Share your story… Is there an Angel in your midst?

Angels Among Us is an editorial feature  by the Gleaner,  that showcases persons who have overcome in very difficult situations.

These stories are intended to inspire and motivate us all  into making a positive impact on all those we encounter in our lives.

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2 Responses to “Share your story… Is there an Angel in your midst?”

  1. audie morgan says:

    Basic civil rights for our citizen.
    While this organization does not support any special interest group; the anti homo sexual practice within our culture has become a cause for concern. Terms like “batty man fi dead” have become punch line in one of our greatest creation (reggae music) which is being fed to the vulnerable of our society (our children).
    In an article I read online entitle, the most homophobic place on earth; it is quite disturbing to accept the harsh realities that surround us as a people. “Though familiar to Americans primarily as a laid back beach destination, Jamaica is hardly idyllic. The country has the world highest murder rate. And its rampant violence against gays and lesbians has prompted human rights group to confer another ugly distinction: the most homophobic place on earth”
    The article mentioned a particular incident in which a prominent reggae artist viciously assaulted a gentle man accusing him of being gay. The article went on to say, “in the past two years two of the island most prominent gay activist have been murdered- and a crowd even celebrated over the mutilated bodies; perhaps most disturbing many anti gay assault have been acts of mob violence. In 2004 a teen was almost killed when his father learned his son was gay and invited a group to lynch the boy at his school.(how barbaric) months later, witnesses say, police egged on another mob that stabbed and stoned a gay man to death in Montego bay.
    This is 2009, homo sexuality is a choice; people choose to be either gay or straight. Whether it is right or wrong it is a practice that has been with humanity since the first recorded inception of civilization. People from all civilization have experienced or know of someone whose sexuality was viewed differently. Today it is no different; the Prime minister of Jamaica said in February of this year that “buggery will remain on the books as a law:” this is all good; buggery as I know it means rape. However homo sexuality is a different subject. Homo sexual are human beings, these are the same little babies we watch grow up. We helped raised them, they are some body’s son, someone’s brother someone’s uncle. They are not aliens from another planet spreading evil to everyone they come across. Nor are they fire breathing dragons. While I believe in holding high moral standard, and respect all religious views, I trust that those who up-hold religion, and the morals compasses of our society would understand that however we get here we all have what I refer to as a factory defect. The divine architect as created us with a flaw to our character.
    And while we hope for a utopia, we should first strive to understand those we see, those we touch, and those whose cries we hear; forget the barbarism, what about civil rights? All men are created equally and should be afforded the un-alienable right to liberty and justice for all.
    Audie Morgan.

  2. Daniel Overland says:

    It has been 15 years now, but in the middle of the night, 3am according to the clock. I was woken by a brilliant very white light as I turned to face the light I saw what looked like a little boy who looked very familiar to me, he was surrounded by a brilliant light that looked like feathered wings of light. I felt reassurance that everything would be alright and to go to sleep. At 5am I was woken by a phone call from my sister to learn that our mother had passed a way in the night at the same time I saw the angle. You see I had been praying for my mothers salvation for quite sometime as she battled cancer. A local pastor came to her house and prayed and assured me that she had accepted Christ as her savior, but I had doubt and continued to pray. I frequently prayed with her and Bible scripture to her.

    God shared with me through his messenger that my mother was with him

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