Nestle Supligen Drag Racing Series: Williams brothers – leaving the best for last!

The ‘Christmas Tree’ will call to order and release in dramatic fashion, the speed-possessed warriors who will compete in the final Round of what must be hailed as a remarkable drag racing season. The Nestle Supligen Drag Racing Series visits its home-base – Vernamfield –  for the final time in 2014, on Sunday. The accolades, appropriately attributed to a spectacular season of high-pitched and fierce racing, could not be achieved without the indefatigable effort of the NDRC. Big up NDRC!

In motorsports no one wants to drive the final machine which crosses the finish line! The sole purpose of competing, for the committed competitor, is to snatch P1, claim the champagne and possibly a few delights from the fairer sex! We welcome the women, but, yes, motorsports is still male-dominated. And in drag racing the task of claiming the main prize, some will argue, leaves absolutely no room for the gremlin known as error – there are only 2 competitors! The burden of driver responsibility is at an all-time high, in a race that will be over before you figure out your next pick-up line!

Williams Auto and Service Center

But, even in drag racing the saying – saving the best for last – might be relevant. I will explain. This saying might be a reflection of what the Nissan powerhouse with a Clarendon home address will unleash at Vernamfield on Sunday. This is a team, that packs more BOOST than Supligen supplies, in a machine which is know to scare dynos! Orville and Kishore Williams, for reasons they will readily tell you, have not competed at a drag racing event in 2014 thus far. That fact will become fiction on Sunday.

Their absence from the drag racing circuit, unfortunately for their rivals, provides an advantage to no one. Their demons of speed have been in the rebuilding phase (Orville’s machine) and Kishore’s machine was busy distorting the status quo at Dover with SR16 VE mayhem! So, they will dive in from the deep end at Vernamfield on Sunday and patrons can anticipate a festival of speed when both machines (Nissan Pulsar) will bless the holy concrete with the Williams Auto and Service Center’s version of blistering speed!

Known in drag racing circles as fervent disciples of the Nissan faith, the Williams clan, have arguably, 2 of the most immaculate weapons of 1/4 mile destruction. They are, in Jamaican-speak,’clean’ and extra-ordinarily fast. At Test and Tune, Kishore’s naturally aspirated SR16VE sped comfortably to 13.0 seconds – remember – this is a 1600cc. Big brother Orville was in a no-nonsense mood! He was ruthless! At Test and Tune, the re-engineered version of the PulStar, summoned its arsenal, redirected the 800+ inspired horses and when released, they bent the 1/4 mile! The stunned clock came to a halt at 10.1 seconds! I was told they are aiming for a low 9 seconds pass. We will all rejoice if they save the best for last drag racing event of 2014 and rip a few 9 seconds passes on Sunday!

BadBreed Racecraft Mustang

Incidentally, do you know what the record is for the fastest door slammer in Jamaica? That record is currently held by the ‘Red Donkey’ that is too fast to be caught! I have news for you though. That mark was tested – shaken and stirred at Test and Tune!

Drag Challenge#5 is an event you simply cannot miss!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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