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We reside in an unprecedented era and for that reason, normalcy, in all quarters, boarded at Gate 10 long ago and departed. The unfamiliar is definitely commonplace now and moments of gleeful, surprise, threatening pre-existing dominance, is a theme which is refreshingly infecting truncated seasons in various motor sports disciplines.

Marc Marquez is already a resident in every MotoGP Hall of Fame. In fact it can be argued that his dominance gives him the authority to occupy, not only the Hall, but every available space at the address! Marquez is the current World and defending Champion, but his typical zealousness, some would argue, imposed hefty sanctions.

Marquez’ early season crash forced him to acquire spectator status. Surgery and compulsory recovery for Marquez, meant that, suppressed plants which were confined to the floor of MotoGP’s equatorial forest had the rare opportunity to flourish and deliver iridescent foliage.

It would be a safe bet to conclude that MotoGP would suffer immensely with Marquez being absent from the grid. But, possibly, at the meeting held by members of the Unprecedented Coalition, the decision was taken that MotoGP should not be shielded from the wave of unprecedented events which were in full effect. So, instead of the expected negative impact, there is overwhelming evidence, thanks to scintillating performances from, for example, Quartararo – did you see what the KTM clan unearthed recently? And the most recent round? Mind boggling racing blended with scary scenarios.

What we are witnessing was predicted nowhere. And MotoGP at present is possibly at its peak with current fan- interest! What do you think?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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