‘Gully and Gaza’ war destroying Jamaica’s reputation

In the year when dancehall had grown internationally but was still largely underground worldwide for many reasons, I Kwoth, a god was sent by Olorun to dwell on earth to and to replace Idi Amin who had fallen out of favour with the other gods.

Now, I Kwoth, am a god who is likened to a coin in a chair that is there but will never be found – a fly on the wall an apparition in the midst of men, a dweller in the air and sky.

I Kwoth came to earth as an immortal to dwell among mere mortals, a being of perfection to live among imperfection. And I looked upon the state of dancehall and was much displeased with what I saw. Ye, even the other gods, Olorun and the rest of the Orishas were greatly displeased.

And they said unto me: “why is there a feud between this Gully and Gaza? Are the leaders of the feud, Mavado the one from the  Brooks, and the Vybz in the Kartel also known as Addi the teacher not from the same tribe called the Alliance? Are they not sons of the griot Bounty the Killer?”

“ Based on this, they should not be feuding. Instead, they should be living in harmony and taking dancehall to a higher realm like its son hip hop. This feud is unlike any other rivalry in the business which we have seen since the emergence of the Jamaican music industry. Ye, it is so bad that the ‘academians’ Herbert the son of Gayle and Donna from the tribe of Hope have labeled it as occurring because of a deeper social issue.  It is bad because unlike feuds of the last 20 years, this involves physical altercations. We the gods of the Orishas have never seen this before. For even as the Man Ninja and the rankin’ Shabba warred, their tiff was restricted to record.  There is little to suggest it ever became physical between the supporters of both sides. Ye, even when Bounty the Killer and Moses the Beenie man did war, there was little physical confrontation between their followers.”

And I Kwoth the precious immortal, the coin in the chair that can never be found, the omnipresent one replied: “ye, this so because some mortals are even comparing to political wars of the past. I too am displeased about the Gully and Gaza division in dancehall.”

“ Before you Olorun had banished the megalomaniac Idi Amin to far away barren lines to live amongst the heathens, he had questioned why  anyone would want to be associated with a place called Gaza, a place that is bombed constantly and is inhospitable.”

“Now, I Kwoth is wondering why two talented artiste are literally warring with each other when there are more important things affecting dancehall than grafitti on walls and who has more fans.”

“I too is curious to find out how does waging a quasi-civil war enhance dancehall internationally? How does this pointless war give the music a voice and strength to lobby and fight against forces spreading propaganda against Jamaica and its artistes?

“I Kwoth believe this trivial feud does more harm to our international reputation than good. I also believe that both artistes are limiting themselves by assigning names that literally drag them through the quagmire and I as a god am displeased.

I  will rain judgement on the warring tribes. And my wrath will be felt through my words and my pen and I will bring vengeance on the warriors until this poor excuse for a rivalry ends. Next week I shall judge Addi the Teacher, the Vybz in the Kartel, leader of the Gaza.

By Kwoth

The omnipresent one!

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10 Responses to “‘Gully and Gaza’ war destroying Jamaica’s reputation”

  1. mdiddy says:

    you uno 2 faced bout war a destroy reputation, look how mavado big up gaza in guyana during his concert to move past this foolish war and no where in the media can you find anyone giving him props for that and he even did an on stage interview about and no one talking about it uno a hyprocrite.
    check out both links.



  2. Bobby Lue says:

    Oh Great Kwoth,
    Mighty are thy words. From whence cometh such wisdom? Varily, varily I say unto you, that unless the music be saved, then nothing else shall be known of us abroad, except for the mighty Olympian that was sent to us by Zeus in the image of a lightening BOLT. Oh Great Kwoth, give us this day our music, or else our name in far away lands will be for naught.

  3. Olorun says:

    To mdiddy thanks for enlightening us about Mavado’s praise of the Gaza in far away lands. However, bigging them up on stage is one thing but this needs to be made manifest in actions as well. Additionally, I’ve not heard Vybz Kartel returning the praise.

  4. mdiddy says:

    Yes the juddus vybz from the tribe gaza seems to have tunnel vision dosent quite seem to see that war only divides and dosent give you longevity and at the end of the day are all brown and from the same place so why hate on your own?

  5. This is an awesome article, I’ll be adding you to my list.

  6. Hail Kwoth!! I LIKE YOUR STYLE of writing! It’s very refreshing. I would like to invite you to reach out to the Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music (CPR) we are a non-for-profit organization in New York; cpr@tsoproductions.com.

    We host forums on the state of the music. Last year we did six forums,our first forum was on March 4, 2009: Could Dancehall Be the Ruination of Reggae and by extension the Jamaica Brand? You can imagine the energy in that forum. To kick off this year’s season, the premier forum is on Feb. 24th in Brooklyn at Boys and Girls High School and the topic is, The Buju Banter: Should Communities Defend our Denounce Accused Artists before Evidence and Verdict are Known?

    It would be awesome to have the omnipresent one at the forum like that proverbial fly on the wall or the coin lost in the couch.

    Keep on hitting these home runs!

    In Struggle,

    Sharon Gordon,
    Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music (CPR)

  7. [...] ‘Gully and Gaza’ war destroying Jamaica’s reputation [...]

  8. CHARM567 says:

    I AGREE WITH THE ARTICLE 100% where in the world you see this kind of war going on. It made jamaican look stupid and backward.

  9. Mass C says:

    To All Readers!

    The main thing that is affecting Jamaicans abroad it the homophobic situation. I personally do not care ’bout no gay business it is not what (fari) is all about. “Judge Not” was the title of Bob Marley first tune and God said, leave all judgement to him yet we see so many false rasta people condemning them. Rasta not bearing any judgement against anybody. Rasta is not about gay bashing or dutty slack lyrics.

    Rasta stand for only: peace, love and unity and if unno hear any artiste who seh dem a rasta and them naah preach about Peace, Love and Unity tell them mi seh dem ah no rasta, them a FRASTA. Run dem mek dem Gwey.

    Mass C

  10. Mass C says:

    Gully and Gaza.

    One would have to be crazy
    fi fight fi gaza and gully cause.
    Wha kinda madness is this?

    They are telling us
    we must support one
    or the other
    in other words
    we must take sides.

    Record stop having sides
    since CD come een
    now record has no sides

    its all HD/hard drive now
    everything gone
    except hard drive.

    Gully and Gaza af fi mad ppl
    ungle an idiot or a fool
    would glorify s..t
    something that make no sense

    They both belong
    in the pit of a toilet
    neither is worth as much as
    a horse s..t
    At least you can use a horse dung
    to manure or fertilize land.
    and it worth lots more
    than Gully and Gaza do today.

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