Should the Anti-Crime bills have been passed?

July 15th, 2010

There were six new crime laws proposed. Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, made this disclosure ahead of opening the discussion on four of the six anti-crime bills on Wednesday June 2, 2010.

The six bills that were proposed are: an Act to amend the Bail Act; an Act to further amend the Firearms Act; an Act to amend the Offences Against the Person Act; an Act to amend the Parole Act; an Act to make interim provision in relation to the grant of bail in specified circumstances; and an Act to make interim provision extending the powers of arrest and detention under Sections 50B and 50F of the Constabulary Force Act.

There were several changes that were proposed to be made  to the acts mentioned above. I will name three.

1. Under the proposed changes to the Firearms Act, a minimum of a 15-year prison term would be imposed on convicted gun offenders, but the maximum of life imprisonment will remain.

2. Under the proposed changes to the Parole Act, gun offence convicts can be eligible for parole after ten years in prison. The current parole act states that gun offence convicts are eligible for parole after seven years in prison.

3. Under the proposed changes to the Bail Act, when a judge grants bail, the prosecutor may appeal for that bail to be revoked.

There have been great debates about the validity of the bills proposed, particularly from members of the opposition. Many persons have established that these bills will deprive ordinary citizens of their civil rights, and therefore they should be withdrawn. However, despite the protests from several groups to withdraw them, the bills have been passed.

What is your opinion? Do you think the anti-crime bills should have been passed? Have your say…

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19 Responses to “Should the Anti-Crime bills have been passed?”

  1. jo bent says:

    The bills should have been passed and then some,no honest hard-working decent person is in position of illegal guns I say move up the
    sentence to 35 yrs and after 15 yrs if gun-man has behaved and do right consider him/her for parole, only if that was 1st time gun offence.
    I think they need to add 2 strike laws for
    molesters, extortionists,rapists and assault and battery charges.
    I see nothing wrong with the bail laws that are in place I think repeat offenders should
    be kept 120 days . All the bickering about constitutional rights in Jamaica see the world
    laughing at us, the decent citizens have no rights,Bruce needs to get on with it already, those ppl with their criminal children and Grandchildren needs to stop the BS about constitutionl rights

  2. pan says:

    I feel to that the gunmen should be put away for 35years, by then they have grown up…..The law need to be very tough on guns and people who sell guns. in England you can get 5 yrs just for carrying anything, even a toy gun.

  3. CHA-CHA B says:

    How long shall the wicked prosper over law abiding citizen.Far too long the jamaican populous have been the subject of intimidation.There should be no mercy for perpetrators of the law.May i suggest,take a page from the american justice system.Crimes are classified as 1st, 2nd ,3rd degree.Perpectual perpetrators 1,2,3 strike out.You are gone for a very long ,long time.The media is a good soucre to expose criminals.Jamaica should make asssult and bodily arm a more serious crime.This will teach jamaican that violence is not the answer to every disagreement.Acid thowing should be classified as attempt murder in the 3rd degree, carrying a minium sentence of 15 years to life.

  4. johndoe says:

    I am particularly concerned about the bail act. I see alot of lawsuits coming given the nature of our state agents to be corrupt and petty.

    It appears we are shifting to guilty until proven innocent.

    Tampering with the human rights ‘some’ affects the human rights of all.

    The Gun Court was supposed to stamp out crime where are we with that..

    I want to see more effort and resources being put to improve the police intelligence. gathering arm..

    You first have to catch the accused before you prosecute. You can’t prosecute successfully unless you have proper evidence.

  5. karaleen says:

    too many guns in the hands of the wrong folks it sad and shameful,tougher laws are really needed to bring peace back to Jamaica God bless Jamaica

  6. karaleen says:

    God bless Jamaica

  7. SHU says:

    35 years and more should be given to these heartless criminals and those “pseudo bad-man”.
    We need to utilize the death penalty more frequently. Anyone found guilty of murder should be given the death penalty.
    Frequent usage of the death penalty will send a strong message to others who are contemplating such act.

  8. Uforatie says:

    I just cannot understand these people who oppose these bills. Do they really live in Jamaica and see what goes on on a daily basis -the vicious, sadistic murdering of innocent people, the ease and casualness with which these murderous criminals go around snuffing out the lives of others as if “a no nutten”, as if there are no consequences to their actions, as if no one is in charge in Jamaica?

    I have to wonder what these so-called human rights people and their friends want. Do they want to see the total destruction of the country? If so, why? Why do they feel compelled to protect these murderers and thieves? One has to wonder!

    I am glad to see that these judges are being given some guidance, because they sometimes act as if they do not think. They sometimes seem to be bending over backwards, looking for ways to let these murderers off.

    When one looks at the flimsy excuses these judges sometimes come up with to let a criminal go, one has to ask why. Is it a lack of training and knowledge of the law or is it misplaced sympathy?

    How can a person be taken in, more than once, for murdering other people, then a judge is going to even entertain the thought of letting this person out on bail, to go and murder more people? Then we ask why the police, in frustration, mete out their brand of justice when they encounter these murderers.

    In my opinion, these bills do not go far enough. I think once a person is caught with an illegal gun in Jamaica, he should be put away for at least 25 years. If they murder someone, they should be executed in short order! PERIOD!

    Thanks to the members of parliament who voted for these bills. And thanks to the members of the security forces who are doing a great job under difficult circumstances.

  9. Johnny says:

    The so called ” Human Rights groups and all those who are going against the laws know why. Guns have one purpose to kill so i think the new laws are mild, for me if you are found with a gun you should get life in prison. Murder once convicted by the courts you are hung the next week. I will say it here without apology any Prime Minister who is going to save us from the crime monster must be prepared to do one term because the kind of draconian measures that will be necessary will not be appreciated by many.He will also need to get rid of the so called “human rights ” groups. anyone hear any comments from them when the miscreants carry out their brazen attacks, no. I wonder if it’s by choice that none of these ” human rights” groups members have never been victims of these crimes. I doubt it.

  10. Garnett says:

    I agree with the crime bills on condition that there is the establishment of an independent police oversight body with powers to investigate police officers. Also, a commensurate increase in number of judges and courtrooms to ensure peopple can obtain justice expeditiously.

  11. khenti says:

    all changes to the act need to be publish, not just the ones the public is most likely to agree with.what about increasing the detention time for innocent citizens. the media is complicit in the governments propaganda campaign, without the media the lies cannot spread to the masses, the fears cannot be instilled in our hearts, the unjust policies will not be accepted

  12. khenti says:

    has there been any changes regarding corrupt politicans? the laws are design by them in order to benefit them

  13. LuceaBoy says:

    People are to be punished for their misdeeds as a consequence of breaking the law as such a person found with a gun should rightly get 15 years in prison if you are found with a gun and it can be varify that you have no right to have it like it was illegal. This country can and will be a better place with the introduction of these new penalties for illegal useage of the gun.

    No one wants to go to prison so if you don’t want to go to prison try and find another means of getting by without the use of guns and ammunitions. We are currently in a crisis and we are trying to get ourselves out of this mess but we need the intervention and support of the citizens to arrive at a viable answer to the problems of the day.

    What we can do as decent law abiding citizens is to ensure that we abide by the principles which governs the state and make sure we as individuals are clean in whatsoever we do. If we try and failed it is because we as the citizen did not give the requisite energy that it requires to demand a much more promising outcome. We can put hand and heart together and solve the common problems we have on a daily basis.

  14. God chiuld says:

    The bible tell us in the book of Genesis 6 verse 11 to 13 clearly that this earth is corrupt and full of violence, so crime bills and whatever the government want to try, until the people repent of their sin, turn from their wicked ways, seek God face, God said that he will look down from heaven, forgive their sin and heal the land. Jamaica want a day or week of total forgiveness, from the babe to the older one, REPENT I SAY REPENT. God bless all the readers who take God at his words.

  15. yaadman in DC says:

    Okay give thanks that we have some right minded people posting here. I totally support these bills and as others have said the only thing wrong with these bills is that they are not harsh enough. The zero tolerance we should be adopting would mean that anyone caught once with an illegal firearm should be locked up as the people have said for 35 to 40 years. Since we are the so-called badest place, we need the badest laws to get these animals caged for long long long time.

  16. Daveco23 says:

    The anti-crime bill still will not solve our problem of lawlessness cause until we change our view of each other and decide to help each other. we will still have the problem oh by the will this bill superseeds the whistle blower act. only time willtell

  17. Winston says:

    YES it should be passed. The ONLY thing, it could still be much tougher and draconian. The punishments of many crimes should be treble, and the idea of hanging should be automatic, following the decisions of Jamaican courts, and NO PRIVY COUNCIL should be involved.
    Many people who called in on talk shows should be dealt with with heavy law suits for their lies and distortions, especially aginst the securities. Police and Soldiers.
    People should never be allowed to get away, with so much abuses, lies and deformatory statements against the security that is taking care of their own security.. Without the police and soldiers, what kind of Jamaica could we all have to live it? Ask yourself.

  18. donny jackson says:

    yes keep listening to human rights persons, they think they are safe from criminals,don’t you see them,they sit around trying to get their faces on television,especially foreign television,next they look to write books…this is all while the victims families are left to suffer,their loved ones lives snuffed out by some sociopath,who has the sympathy of human rights…if murder of the innocent was not involved then we could see the value of human rights watch groups,in small states such as Jamaica..yes the anti-crime bills should be passed,but with stricter penalties for illegal guns,criminal-murders should be straight up life no parole,then death penalty ,when ever these cowards get the bulls to start the hanging process again…it would also be nice for Jamaica to consider something that work well in most industrialized countries and that is keeping habitual criminals locked up until they are old enough,where crime is usually out of the human system… age 60 plus i think ..its also called prison-industrial complex ,but it could be a great job/career wise for the population,proper training and so forth..after all it look like Jamaica has endless supply of criminals anyway..might as well make a honest living out of them..

  19. vivian stephenson says:

    The people have spoken,they are tired of gun violence. MURDER

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