Will the honest politicians please stand up?

August 16th, 2010

Trying to find an honest politician is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  No matter how long or how hard you look, finding a politician with the good of the nation in mind seems to be a very hard and never-ending task.

Did they go into the field to lie and deceive people for money and power, or did this behaviour develop over time? I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, and therefore, I choose to believe that most politicians become dishonest after they have entered the field. My question then becomes, why does this happen?

I do suppose that most people have a desire to be prosperous, powerful and revered, but at what and whose expense? Giving guns and money to criminals is not the greatest thing to do, if you claim to love the country and people you serve.

To be fair though, I know there must be at least one good, decent and honest politician left. If you are there, won’t you please stand up? Stand up against criminality at all levels in the society. Stand up against injustice. Give Jamaica a chance.

Do you think Jamaica’s current politicians can lead the country in a new direction? Do we need to have a complete political reform in order to go forward? Have your say…

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10 Responses to “Will the honest politicians please stand up?”

  1. Earl says:

    What kind of hard and tricky question is this?

  2. gorgon 3 says:

    The last one i can remember was HUGH LAWSON SHEARER and he never lasted long . RIP MASS HUGH .

  3. Alrick says:

    You’re joking, right? honest politicians in Jamaica?, ha ha ha, thats a good one.

  4. gentle says:

    Politicians are like paratroopers, you never know what you are going to find when you land. The map shows concave,or convex slopes,marshy areas, but the terrain is completely different when you land. The trooper has to find a way to survive. Many politicians do things to survive, they have to adapt to their surroundings. When they get to the field they realize that not even a honours degree in political science is good enough. How many of these people even heard about this major in college? We all know that most of these people were not even interested in politics, they were chosen by a party and thrust into certain positions. So the end result is we have a bunch of guys stealthily dancing around with the public. The legislature is no place for this kind of behalves, and we expect better from our elected representatives. We end up calling them dishonest, but in fact the guy is only trying to make a honest living. HE or she has to take home the bacon, and in some cases the whole pig, cut them some slack. You get what you paid for, and in some cases what you deserve. What kind of politician are you going to get from a dishonest, and tainted society like ours? Our young people are being exposed to a different world, and some have travelled and like what they have seen. Hopefully, you and i will live long enough to experience the change, it is imminent.

  5. BOB says:

    I personally believe that we must start a new!. get new politicians . and I say re write the constitution and change the laws. to reflect today’s era!.. so we can move forward!.. we are still saddled with slavish mentality in the way our current political leaders are governing!.. we need a complete new system!..

  6. GARGON says:

    After near fifty years of Independence, what has become of Jamaica? What is our international reputation? We have alternated between PNP and JLP…and we are in the P.
    It has been an exercise in decline and futility.

    We have many highly educated men and women of quality, character and integrity in Jamaica. Until and unless they step forward and unite to take this country under control and in new directions, crime, poverty and corruption will continue to prevail…and our children will have no futures in the land of their birth…The Land That We Love.

  7. jo bent says:

    Every single politician on both sides, male and females in parliament and out are corrupt,
    dishonest, cheating, thieving, swindling and hate this country >bars none< .

    None of these ppl will or can change anything
    they've laid with dogs and fill with fleas, If god was like man they all would turn into a pillar of salt,look at ppl dying daily getting
    picked off like birds with guns, all these ppl gave contracts to and was buddy buddy with, bringing weapons of mass destruction to our shores, enslaving us worst than the colonialists did, how the hell they sleep at night amazes me.

    Only god it seem can turn around this country, look at the poor ppl in Spanish Twn, the policeman on Langston Rd, they created monsters they will never be able to control,their whined up puppets all doped up are now showing them who rule, unfortunately innocent ppl are dying.

    The 1st MP who dare denounce these criminals in public was put in his place then silence…
    chicken come home to its roost?

    Columbian, Nigerian and Haitian criminals added to the mix, Lawd' deliver us from all the
    the rape of our country by the in/outsiders

  8. Nigel McFarlane says:

    At present I’m afraid there isn’t any honest people left in government to lead our nation.Among our members of parliament on both of the isle without exception all are complicit because either they have broken the law themselves or they are aware of member who have and covering them so they are just as guilty.A case in point , the prime minister the nations leader Mr Bruce Golding has disgraced himself the office and the nation, but still in light of all the facts to support his improprieties not one member of the party can see fit to take the moral high ground and ask for his resignation. So in light of that I don’t see anyone morally fit among them to lead. As for the opposition they are just as corrupt and without moral legs to stand on. We need to get new blood in our government, people who love and want to serve their fellow man. Our goal as a nation is to get rid of the current bunch of self-serving, self-dealing professional politician who have been around far too long to fatten their pockets at the nation’s expense. We should strengthen, and enforce our laws, and make no one be above it regardless who you are who you know. As to when these guys become corrupted it’s hard to say ,but that shouldn’t be the question. Rather the question should be “What do we do with them once they are caught?. For too long we have been settling for their feign apologies, and weak excuses ,letting them go with a slap on the wrist. Hey lawmaker should be held to the letter of the law. If you break the law, like anyone else you should go to jail. There is only one way to curtail this tide of corruptions in our country especially in the government and that is to implement TERM LIMITS for all politicians. With term limits in place those who wish to set these garrison ,and fiefdom wont have enough time to grow root.

  9. AJ says:

    What Jamaica need is a check and balance in the systems. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. No country can rid itself of corrupt politician. However, we can put policies in place to provide a check and balance. No one should be granted the privilege serving in public office for a life as an elected official. Limitation on the term serve by our politicians could be a start to adding some check and balance in the system.

  10. john brown says:

    mercy please!

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