Artistes cheapening themselves to make money

It is amazing what artiste will do these days to stay in the spotlight.

I often wonder if the continuous release of sex tapes, music videos and naked pictures featuring artistes are attempts to stay in the spotlight that have gone too far.

I am especially ashamed of the bunch whose names have been making the rounds because this activity. Their talent is not what is making them the hot topic, it is instead the act. They are now being critiqued for their talent as porn stars rather than as entertainers.

I wonder if they are so desperate to make it, that they have chosen to lower themselves in the eyes of the public. Let us face it, artistes are admired as role models by many children and adults and what they are caught doing on these tapes and videos is disgraceful and leaves a lot to be desired.

Their fellow artistes, who keep quiet and allow this rotten few to misrepresent the industry are no better as they do not recognize that because of their silence, they are allowing themselves to be judged equally with them.

I know the entertainers could not be doing this if the society was not accepting of it. The widespread acceptance and interest in these pictures and videos only emphasizes how far gone we are as a society.

When we will get up and say enough is enough and yes the media in some cases has been the avenue putting it out there, but if you do not consume it, they will not do it. So it is full time that everybody recognize that they have a responsibility to play.

Becoming an adult does not only mean, you can do what you want when you want. It also means you need to be responsible, you need to have self respect, you need to put a value on your life and determine what you are willing to do to maintain this value.

Based on the low standards of some artistes by their actions in the business, I am beginning to feel that some entertainers have got it twisted and are selling themselves cheap to make money. There is a funny thing about cheap things though, they seldom last long.

By Queen

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