Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton is the 2014 World Champion!

Is this the result you were expecting? Unlike some, I have no problem with my biases. I am a Lewis Hamilton fan. He is my type of race-car driver. Hamilton is willing to push the machine beyond its engineer-created limit and dive-bomb an unsuspecting opponent with a previously unforeseen pass, at a ‘highly toxic’ location. Risk is an everyday part of his repertoire and his ‘ratings’ on my driver scale is elevated even more because of this frowned upon quality.

But I digress. Hamilton gathered enough wins, which in an ‘ordinary’ F1 year, he would have been dancing all the way to the awards ceremony long ago. But, Bernie’s Circus is simply that – his circus. And what Bernie says goes!

So, for 2014 double points were on the cards and some will argue that it magnified the intrigue to the ‘Hamiltonth’ degree. All the scenarios were discussed and we were expecting a Thriller in Yas Marina. Rosberg held his end of the bargain during qualifying and Hamilton went to bed disgruntled!


Raceday saw Hamilton wearing a different face and when lights-out invaded Yas Marina, Hamilton, like a famished tiger, pounced. Rosberg, for reasons yet to be ascertained, was in snail mode. And unfortunately, despite the ‘gazillion’ dollars in the Mercedes AMG Petronas ‘piggy-bank’, chik-v type gremins invaded Rosberg’s machine and reduce the potent powerplant to a spineless and gut-wrenching stutter!

No one wants to win when their arch-rival is wounded, but Hamilton did not ask for the hand he got. He simply played the deck of cards the team gave him and thankfully he held the aces! Can you imagine the mayhem that would be raging through the ‘negro-world’ now if Hamilton’s machine was the recipient of the victory-claiming virus that assaulted Rosberg’s machine? Bombs would be raining on Germany tonight!

Stay focused! The ink is still wet in the history book, but just to remind you – Mercedes AMG is now the first team to win 16 races in a season – Lewis Hamilton is the first British driver to wear the coveted World Champion’s crown, twice, in the after-Jackie Stewart era!

And just in case you missed it – Vettel’s ‘real’ ability was on humiliating display in 2014 and Xtra, Xtra, read all about it – Lewis Hamilton is the 2014 World Champion!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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