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The Jamaican motor-racing fraternity is in mourning at present, having lost one of its most avid, dedicated and well-traveled motorsports photographer, Michael Samuels a.k.a. Mikey Spice.  Hoodlums silenced his camera, but, the images he captured, including a dramatic encounter, involving yours truly, will, like eternity, exist forever.

In an earlier F1-related blog on these pages the following was stated -

Covid-19 is celebrating the uncertainty it has released worldwide. Life must go on. The reopening of European countries is still, essentially, in the test and see phase. What happens if there is a spike in Covid-19 cases in Europe? What happens if several members of one of the major teams test positive?

We miss F1. We hope everything unfolds as planned, but we cannot ignore the dark clouds that travel with the pandemic.

We want racing to begin. F1 racing is scheduled to begin July 3. We expect to be treated to the glorious sounds of combustion and fierce racing. But, should we also expect it to end abruptly?


Sergio Perez will play no part in this weekend’s activities – British GP at Silverstone – sidelined by his positive Covid-19 test. Covid-19 has shown that it retains respect for no one and it adorns itself in rather callous, uncaring outfits. F1′s governing body employs a rigorous Covid-19 protocol regime and there is abundant evidence to suggest that it has been successful thus far.

But, with Sergio Perez’ positive test and the subsequent isolation which the result forced, we cannot help but consider the impact a positive test result for a driver or individuals attached to a major team – Ferrari, Mercedes AMG, Red Bull – would have on the already abrupt race calendar.

Mercedes AMG will argue that the British GP is a preferred battleground. The marque boasts a dominant record at the circuit and if current form is used to predict victory-prospects, Mercedes AMG is sitting in the driver’s seat.

We anticipate a frantic qualifying session and an equally riveting race, but we cannot ignore the wandering, infectious elephant in the room – Will Covid-19 put the brakes on F1-2020 – again?

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