Muscle-cars reclaiming lost ground in the ‘fast-car’ race?

If you listen to the average car-guy when ‘fast cars’ are being discussed at never-ending length, how often is mention made of what the mighty USA has to offer. The fact that what passes for ‘fast-cars’ on this side of the pond is heavily influenced by, whether you accept it or not, government policies, our views have a propensity of being Japanese- flavored! But, there was a time when USA was the automotive emperor. Yes, that was before the Asian invasion – no , not Pearl Harbour.

The Asians, utilising the most astute means of espionage – knowledge, science, technology, research and development, slowly infiltrated motor-city and its environs. As time passed, Asian and European marques flourished while American-iron clutched at straws to retain market-share. The constantly blamed global economic recession possibly delivered the much needed wake up call the Americans needed. The top-brass of the ‘big boys’ in the industry went with their begging-bags to Congress. They cried, asked for forgiveness and left with a piggy-bank filled with the blood, sweat and tears of hapless American citizens.

But, somewhere in the humbling experience, wisdom prevailed and possibly an astute individual had a ‘eureka’ moment – “We need to build cars that the motoring public will enjoy and ‘petrol-heads’ will adore and worship!” The thought was simple – arrived at easily, but somehow it was absent from the boardrooms for decades!

Within recent time we have witnessed the creation of – from Asia – Nissan’s all-conquering GTR – from Europe – a plethora of asphalt-pulverizing machines -BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and company. I am still in insane, ferocious love with the GT3! Thankfully, for Congress and the American tax-payer, the board members maintained an open mind and allowed the ‘skunkworks’ camps to put pencil to paper and design awe-inspiring monsters worthy of reclaiming lost ground in the fast-car race.

So, where are we now? I have chosen two current machines to advance my argument. I have deliberately ignored Ford’s Boss 302 for production reasons. If you had the cash to care – would you consider purchasing any of these ‘rapid’ machines for track duties?

The Z28

The 2015 Z06

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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