Rising Star – Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes at play!

Jamaicans are gifted, highly creative and talented individuals. We usually leave an indelible print of achievement when we apply our God-given abilities, assisted by hard work. I usually explain that what you see today is not the product of today’s investment. On the contrary, it is the product of the numerous hours spent preparing, away from everyone and the countless distractions which somehow appear to exist to thwart one’s effort and slaughter the attempt to rise to the top rung of the Success Ladder. Essentially, the preparation process began years ago, but thankfully, we can witness now, what is still work in progress, but nonetheless an enthralling display.

Junior ‘Fletty’ Barnes

Junior ‘Fletty’ Barnes is a celebrated figure in the second city – Montego Bay. Montego Bay is not an ‘ordinary’ city. This is a city that arguably has more ‘big drivers’ per square km than most other places on ‘the rock’. Apparently the ‘big driver’ gene was evenly distributed throughout the city! Tarmac sprint events at Ironshore usually bring out the ‘big guns’ and from a fan’s perspective, the pleasure is unrestrained when Doug Gore, Whitty, Fletty, Richie Rerrie and others of their ilk, introduce their machines to the tarmac – excitement tun up!

But that was then – this is now. Fletty has a son, Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes. And in the true – race-car driver has a son – tradition, Fletty’s son went to work at a rather tender age, determined to raise the bar a bit higher. And has he raised the bar? Ask his father when you see him – he is the bold, lanky fellow in the red t-shirt!

Nicholas Barnes at play!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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