When did a swim suit become major news?

December 18th, 2014

Imagine how shocking it was for many persons to see our very own Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna, in a picture wearing a bathing suit on the beach. Yes! Imagine being in a swim suit on the beach. How preposterous! It caused such a stir that it practically became “prime” news.

Let’s just say that I could hardly believe the attention that this particular picture got. I mean did we think that she would be in a turtle neck, sweater, long maxi skirt or dress in the water? Come on people. Is it now a crime to be fabulous at forty? Is it outrageous to look toned as a Government Minister? Truly, I think the entire thing was simply “much to do about nothing”.

I can find fault with a lot of things regarding our Government and its ministers, including wasting our tax payer’s dollars doing unnecessary and totally ludicrous things, but in this particular case, I can find absolutely no fault.

It is not Miss Hanna’s job to make others feel better about themselves by not showing her hips or thighs in a photo. If she does not wear a bathing suit to the beach or take a picture in one, it will not make a difference in the political sphere. I am so tired of persons harping on unnecessary details and being quiet when important ones come about. Anyway, this is only my opinion, what is yours?

Do you have a problem with the swim suit photo of Lisa Hanna? Go ahead and have your say…

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2 Responses to “When did a swim suit become major news?”

  1. Jojo says:

    Listen there is more important
    things to think about, what should
    she have worn on the beach…a suit
    a PJ ? come on Jamaica its time we
    wake up and stop being judgmental
    over the itsy bitsy things..we have
    skyrocketed crimes, incest, molestation, inflation,corrutions, degradation,
    cultural perversions, mass illiteracy,
    no production and hypocrits in our midst
    worry about what Lisa have on at the beach?…Gat a life idiots who have a
    problem with it.

  2. consieboy says:

    she looks appropriately attired for the occasion to me, how did people expect her to be dressed? There are too many important things that are affecting our society that needs to be addressed, to be wasting time worrying how the Minister is attired on the beach,she is wearing the proper attire for the occasion,and guess what? She looks fabulous, she wears it well!

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