Not even our retirees and elderly safe

January 9th, 2015

I really felt ill after reading an article recently in The Gleaner about the murder of retired matron of the Falmouth Hospital, Hyacinth Hayden. The two suspects held for this heinous crime are only sixteen years old. Imagine, working all your life in the service of others, only to be cut down in your retirement years by children. What is our country coming to when our elderly are not safe in their own homes? When people work all their lives, only to be killed at retirement?

When someone works for numerous years and finally retires, they are expecting relaxation and the time to enjoy hobbies and other pursuits. This retired nurse was instead killed by culprits who more than likely have no idea about the value and necessity of hard work. All they seem to be knowledgeable about is taking the property of hard working people.

I am not the only person looking on and fearing the worst for our elderly. At least one Jamaican Diaspora group has taken notice too. Many persons hope to retire in Jamaica after working abroad. However, I would not be shocked if incidents like this have changed the minds of many. What are we going to do? No one seems to have the answer to our crime problem and our Government is obviously incapable or disinclined to put in feasible measures to curtail it.

Would you retire in Jamaica if you had the choice? Go ahead and have your say…

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6 Responses to “Not even our retirees and elderly safe”

  1. Pete says:

    Very Well said, I only wished this was printed in the Gleaner for all to read. It touched on all the relevant points! Thank you..I felt ill also after reading about the retired nurses murder. I pray for her husband whom I understand has been receiving medical treatment since the awful tragedy. Words cannot express…am just numb.

  2. Beverley Jones says:

    I myself is saddened over these attacks on people. At this point in life I am contemplating as to whether I should dispose of all my properties in Jamaica nd find somewhere else to live, instead of returning home to Jamaica which is my dream. I see no reason why I should expose myself to the fear of being slaughtered when it is possible find somewhere else on the planet where I can feel free to live until the Lord calls me home

  3. JanE says:

    This is horrible, shocking, and senseless. Do those children have mothers, sisters or female friends? I pray for her family that God will grant them comfort as only He can.

  4. Jojo says:

    Sick and sad, but we also have to
    hold the adults not just parents
    accountable, the society has gone
    awry, hate lawlessness & dis-respect
    is the order of the day.The kids see,
    they learn, & they mimic. Jamaicans
    adults (large %) are truly raising
    criminals. Kids with things not given
    by the parents, older adults preying
    on young ppl in many ways, loss of
    pride in parents and not enough, lack
    of literacy & good social programs leads
    to breakdown of the society , on this
    same path 2030 is a fantasy & joke.

    My stance is I would never encourage
    anyone to move back, I know first hand,
    many will cheat U out of an extra $ no
    matter how much U share with them &
    others think, why not give it up ,you
    have it and they want it. Just like the
    ppl who claim scamming is reparations
    who made them slaves?, they are crooks
    whether thiefing at accountant general
    or killing any other person elderly or
    not, SOME Jamaican parents have failed,
    sperm donors & Baby pushers,The Gov.have
    failed in National Security & many JAs
    have failed the morals code. These boys
    should be tried as adults I think there
    is no hope for them to be rehabilitated.
    Parents no longer send kids to church to
    develop a conscience, everyone and
    everything is about a JIG..we must
    balance the thing, eradicate red-yeye &
    bling bling to our youth.May she RIP

  5. Jeffery Sinclair says:

    No one is safe is the truth. We have vicious criminals under the influence of evil spirits…

  6. How soon we forget. Mrs. Hayden was a very good friend of my mother Mrs. Daley who was also killed by criminals at her home in Tophill, Falmouth on November 22, 2013. The police was successful in catching these thugs that kill Mrs Hayden but up until now no one is held responsible for my moms death. This is the thing in good old Jamaica, when people work all their lives in the cold of winter and go back home to Jamaica to relax and enjoy their golden years they are killed. The criminals rule Jamaica, the government is just a show piece. I hate what Jamaica has come to. Killing elderly and children with no end in sight. My condolences to Mr Hayden and his family. My mom and Mrs. Hayden are together at the right hand of God, just as they were when they were alive. Pray for our families, we are still in grief for the loss of our love ones so tragically..

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