What Next for Caribbean Cable Operators?

May 7th, 2015

by Marcia Forbes Shocked by Sinclair I was shocked at Gary Sinclair’s seeming honesty and openness as he responded to Journalist Dionne Jackson Miller’s probing questions about cable TV and copyright infringements. Sinclair is the head honcho of the newly merged CWC/Columbus Communication conglomerate that sees the coming together of the Caribbean region’s leading telco (CWC/LIME) [...]


Marijuana found in oranges

June 20th, 2012

I believe that this is simply getting out of hand. Just recently there was an attempt to smuggle approximately 2.5 tonnes of ganja in tinned ackee and callaloo to the United Kingdom, and now Barbados police discover 41 taped packages of marijuana hidden in oranges imported from Jamaica at four of their supermarkets? Reports indicate [...]


B’dos Gov’t report declares finger-rape allegation false?

February 28th, 2012

I cannot say that I was very surprised to hear that a report ordered by the Barbados Government, declared illegal cavity search accusations made by a Jamaican woman (Shanique Myrie) last year, to be entirely false. Seriously, why would anyone ever believe that this Barbados report would implicate Barbadian officials of misconduct, particularly in such [...]