals who put on dances should use this tragic incident as a lesson, and get their venues in order.

Share your views about this tragic event? It’s time again to have your say…

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4 Responses to “Night Club fire kills hundreds”

  1. Jo Bent says:

    Sad turn of events may they RIP
    The lighters & More fire ppl hype here
    should take note,the fire biz indoors
    is a bad idea.

    Hope it does’nt happen here because
    our corrupt ppl will take a money and
    pass anything, and our ppl do not follow
    rules of law, really only gunshots put
    them in check, and right now its just
    talk here by next week they’ll be on to
    the next sound bite or drama, our leaders
    dont give a hoot, they just right now
    crusin like Sunday morning.

  2. It is so sad for those famlies that have lost love one,my hearth goes outfor them. This should be a warning for countries,especially the under develop have a tendancy to have not having proper fire escape.Every night club that are going to have a number of people in attendant should meet the fire department regulations.

  3. Paige says:

    It heartbreaking to think that a simple social event turned into multiple deaths. Money and greed is to blame. Shame on u club owners. U jus did not care.

  4. Tanique says:

    Well if these companies are evaluated by the fire department – for sure if they have one door they should not be in business. The Fire department need to take a stand and ensure that different areas are used for exit and entrances, most importantly that more than one area is assigned.These companies need to check their fire extinguishers on a regular basis, ensuring that they are always serviced.

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