High School students get married

October 30th, 2014

It came to my attention while reading an article in The Gleaner entitled “Hitched in high school!” on October 30, 2014, that two teenagers (who were still attending High School) were permitted to get married in December 2013.

Imagine my shock upon reading about this case. These Two high-school students became husband and wife at ages 16 and 17 just last year. The 17-year-old was a fifth former student at the time while the 16-year-old was a fourth form student.

Although the Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA) was called to investigate the matter, after the proposal for marriage was revealed to their office, the wedding was allowed because the two teens had the permission of their parents and neither the Education Act and the Education Code, nor the Marriage Act ever considered or placed any rules in place in case of such a situation. At present, under Jamaican law, persons younger than 18 years old can get married with the permission of their parents.

According to the article, “the OCA visited the homes of both children and interviewed both sets of parents to ensure that there was genuine parental consent”. I guess the parental consents were indeed authentic and therefore, the marriage proceeded.

What do you think about this case? Do you believe these students should have been allowed to get married? Go ahead and have your say…

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5 Responses to “High School students get married”

  1. TZK says:

    What are we really protecting people from here? These young people are so close to legally being adults, that we must ALWAYS lean towards educating them to be able to make decisions for themselves. Thats the only path with a real long-term benefit to the couple.

    I believe the spirit of the law should be upheld. In some RARE cases, people this young do want to get married and in their own opinion as young adults, they are in love and as ready as they will ever be. As a safety mechanism, the law currently specifies that permission of the parents is required. So what people are suggesting, by asking that it be made illegal, is that both the wishes of the couple and the wishes of that couple’s parents should be invalidated…as if all these people could not possibly be acting in the best interest of the young adults. In my opinion, enforcing laws seeking to go this far to rigidly control the lives of individuals at this age is wrong. Misguided at best.

    Perhaps the caveat that should be added to the law is that permission to be married below 18 years of age should require the review of a judge, and that judge should have the power to stipulate a 30 to 90-day court-mandated marriage/guidance counseling to ensure that the couple is indeed ready (cognizant and prepared) for the move.

  2. Azan says:

    In this country, you will allow someone to have 50 baby mothers and be a homosexual and break all god’s laws but when two persons want to get married, it becomes an outrage. This act should be commended and supported. Sex out of marriage is a sin therefore, when two persons want to get married and they have the support of their parents, then they should be applauded as they attempt to abide by the laws of their creator, whether the created (mankind and gin) approves of it or not.

    I commend them and i encourage them and i support all those that uphold the laws of the creator over the laws of the created (mankind and gin). Please note, there is no obedience in the dis-obedience of the creator.

  3. Jojo says:

    Best they get married if in love , its
    the better ting to do if they both desire
    to be together, they may go on to higher
    education & be productive citizens in JA,
    better than a belly, or she bring home
    another girl…Time JA cut the hypocrisy
    many females were knocking boots at their
    age and majority of our older men would try
    to bed that girl….stop it! their parents
    agreed so be it.

  4. Jeffery Sinclair says:

    Change the age of consent.

  5. Kam says:

    So let me get this straight. Anyone can have sex and make children even children are doing it. But when they get married as children that is the cry or outrage. This world and its convoluted ethics.

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