Cool it Kartel

I am in no way trying to bash anyone but when I am annoyed by someone’s behaviour, I just have to say it.

 Vybz Kartel is really pushing the envelope now. First, the ‘Teacha’ tells Freddie McGergor to add dancehall to his Rocksteady Meets  Reggae and Dancehall show and keep it in Jamaica. Loeth and beholdeth, this lyrical master does not go to the event. And, I am yet to hear an explanation. How Rude!

 Then, he is starts performing on Junior Reid Birthday Bash, which was held in Sugarman’s Beach, Hellshire earlier this month, and then drops the microphone  part way through his performance. He only did three songs.

Three Songs I tell you! All of this ‘drama’ was because Portmore Empire artistes Popcaan and Shawn Storm and some other of his followers could not join him onstage.

But who really wants to see those two? Shawn Storm only has one song that people might be familiar with (I can’t even remember the melody) and Popcaan…well…I don’t really know him.  And where were the followers going? On that small stage?

 Oh…How could I forget that he didn’t go to GT Taylor’s show Christmas Day in St. Elizabeth? Should that be overlooked because he promised to return the money?

 My problem is not really with the followers, it is with their leader. He is seriously pissing me off! He really needs to start showing respect for others and their time. I’m sure neither Freddie nor Junior Reid begged and pleaded with him to come to their shows. 

 And, how yuh fi a violate two big man like that? Two man weh nuh trouble nobody. Look how nice and respectable Freddie be.  A neva see anotha man weh instill discipline inna him pickney dem so. And de man easy fi deal with yuh see. De man children dem full a manners yuh see. Not to mention Shema; she jus’ love har daddy so.

 It hurt me when mi hear how good Junior Reid show did a gwaan and di man go mash it up wid him foolishness. All D’Angel did a kick up storm pon stage. And, a bag a other artistes did lef fi perform.

 But Vybz Kartel really needs to cool down now ‘cause if he continues on his current path, I’m sure few people will want to deal with him. He needs to remember that Jamaica is his main source of income. Furthermore, he is not billed for many shows locally. He can’t go to the US and I don’t hear of him doing many shows in Europe and other parts of the world where dancehall is popular.

 Am telling the truth or am I telling the truth?

 Written by: Lady Boo

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