Circuit Racing: Is TA1 still the fastest machine at Dover?

Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore has done it all in Jamaican and Caribbean motorsports. We do not need to reflect on his achievements to confirm that he is a ‘solid’ driver and he still maintains an unyielding passion for motorsports. He reigns supreme in the second city and I have been to numerous events at Ironshore and Dover where he simply crushed the opposition with horrifying pace and poise aboard his then invincible fleet of Evos. And despite what some might think, he is a jovial, sociable individual who is always willing to entertain – which justifies the title – ‘Hollywood’.

Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore

But, Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore’ at times, for reasons known and unknown, cannot get a break. His dominance on the local scene, especially at Dover, changed a gear for the worst shortly after he parted ways with his Championship-claiming Evo and David Summerbell Jr. acquired TA1. Wielding the massive TA1 hammer, Summerbell quickly re-established himself as the undisputed ‘King’. For obvious reasons, that scenario did not sit well with the head honcho of Team Mobay Racing. So, aided and abetted by a member of the Moodie camp, he went globetrotting, in search of  a TA1 killer!

They found and he acquired an engineering masterpiece – a machine which still inspires idolatry despite the fact that we have seen it, touched it and heard its inspiring V8 orchestra, countless times. We continue to be grateful as we express our love for an amazing machine – Audi DTM TT-R – machine! Stay focused!

As expected, when Doug’s choice of weapon to slay the dragon – the DTM TT-R – met Dover, the relationship at first was not a harmonious union. There were a few mishaps along the way but, as stated – it was expected. The improvements came rather rapidly though and it was not long before the machine’s ABM card – Adam Stewart – could be seen jumping and heard screaming – “We have beaten the ‘King’ at Dover!”

Like a modern day reality show the drama never ends. Within recent time, TA1 has displayed a level of inconsistency not seen in its early years and during that same time, Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore has equipped himself with the requisite tools the DTM machine demands. The improvements are blatantly obvious if you are not wearing a Summerbell fan-hat.

Prior to the Heroes of Speed race-meet at Dover, TA1 held the track record. I was present when Ta1 broke the track record and I can recall hearing the shouts of jubilation from TA1′s pit crew when they realised that the machine claimed a new track record. I was happy for them.


On day 1 of the Heroes of Speed, I saw Doug watching the drifters during one of their practice runs. He was his usual vocal, entertaining-self – chatting and grinning at will. His demeanor was that of a man who was having a majestic time at the beach. He drove the DTM machine some time after and smashed the track record. Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore and his DTM TT-R have raised the bar and lowered the track record at Dover Raceway. On day 2, of the Heroes of Speed, Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore and his DTM machine crossed the friend zone, there were no bridges – they were one! I watched as he slaughtered a rebellious Heath Causwell with an exquisite manoeuvre approaching corner 1 – Dean Corrodus – in the Tower with family, approved the move.

At the Heroes of Speed, Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore and his machine mauled TA1′s track record and established a new mark for speed at Dover. But wait, there is more. Their raucous rampage of speed did not stop there. They maintained a stranglehold on P1 for the races they competed in. So a legitimate question must arise – Is TA1 still the fastest machine at Dover?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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