Students being targeted for Government-issued tablets?

November 27th, 2014

Yet again, the brazen and selfish act of a few lawless Jamaicans is a cause of major concern. Students who have been given tablets in the ‘Tablets in Schools’ initiative are seemingly being targeted and harassed by thieves. According to reports, at least three students who were recipients of these tablets have been robbed of the devices at gunpoint.

It is very unfortunate that tablets given to students to assist with the learning process has now made them targets for unscrupulous characters, particularly since numerous schools have reported increased participation and interest since the introduction of the devices.

There have been advertisements imploring thieves to resist the temptation to steal these devices, since they can be tracked using GPS technology. This has not deterred them. Our children are traumatised when these incidents occur, and parents/guardians are left to deal with the effect of the ordeal.

How can we protect our children from these hoodlums? What security measures can be put in place? Go ahead and have your say…

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2 Responses to “Students being targeted for Government-issued tablets?”

  1. Jeffery Sinclair says:

    Until we have better policing and stiffer penalties it will continue. Then again until man cares about his fellow man things wont change.

  2. Jojo says:

    I wish, I wish I wish
    I did nit have to think
    I wish someone could create
    a gadget that’s attached to
    cell-phones tablets , Ipad
    etc that functions only with
    owners & family voice
    recognition, after 15 mins
    of report its stolen havet
    it explodes in whoever tries
    to use it eyes/face

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