Drag Challenge#4 – Can Charles Maxwell break the 10 seconds barrier?

Drag racing is in the air! The sounds of highly-tuned weapons of speed are audible, responsibly though, if your GPS tracker indicates that you are within close proximity of the lie detector on Washington Blvd – the dyno! Drag Challenge#3 is at present now confined to an air-conditioned suite in a five-star hotel which will be referred to as our memory.

Drag Challenge#3 was an inspirational event for some, vindication for scalp-claiming competitors, justification for the time and resources spent for others and a relentless wave of jubilant experiences for the patrons who were willingly trapped in the euphoria-inducing grip of stammering launch-control mechanisms, eager wastegates and bruising accelerator encounters! Drag Challenge#3 was the undisputed heavyweight champion of Speed-events for the month of July 2014.

Nestle Supligen

Fortunately, the Nestle Supligen sponsored series delivers doses of the speed-drug at regular intervals and armed with my prescription in-hand, I will be heading to the pharmacy – Vernamfield – this Sunday to have my fix! At Drag Challenge#3, it was evident that some competitors met their objectives but, it was also evident that, for some competitors, the goal was like the Teleporter (X-Men) – an elusive target.

Charles Maxwell returned to his roots – drag racing – with a pristine, spring-water clean Honda EG. The machine which boasts a tested, proven and potent B series gladiator, built by Audley (Portmore), entered the war-zone at the deep end! The machine sped, intercooler first, into the 11 seconds class and immediately claimed respect. At Drag Challenge#2 with a stable of 400 plus horses, the ‘Blue Blur’ left several coveted ‘name-brand’ machines in its wake – sorry again ¬†Adrian.

But, Charles was not satisfied. He wanted more. He wanted the ultimate goal for a street-driven drag machine – like a scene from the original Fast and Furious – Charles wants a 10 seconds car! Biggie B, Audley and Autoleague reviewed the recipe and concocted another pot of the explosive Honda stew! The dish was served at Drag Challenge 3, but – cliche approaching – power is nothing without control and that lesson reared its ugly head at Drag Challenge 3. Harnessing 600 plus horses was a monumental task for the team – the rubber would simply not comply. Despite the obstacles, the machine sped to second place, in both the 11 seconds class and the Quick 8. Machine!


The aim remains the same however – a 10 seconds car! Charles indicated that the team has a new member and with their assistance he is “aiming to break the 10 seconds barrier”. Charles confirmed that he has acquired sponsorship from TOP 1 Oil – which is based in the USA, but distributed locally by Real Oil. Charles also stated that at Drag Challenge#3 he “had a lot of ignition problems” and thanks to TOP 1 OIL he has been able to improve the ignition system on the car.

Charles Maxwell (blue Polo shirt) and representatives from his sponsor Top 1 Oil.

So, if all the rambunctious horses are effectively managed – which is Bigge B’s department and the B series motor remains indestructible – which is Audley’s portfolio and the driver remains focused – only one question remains – Can Charles Maxwell break the 10 seconds barrier?

Drag Challenge#4 – Vernamfield – this Sunday!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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