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We are familiar with Marc Marquez’ exploits. He has an uncanny tendency to reorganize the laws that physics established as he demonstrates his race-winning prowess. There is no doubt that Marquez is a phenom without comparison and simply based on that fact, his admirers and fans of the sport, justifiably, hoist him to superhuman levels.

But, 2020 continues to etch indelible marks on all genres of motorsport. MotoGP revved to a glorious start in Spain last weekend and a stellar race was delivered. It was memorable for a sensational, budding world champion, but also nerve-racking, jarring and frightening courtesy of one turn/corner on the circuit at Jerez.


Fabio Quartararo spent a considerable time knocking on victory’s door last season and was denied, repeatedly. The truncated 2020 season delivered his prize early though. He rode a composed race, benefited significantly from the shortcomings of his most ardent competitors, heldĀ  his nerve and grabbed his first ever victory in the premiere class. Well done Quartararo!


The spotlight, however, will always seek to capture the World Champion – Marquez and in true Marquez fashion, despite not winning, he has dominated the headlines. Marquez is a lethal predator on two wheels, a psychotic competitor, a vengeful adversary who excels at inflicting mortal wounds on his opponents. Marquez grabbed the lead at Jerez and while engaged in his disappearing act he confronted an anxious Turn 4 – Turn 4 did not yield.

Marquez lost the machine, sped into the gravel-trap but somehow remained in the saddle, did some motocross and escaped the certain, final clutches of the woeful gravel.

It was breathtaking. It was brilliance on display. It was Marquez being his usual spectacular-self. The feat prompted the commentators into fits of admiration and praise for the multiple world champion – ” He is not human!”

Fate had other plans though. Marquez recovered quickly. The mishap hurled him to the rear of the field, which allowed us to be treated, yet again, to another episode of the Marc Marquez show – Season 2020. Marquez scythed his way forward and eased into a podium position.

We are forced to wonder how the other riders on the grid felt when they saw him blitzing by, considering that they were still on the track, full speed ahead, while Marquez had an off-track excursion and to think that he was sentenced to the back of the pack, returned and revved by – How would you feel?

Turn 4 was sadistic though. It remained in the shadows and pounced when the race was nearing its final act. Turn 4 played a callous card. Marquez was thrown from the machine in dramatic, bungee-jumping fashion. He was visibly hurt. Initially the signs and the messages were not comforting. But, as the days progressed, despite the injury he sustained from the vicious high-side, word emerged that Marquez will be competing this weekend!

Is he human?

Can he win this weekend? How will Quartararo respond? MotoGP is back!

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