Is the Tivoli Enquiry a mere daytime soap opera?

December 4th, 2014

Lloyd D’Aguilar

The current Tivoli Commission of Enquiry has been nothing if not entertaining. For days I have watched hysterics, drama and a lot of cursing. I have watched witnesses talking and being questioned (or as some might say being badgered or harassed) by lawyers. I am not saying that the enquiry is not important but for now it seems like a daytime soap opera.

The Lloyd D’Aguilar drama

Convenor of the Tivoli Committee, Lloyd D’Aguilar, has been the number one star in this daytime soap so far. He has been the person we watch anxiously, with our eyes pinned to the television screen, just waiting for something exciting to happen.

On Wednesday, December 3, something interesting finally did happen. Mr D’Aguilar was thrown out of the enquiry by the Chairman of the Commission, Sir David Simmons. The decision to remove Mr D’Aguilar came after he interrupted the cross examination of Granville Roy Johnson, the second witness to appear before the commission.

According to The Gleaner, Attorney for the Jamaica Defence Force Peter Champagnie was questioning Mr. Johnson when he became agitated and asked about having a lawyer present to represent him. It was then that D’Aguilar interrupted and complained to Sir David Simmons that Champagnie was “harassing” the witness. Linton Gordon, another attorney for the JDF then objected to D’Aguilar’s interruption, noting that he was not an attorney, which then triggered a verbal clash between D’Aguilar, Gordon and Sir David and eventually resulted in D’Aguilar being evicted from the commission.

Michael Lorne, the lawyer for the Tivoli Committee, says he plans to ask the commissioners to allow D’Aguilar to return at some later date. However, for now the main attraction is out. In my opinion, this enquiry seems to be less about the victims and more about hysterics.

What do you think about the Tivoli Commission of Enquiry? Go ahead and have your say…

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2 Responses to “Is the Tivoli Enquiry a mere daytime soap opera?”

  1. Jojo says:

    Treat ppl like dogs,they will react
    like rabid dogs. This classism has to
    stop in Jamaica,& having 79% of the
    ppl illiterate does not help when they
    cannot articulate. Anger results in being
    called liars, while some made up their
    minds going in to create drama for TV
    Of course some will lie but not everyone.

    They ought to be questioned but not badgered
    or spoken to in a demeaning way, I find some
    of the attys were harsh,rude & condescending
    at times. while both sides were rude I expected the panel would have risen above the
    behavior they displayed.

    While I believed we cant have a state
    within a state, citizens confronting the
    police, rules of law, or Gov. regardless
    who is incumbent, we have to measure justice
    with mercy, not every person in TJ ran afoul
    during this period, but almost all paid.
    Some said they will die for Dudus .but not
    all said that.

    This hearing clearly shows the disrespect
    and anger Jamaican ppl feels, what happened
    to the 15 yr old taken from his mom still not found yet? Bitterness will continue in our
    future generation, if the leaders don’t pull
    up their boot-straps in implementing real
    social programs, bring back Jamal & work hard
    at doing something positive in marginalized
    areas then we have seen nothing yet.

    This fish-market behavior look & sounded bad
    I imagined the other Islands having some good
    laugh at the Joker in the pack…. JA.

    D’Aguliar was dramatic but had some good
    points, when the lead guy said to him gone
    are the days when certain ppl can jump up & talk, he is not an atty & needs a certificate
    I knew the tracing was on.:D)….My ppl what
    a ppl!

    The costa of this hearing should be used for independent investigations & the valid ones get
    paid for pain & suffering also property loss
    or damages…The area was bombed which both Gov. lied about until the USA revealed it,the Kangaroo court are telling the ppl no soldiers shot them ..who knows…the public are constantly told lies . There is no justice for the regular man, without money,the right hook
    up or right last name, there is no justice in JA our ppl run to other countries because Justice, hope and National Security is lacking.
    Sadly these ppl continues to ray ray & tay tay
    for these ppl who treat tem like a mongrel with excema when elections roll around

    How can we turn back the clock?look within everyone talks too much, judging others
    without merit, and since they don’t kbow a darn ting about twitter, the lost souls will always be trampled on while following their party like Jim Jones ppl who followed him
    and was conned, lured & forced into drinking poison.

    I see noting coming out of this really, not
    a thing will change, It happened at Green Bay
    across the waters and elsewhere. Its like watching a Sebada play…amusing

  2. Peter Sparks says:

    It is a sham! This inquiry is purely designed to deflect responsibility from all parties Golding admin, etc

    Yeah! We only hear about the 70 plus “documented names!” How is it that such a travesty of justice – a country assassinating it’s own citizens – is taken so lightly, turning the victims into cartoon characters! THIS IS NOT A JOKE, and these so-called legal minds seem to think it is!

    Mr Coke was NOT a criminal is his country! So why go after him like he is some “Pablo Escobar!…

    That being said, there was no reason to kill people when he (Mr. Coke) was not even IN the area (Tivoli) where they said he was. He was, hiding someplace else.

    Simple questions; Who ordered the police and soldier to kill the people?

    When are the politicians responsible for this massacre going to be held accountable?

    These fancy-talking lawyers may feel great in verbally and linguistically pummelling these victims; but the seething humiliation they (victims) are constantly getting will manifest itself into something Jamaica will regret! This treating the poor as if they are worse that dirt, this so-called classism that certain Jamaican citizens love to entertain is a dangerous road to walk!

    Do the right thing! These victims did NOTHING and need to be compensated for their loss – caused by idiotic politicians only out to line their pockets. When are they going to jail for murder?

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