MotoGP: No easy road for Marquez in 2015!

April 24th, 2015

There is absolutely no doubt, in the informed mind, that Marc Marquez is a phenom. He is a mutant, a being that is possibly visiting from another galaxy, an advisor to Optimus Prime, a superhero, who has a reserved spot in the League of


Drag Challenge#1: An insolent EG!

April 18th, 2015

The following names appeared on a list. Johnson Kevin, Cowan Andie, Brown Antonio, Murray Xavia, Porter Dwayne, Grandison Eugene, Cummings Orville, Henry Oneil, Randle Adrian, Anderson Seymour, Galbraith Ian and Barker Robert. Which list? The individuals identified were all persons of interest! Based on


Drag Challenge #1 – It rained but we played!

April 16th, 2015

Apparently time felt emasculated and thought it fit to visit the genius who concocted Red Bull! There is no other way to explain the frantic pace at which time is currently flying! Time has adopted a lot more than wings – it has borrowed


Circuit Racing: Aggressive Andre?

April 15th, 2015

The Carnival of Speed race-event held at Dover Raceway, on Easter Sunday and Monday, could be appropriately described as Thrills and Spills! The two machines I will focus on, are two of my favorite machines at Dover. I would enjoy the opportunity to ‘push’


Formula 1: Rosberg has lost his way!

April 13th, 2015

If you are even a casual observer of Formula 1, you should be aware of an unspoken rule which applies to drivers – You are at war! Yes, you are a part of a team and the team’s interest supersedes your own agenda. Agreed. But,


Drag Racing: Drag Challenge #1 – Test and Tune

March 27th, 2015

The holiday is officially over! Prepare for battle! Will this machine sing a 10 seconds tune in 2015? Giant killer? Pretty…. Fast!! A rather rare Scooby. “Caan believe you Odain! Mi no get mi hair money caz you go buy race-gas!” M.A.D. boss in the building! Am I at the wrong