Artistes cheapening themselves to make money

It is amazing what artiste will do these days to stay in the spotlight.

I often wonder if the continuous release of sex tapes, music videos and naked pictures featuring artistes are attempts to stay in the spotlight that have gone too far.

I am especially ashamed of the bunch whose names have been making the rounds because this activity. Their talent is not what is making them the hot topic, it is instead the act. They are now being critiqued for their talent as porn stars rather than as entertainers.

I wonder if they are so desperate to make it, that they have chosen to lower themselves in the eyes of the public. Let us face it, artistes are admired as role models by many children and adults and what they are caught doing on these tapes and videos is disgraceful and leaves a lot to be desired.

Their fellow artistes, who keep quiet and allow this rotten few to misrepresent the industry are no better as they do not recognize that because of their silence, they are allowing themselves to be judged equally with them.

I know the entertainers could not be doing this if the society was not accepting of it. The widespread acceptance and interest in these pictures and videos only emphasizes how far gone we are as a society.

When we will get up and say enough is enough and yes the media in some cases has been the avenue putting it out there, but if you do not consume it, they will not do it. So it is full time that everybody recognize that they have a responsibility to play.

Becoming an adult does not only mean, you can do what you want when you want. It also means you need to be responsible, you need to have self respect, you need to put a value on your life and determine what you are willing to do to maintain this value.

Based on the low standards of some artistes by their actions in the business, I am beginning to feel that some entertainers have got it twisted and are selling themselves cheap to make money. There is a funny thing about cheap things though, they seldom last long.

By Queen

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50 Responses to “Artistes cheapening themselves to make money”

  1. Rollieville says:

    Nothing new about that!!!!

  2. Rollieville says:

    Nothing new about that, Hard Times call for new strategy!!!

  3. Coolaaff says:

    This article said it all…. It’s such a shame that these Artiste will go so far as to strip nude or porno stars to get a lil limelight….

  4. CHARM567 says:


  5. As Coolaaff & charm said i cant say it any better.This is what we have for entertainment and we wonder why nobody want to have anything to do with us. The fowls have come home to roost.
    The hypocrites in the so called media must not be excused for their roll in putting out the rubbish we are passing of as entertainment as well as the weakness of the authorities allowing this parasite to take hole in this nation.We as a people have a way of shooting ourselves in the head and the crap we are passing of as music is killing what we know as Jamaican music.To those so called intellectuals @ uwi and other places who are trying to justify this these kind of behavior,i say shame on you.I ask you is it a source of entertainment for you as you know are on the other side of the great house?

  6. TRELAWNYMAN says:

    As my grandmother used to say “You take the pig out of the mud but you can’t take the mud out of the pig”

  7. Hersley Anderson says:

    There is a time and a place for everything under the sun. The time to watch and hear some of these artistes is when you want to throw up and the place to to listen or watch them is near your toilet bowl.

  8. Jamaican Forever says:

    Jamaica is not the cesspool of the Caribbean. Jamaica is the envy of the Caribbean. Once we get our economics right and our industries begin to overheat with production, just look who will be coming to dinner: The same neighbours badmouthing us.

    As for the recording artistes who crave attention and need to create a buzz to remain relevant in showbiz, they are free to walk in the streets naked if they so decide. They know who their target audience is.

  9. Jamaican Forever says:

    And one more thing: The ‘cesspool’ was the first to land in Haiti and give assistance, but all the squeaky clean self-righteous critics who have more wealth than us, were so stuffed with turkey and fine wine, they couldn’t get up off their pompous behind, quick enough.

  10. ranks says:

    Artistes cheapen themselves because money is what it is all about, and the consummer sucks it up, paying big bucks. If you think this is an affliction of Jamaica a lone you make a sad mistake. Remember the song Sixty Sexy Chickens, it was about sex with multi parteners. Trinidad and Tobago is not innocent when it comes to lewd music, if I can remember, and those music sold, even if it was not as popular as the outrageous dancehall music, which incidentally is taking the Caribbean by storm.

    If it is fear of corruption they are worried about, hell, we are corrupted already. What the dickens do you think Sparrow used to sing about.

    I think the worries of dancehall is not so much the sex, since it is already present in Caribbean misic from day one, but the preponderance of violence.

    I too miss the good old reggae music of the 70′s and 80′s, but that was my era of music, and it still had its critics that told us all of us were going to go to hell in a hand basket. Now, you would not catch me dead buying the music now, because of dancehall, but I do not deny that there are some gems in those lyrics, and some hard hitting social commentary. But like anything else, styles change. We just have to wait it out, and get ready for the next generatiion.

  11. Jerry says:

    What is sad is that, we have allowed these artistes to be the role models in our society. Lets be real…who were these individuals before them DJ a few songs…

    The answer to that question…is the reason for this challenge we now face. The fact that the “positive” role models have not come forth to counter-balance these negative influences.

    Honestly our expectations for these individuals are way too high…money and fame will not change fundamentally who you are…

    So lets not blame them for being themselves lets instead take to tasks those who know better…who not stepping up to the plate.

  12. Jelani Hall says:

    Just a wider reflection of the society, the world at large. The people who contribute to the advance of civilization by developing technologies that improve peoples standards of living are not the ones who are financially rewarded in life. People pay for crap, so eventually civilization will regress into a cesspool of crap. I have taken the stand never to buy or listen music that promotes violence and sexual depravity. If a lot more people start doing that, then it will hurt the pockets of these people and stop the nonsense.

  13. Vincent White says:

    And all you media houses follow suit. Pot calling the kettle black. Radio, Television and Publication are extremly inter-twined, so please stop the face-card show. STOP PLAYING THEIR NASTY, SUGGESTIVE RECORDS. What has other countries done? THEY HAVE COME OUT WITH A VENGEANCE AGAINST JAMAICAN ARTISTES. WHAT HAS JAMAICA DONE?


  14. nunus11 says:

    KUDOS! I am so proud of our sister islands for taking a stand. Good for them! let those two stay in their own countries the bad thing is about it is they are allowed to continually mess up the minds of our young people and nothing is been done about it. I hope no other country allow them in.

  15. gorgo says:

    Time to separate the sheep from the goat.Stop calling these despicable guys entertainers they should not be classified as entertainers .Real entertainers like BEEENIE ,TOOTS FREDDIE GREGORY LADY MARCIA THE MORGANS JOHN HOLT just to name a few should not share the same stage with these bums REAL ENTERTAINERS ITS TIME TO TAKE A STAND BIG UP U SELVES YOUR CAREERS AND EARNING POWER ARE BEING COMPROMIZED BY A FEW POWER HUNGRY IDIOTS.RISE UP AND SPEAK OUT.

  16. goose says:

    This international cult of a community never sees to amaze me! They come and take everything (JPS, toll roads (France), telecommunications (UK and Ireland), tourism (Spanish hotels), transportation market (Belgium), etc.) Our government literally has no revenue source. Then they blame the poor state of the country on this and that. Jamaica buys any and everything from them (in the name of WTO), and they keep their markets airtight of Jamaican goods. By the way CHARM567, who is that stupid woman at your work place?

  17. Ever says:

    The media is the main Avenue these people use to propagand their lifestyles, the media benefits directly and otherwise. Media personalities are treated like gods by the artists because they turn and twist things so that an artist can be sucessful whether or not he deserve that sucess. On the other side a struggling artist will bun everything like oral sex, gay lifestyles, babylon, vanity and everything and the consumers join his journey and bun everything too but as soon as the artist become sucessful he is engaged in all the things he said was wrong, i have seen it time and time again. The red eye syndrome is one of our problem in this country, we cant afford this or that so we curse but if the same thing is offered to us then everything is ok. they are good artist out there and the one that stands out in my mind is Shaggy , i hope upcoming artist would take a page from his book, work hard , do the best and you will get the reward you deserve.

  18. Jamax says:

    This is all jealousy. The most popular caribbean island is Jamaica followed by Cuba. How many non Bajans have you heard say they went to Barbados for vacation? Don’t know that Trinidad or Barbados will ever achieve that status. The Bajan economy mirrors that of a first world country, however, there are many reasons for this. One being the low birth rate due to HIV rate. Now which island is the cesspool of the Caribbean?

  19. Patricia says:

    I totally agrees with everyone the MEDIA is the CESSPOOL,they are so BIAS, and POLITICAl so the MEDIA that print or play the Mess and most of the time the media print Rumors. I hardly listen to the news especially on the Television stations, and read any news paper hardly anymore cause they are misleading and too politicize. The other artiste are too SILENT where are the real entertainers especially those from the 70s,80s, they are too comprimising and allowing a few DUNCE to mess up JAMAICAN music we are the original of reggae music and CLEAN dancehall no other caribbean country have what we have everyone else is saying SOCA, and that is why we are so UNIQUE no matter how they may call us we JAMAICANS know we are the Best and we are Trendsetters the world watches us and emulate us we have an IMPACT on the world let us all try for more GOOD. This ISLAND need JESUS.

  20. Janet says:

    CHARM567, tell that woman that Jamaica is a brand and Trinidad and Barbados are small islands. I went to Barbados a few years ago to visit my brother who was at the law school. I was able to drive around the island in 45 minutes. Was happy to see my brother but was out of there the next day. And if you want to see cesspool in the streets go to Guyana, I’ve been.

  21. We must call it what it is,what ever color it is.It cannot be right to allow or children to be corrupted by the rubbish that these payolas are corrupting our children in the disguise call music\entertainment.It is full time we separate what we call reggae an what is dance hall then people will choose what shows to go to.It is unfair to be drawing everybody in the mud thus destroying every thing in the process.

  22. mellie says:

    We are all Jamaicans and we love each other very much, but please money walk and b.s talk. All these entertainers, radio personalities, promoters are all in on the big buck. If they like you, you get to do the show, all when you have no style, can’t sing, haven’t been producing for a while you get on sting, on other shows and to top it off they are being paid. These dj’s singjays are the roll models for our little boys and girls. Hhhmmm interesting maybe we should start having ppl going to school to become a role model as mr bolt suggested he didn’t want to be anyone’s role model. Well it’s sad other islands don’t want our music there to corrupt the children of their society. Music and dancehall has changed. Men use expletives, derrogatory words towards women etc and the women are sleeping their way to the top just to get buss. This will never stop. Too much corruption, pretentious and hypocrites in this business from one to all of them

  23. St. Marian says:

    Because of these artists and their rabid followers, Jamaicans such as us have to work double hard to prove that we are not loud, vulgar, and utterly depraved. I can’t see how anyone could argue that this junk is actually music. They claim that this music is internationally accepted. But I beg to differ, when people speak of Jamaican music, they often think of the likes of Bob, Jimmy, Dennis, etc. Not this current crop of loud mouth blow.

  24. Jamaica and Jamaicans are know all over the world.In the past we were viewed as good,hard working people from a land that people from other countries could not understand why we left.

    We are now seen as thugs and a nation devoid of
    morals and values.Stop blaming the media,we as a country have sunken to a new low.
    Our leaders,clergy,law enforcement and the society as a whole have lost their way.

    There are so many countries that have changed their immigration policy as it relates to Jamaicans simply because they no longer wish to have us in their land.

    Please don’t tell me it’s happening all over the world…..why do we have to imitate the lowest form of life and conduct.

  25. CC says:

    Jamaica has its problems but to say that it is the cesspool of the Caribbean is grossly unfair and speaks to a level of ignorance that i had hoped would not be displayed by people in this region. Vibrant, proud, smart and beautiful people live in this country and we should not be judged solely by these djs. As a matter of fact the more they stoop is the more likely it is that they will fall. i’m patiently waiting.

  26. Prince Pacha says:

    The Entertainment industry is a vast one , with many segments , the porn Industry is a mega billion industry why should our peole be left out of the money pool , sex sells their are a lot of peole of Jamaican nationality who are into the lifestyle so they will need music , the go go clubs the freak parties whatever there is .

  27. CherCher says:

    All the Gov. has to do is to inforce the laws and ban them from the airwaves. I watch Youtube and I can’t believe that the Jamaican Police would sit idly by and allow women to be sexually assalted at so called dances. I remember years ago if you play loud music the police would be there in no time closing it down. Now they can feed girls with alcohol and rape them, video tape it, and nothing is being done.

    Now, there are forces at home and abroad who want to sully Jamaica’s image; other Carribbean Islands who are envious of our tourism, homosexuals who want us punished for our values and journalists whose careers are going no where. Why Journalists fromm England would come to Jamaica and show Trench Town and Tivoli Gardens when most Jamaicans have never been to these places, while beautiful landmarks are ignored.

  28. johnny says:

    the people to be blame are the radio dj who play the music ….music will always be there but the radio dont have to play them and we dont have to buy them ..what ever happen to ..not good for HEAR PLAY…

  29. byer says:

    like how dem a tek wey dem visas,what next cartel?

  30. anon says:

    wats wrong with porn?! cheap? porn makes up over 60% of the internet, memba dat

  31. Sheisty187 says:

    Everyting dem blame the artist who cares what these artist do or say, dem have bills fi pay music bis, is a dirty game so if dem a sell porn its a way to make a buck its not trying to stay in the spotlight its about making a money snoop dog sell porn DVD so whats wrong if a artist what sell his work? Everybody seem to think that every artist is role model to there kids what a Joke Lol……………………

  32. tasha says:

    these “entertainer” need 2 get in their thick skulls that they r roll model 4 our kids n need 2 get their acts straight i have a 2 year old son n there is not 1 of these dirty songs he does not know,i have to monitor them n the computer because of the pictures that r posted on the net, come on, try to stay on the positive side for once please for the sake of my kids, your kids, OUR KIDS

  33. keimel says:

    Dancehall has lost its morals.. and we as the audience mus take it back.. we can chose what we listen. This is the lowest dancehall have sunk..
    Jamaica been been the ceespool of the caribbean i somewhat agree although i would`nt put it that context but some of you need to travel to see how other countries treat jamaicans

  34. suku says:

    well there is a 350 pound elephant in the room that no one is talking about, and his name is vybz kartel.. this article is directed 2 him, tho the article is true its been heading that way for a long time, thus the reason i dont play certain artists in my house hold around my kids.. tho when i go out am subjected to listen and be disgusted

  35. Peace says:

    MEDIA = Money Earned During Indecent Activity!

    Its all about MONEY!! The media will only put out what brings in the cash. Unfortunately their is an audience for this sort of filth and a big audience too. There are tooo many people supporting this immorality, they enjoy it, they attend the sessions, pay their money and are totally entertained by it. The sessions are full, they are promoted well, the artists have already made deals with the MEDIA so until it becomes something that does not generate any financial gain, we will be hearing and seeing alot more!

  36. Jermain says:

    Lets be honest caribbean people. Some of us enjoy beres hammond while others go crazy over kartel. Overall it’s us that supports these artists. We have to stop them in their tracks. Don’t go to their concerts and stop buying their dirty music. Is someone putting guns to our head? Maybe or maybe not. simply we do not need negativity to survive. Music is life but we already have one.

  37. Mass C says:

    God bless Coxone Dodd. He has never and would never record any of these dancehall artiste with their madness.

    Can we get back to some positive roots rock reggae music now PLEASE and some conscious lyrics MON!

    Dancehall is killing our children because it exposes them to everything that is wrong too early in life. The kids can’t learn anything is school if people let dancehall continue in its present form. Dancehall need much better lyrics than Hip Hop to compete and until they can do that they’re dead as nit. ‘Member mi tell unno suh.


    Mass C

  38. mg says:

    since when have entertainers been role models? they’ve always been extreme..the people your parents tell you not to grow up like. they’re a product of the society, not the reason for how it is now. we need to stop all this navel gazing and get the problem at the source: the depravity and lack of education that’s prevalent in JA.

  39. Robert Delhaye says:

    It is not quite clear what you mean with the ‘entertainment industry’, but when you’re talking about reggae and/or dancehall you’ve got to realise recording a proper song/album is expensive. First of all you need a studio able to do the job. Well ‘Mixing Lab’ is excellent, but ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Tuff Gong’ may be expensive. Then you need proper musicians, people like “santa”, “mickey boo”, “sly”, “chinna” smith, boris gardiner, george fullwood, robbie shakespeare, robbie lynn, “horsemouth” an d many other capable musicians are rare and you need to put them together and find an engineer able to get the sound you want. So, it is easy to re-use riddims over and over again, to tell you the truth all these riddims are not selling in Europe at all. But creating a new album from scratch is selling big time. It pains me to see that even artist who were promising a few years back are now going down…

  40. Mau Mau says:

    Jamaica Forever, please let them know…

    I was in Tanzania recently and a few years before Ghana and Benin, and when I told people I was from Jamaica, they treated me with such reverence which my Afro-American bretherns felt uncomfortable with.

    People love Jamaica. It is identified with greatness, resistance, and blackness…(and ganja and love, lol). While this is subjective, I have yet to(since living in the US for almost 20 years) hear any intellegent person I have encountered disparage Jamaica. Additionally, I can’t help but think that these righteous people “chatting _ukkery” are watching these tapes and viewing the pictures; and there is much to be said for who controls the modes/means of production and media outlets. The gatekeepers are making the decisions not the “psuedo artists, actors”…

  41. kerrtoneykerr says:

    A little intelligence will show that dancehall will not die,a lack of intelligence will prove that dancehall will be like many other things will be created by Jamaicans but be owned by foreigner!

    Let these Dejays/Sinjays clean up their language and in a show of unity start doing some collobarations among themselves in groups of 3s and 4s and also extended collobarations such as the one done by SNOW in the mid 90s and the REGGAE BOYS team song for 1998 world cup.. with such clean collobarations of excellent standards and the market resists the product… then we know that the conspiracy is all about the money and the music and the country AND NOT THE SINJAYS/DJs. Why? R&B is very sexually explicit, RAP is both sexually explicit and brutally voilent to the core, calypso expressly highly sexually cannotative.. So is dancehall being punished for deing denotative(saying exactly what is to be said)….So now we should realise that when in court we need to know which format the language is being used in …the denotative or the connotative sense it will make the difference.

  42. Quite a comprehensive list and makes for very interesting reading… Hopefully will be able to do it all though!!!

  43. JC says:

    Let’s face it, dancehall artists sing about what they live, and live what they sing about. I mostly shake my head at dancehall lyrics because they’re so ridiculous but at the same time a lot are TRUE! Namely the sexual promiscuity.

    Why does it surprise ANYONE that Kartel showed up on the internet with that female giving him ****??? He lives as dirty a lifestyle as he sings about.

    That man needs to eat some food too!!

  44. Mass C says:

    We are now passing the dancehall era. Time fi get back to more reggae positive now. All what dancehall a come with it still can’t beat reggae. Nothing beats reggae or can be compared. Bob Marley, wrote the song of the century didn’t he? In the end, only reggae and green jobs shall stand.

    Mass C

  45. Get Up, Stand Up! says:

    The Jamaican recording artistes must study the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) and stand up for their rights. Any Caribbean country that is a signatory to this treaty is in breach of the CSME if they ban any artiste. Lobby the Jamaican government to stand up for your rights. Jamaica should impose sanctions on any CSME member who prevent the free passage of any Jamaican who seeks to enter their territory for work.

  46. Big boy says:

    (“The Bajan economy mirrors that of a first world country, however, there are many reasons for this. One being the low birth rate due to HIV rate. Now which island is the cesspool of the Caribbean”? )Jamax who ever you are where did you get your information from. From my last check Jamaica has a higher HIV rate Barbados. Even what you said do not make sense. Read more and educate yourself. PS. I am not from Barbados just clarifying information.

  47. Tyrone-5 says:

    Dancehall music is not really dying, artists who got in trouble with the law & those who got their visas cancelled will not stop dancehall music. In the early 70s & 80s, Josey Wales, Charley Chaplin & others did songs about our culture the crime rate was very low. When NinjaMan, Bounty Killer & Beenie Man started singing about guns & dissing women crime started escalating. Ninja Man is now behind bars & Bounty is facing a gun charge. The (Mavado & Vybez Cartel) lyrics corrupted our school children’s mind. Now tell me, would any country want these artists who sing violence to be role models for their people? I think not. God bless.

  48. jahmekyah says:

    I am so sick of people blaming artist for everything. There is deviant behavior in every society this is not unique to Jamaica. At the end of the day the artist are in the “Business” of making music and entertaining the people. They have to make a product that will be profitable to them. Unfortunately the world is all about sex, drugs, violence, etc … if there was not a market for this crap these artists will all be making Gospel music.. as long as there is an audience for this type of entertainment then they will continue to make this type of music… I hate that we as Jamaicans like to play victim so much oh it is the politicians or the dancehall artists or the Bad man/gansters but very rarely to we take any responsibility for our condition it is us who are voting these numbskulls into political office knowing all along they talk a good game only to screw us in the end; We are the same ones going to the stage shows and buying the music when we know the disrespect, and violence that will be in the music … come on take some responsibility for your choices at the end of the day we have far more power than we believe … the power of unity is immense it is known to do some pretty amazing things if you don’t believe me check the history books…but we need to stop playing the blame game and know that we all have a say and have a vested interest in investing in Jamaica. We know things are bad but let us remember we have the power to turn this around. Jamaica is a blessed country with beautiful people and a handfull of folks who make us all look bad. It is up to each and every one of us to not let “them” define us. Let us all strive to do our best and be our best because Jamaica deserves no less ….. one love…

  49. krisskross says:

    Why when there is a murder or any incest that happen in barbados and trinindad, they dont cuss the entire country and lump them together.
    As soon as a jamaican do the same, the whole entire jamaica is the cesspool, and that person who commit the criminal act is making all jamaica bad…
    Two artists movado and kartel are suddenly the epitome of the jamaican society, this is a conspiracy.

  50. these people are badmouthing jamaica about our crime n our music,but are their countries better off than jamaica,they have crime n filth in their countries.i feel they are jsut madd because out of all the caribben islands jamaican music is loved world wide n theirs are still only loved on their islands.dont hate congratulate.we are all not perfect but those that ban dancehall n its artist think they are better than jamaicans but they are jsut the same,non perfect people of this planet.DANCEHALL MUSIC IS WORLDWIDE N NOBODY CAN STOP THAT.

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