Water Parties in a Drought Offensive

July 28th, 2014

Recently in Jamaica, voices of opposition, including the political, have come out against the granting of licenses for persons to hold water parties in Kingston and St. Andrew. Now in a society where it seems hardly anything is ever in poor taste much less wrong, there has been opposition to the call for a water party ban.

In Support

Some argue that a ban on water parties denies hard working entrepreneurs the right to earn a lawful living.  Given the economic conditions in Jamaica with little to no growth, this is the last thing that anyone should want to do. If the water parties are not held, the truckers lose premium income paid by the promoter while the promoters would also lose the revenue from persons looking to cool down while having fun in the middle of the night. Some would even argue that with the extreme heat, water parties are actually healthy. Then there are those that argue that once the water is not from National Water Commission (NWC), the Kingston and St. Andrew Council (KSAC), the body responsible for approving these events, should give the promoters the green light and collect the much needed government fees.


The water party promoters claim the water is not from NWC but how do we know. We already know that some truck drivers have been accused of taking water from NWC and parish council’s systems or standpipes. We also know that given the extent of the drought, truckers have to go outside of the Kingston Metropolitan area to find water. Then there is the issue of the quality of water given that the source of the water is unknown?

In one report, a water party promoter promised no shortage of water as he will have four trucks and claims to getting water from the Rio Cobre. Now isn’t there a Rio Cobre pipeline used to provide water to St. Catherine, Kingston and St. Andrew? So they take water from the source that NWC uses not from NWC itself. Another promoter claims he gets water from Caymanas but the article did not say where.

Persons can party without the water, at least for now.  It is called sacrifice and acknowledging the suffering of those around. Many persons are suffering from daily lock offs unable to have a shower, much less a bath from a cheese ban. Hospitals are struggling, restaurants are under pressure, construction activities are being curtailed by the water shortage but we are having water parties. Jamaicans have gotten their priorities all mixed up.  The fire in the Jacks Hill and surrounding areas on July 27, 2014 was another example of why there should be ban. The Jamaica Fire Brigade would have done well with water from anywhere last night.  It is almost like deliberately setting up a massive dining table in Justice Square downtown Kingston, Jamaica and having lavish banquet while the old and the indignant salivate around unable to partake. The persons who attend these parties should think if this is something they should attend.

My view is that at this time, there should be a ban on water parties in the KSAC and all other regions affected by the drought.  If I was a party animal, I certainly would not be attending any water party. I actually find these water parties in the midst of drought offensive

What’s your take? Have your say.

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3 Responses to “Water Parties in a Drought Offensive”

  1. Jojo says:

    Yes these parties can continue without the water, they can buy Hennessy or champagne & wet each other, car washes have had to send home employees as they are told they cant operate, ppl waiting to paint homes have to wait to wash the building for painting, farmers crops R dying; this water can be better used for the farmers and fires that’s raging all around

  2. Jeffery Sinclair says:

    I agree no to the water parties during a drought. Slackness. Donate the water to a worthy cause…

  3. Kiki says:

    Why waste water period

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