Pirates of the Caribbean: Cable TV Operators & Copyright Infringement

April 29th, 2015

Written by Marcia Forbes BCJ’s Partial Lock-Down Directive About ninety-eight (98) channels are being pirated by Jamaican cable TV operators. Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) told us so in a Press Conference


Not even our retirees and elderly safe

January 9th, 2015

I really felt ill after reading an article recently in The Gleaner about the murder of retired matron of the Falmouth Hospital, Hyacinth Hayden. The two suspects held for this heinous crime are only


When did a swim suit become major news?

December 18th, 2014

Imagine how shocking it was for many persons to see our very own Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna, in a picture wearing a bathing suit on the beach. Yes! Imagine being in


Is the Tivoli Enquiry a mere daytime soap opera?

December 4th, 2014

Lloyd D’Aguilar The current Tivoli Commission of Enquiry has been nothing if not entertaining. For days I have watched hysterics, drama and a lot of cursing. I have watched witnesses talking and being questioned (or


Students being targeted for Government-issued tablets?

November 27th, 2014

Yet again, the brazen and selfish act of a few lawless Jamaicans is a cause of major concern. Students who have been given tablets in the ‘Tablets in Schools’ initiative are seemingly being targeted


The “Outameni” Catastrophe

November 10th, 2014

One of the most talked about topics in Jamaica currently, is the ‘Outameni Experience’ acquisition by the National Housing Trust (NHT). Outameni  Experience is a Trelawny-based attraction previously owned by Lennie Little-White. According to The