Yet another year and yet another dominating performance from Jamaica at the annual CARIFTA Games. These games are where the other countries in the Caribbbean pit their best athletes against some of Jamaica’s best and invariably are crushed by Jamaica’s iron fist.

This year in Martinique Jamaica is headed for yet another dominating performance. By the time you read this, the land of wood and water would have probably won more than 70 medals and would have come away as champions for 30 straight years. I don’t believe there has been a sport, a competition where one country has been this dominant.

Since the first games were held in Barbados from April 1-4 in 1972, only three countries have won the CARIFTA Games; Bermuda in 1975 and Bahamas in 1980, ’81, ’83 and ’84. Every other occasion has been won by Jamaica. Yes, Jamaica’s population gives it a distinct advantage as it is able to field the largest team and it has a larger pool of athletes to choose from. Of course, Jamaica has Champs, which none of the other countries have.

The case has been made to ban Jamaica from these championships for a few years to give these other teams confidence and to inspire them to build on their athletic programmes, but in reality it will not help. The fact is Jamaica is the standard by which track and field excellence is judged across the region. It is Jamaica who has produced the star junior athletes and it is Jamaica that dominates the sprints at the senior level. Yes, there have been challenges over the years from countries like Trinidad and the Bahamas and sometimes Barbados but invariably these countries are not able to put forward sustained challenges to the Jamaican juggernaut.

It begs the question, what are these other countries doing to develop their student athletes? Surely Jamaica is not the only country blessed with an abundance of athletic talent. Trinidad has produced so many talented athletes, among them Ato Boldon, Hasley Crawford, and more recently ¬†Kelli-Ann Baptiste and World champion Jehue Gordon. Barbados has been served well by Obadele Thompson and Ryan Braithwaite, the Bahamas, Pauline Davis, Tonique Williams, Chris Brown, Leevan Sands, Chandra Sturrup, Debbie Ferguson and many others. These afore-mentioned athletes represent evidence that other Caribbean nations possess the talent to challenge Jamaica. Unfortunately, we don’t see it enough at the CARIFTA Games and it is equally unfortunate that it makes the Games somewhat predictable.

There have been a few years when Jamaica’s sprint dominance has been challenged and in those years, the Games were their most interesting, but this year, like so many others, the challenges have been lacking. ¬†And that is what makes it disappointing.

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  1. Rose says:

    I am beginning to wonder if it it make any sense sending out elite juniors to Carifta. The reason being to many of the end up with injuries that will prevent them from representing their schools at the Penn Relays. We have dominated the Carifta games for so long that it is my opinion that we would continue to do so with a “2nd eleven” team. This is not arrogance but just me wondering aloud. I watched with trepidation Chambers pulling up in the 4×100 and his valiant effort to continue. His schools 4×100 for the Penn no doubt will suffer a blow.

  2. RTaylor says:

    So we should tell the kids their school running at Penn Relays is more important than running for their country and helping to stimulate track and field interest in the Caribbean?

  3. Maxine says:

    I know that at least Barbados holds an annual 2-day high school track and field championship meet. It is not as well-attended as Jamaica’s but there is quite a bit of noise and excitement.

  4. dallo says:

    we can’t blame our fellow caribbean neighbours for not being able to handle jamaica, especially in the sprints. we would be a handful for pretty much anybody with the exception of the usa.

    these islands produce outstanding talent, just not as consistently as jamaica, something we take for granted. if the world wasn’t run by devils and all countries within the region took part in these games, then the competition would be stellar.

    as per the penn’s, when are we gonna step up efforts to share in the revenues generated at this meet annually. there is nothing that says these laws are whatever can’t be amended so we at least get the expenses for our schools paid for by these proceeds. it’s ridiculous.

  5. truth says:

    You will continue to see drug testing failures from our athletes. That is the truth when think about a 13yr old girl running an 11.4 that is unreal but becuz its our athlete we look past it but guarantee when u check back for her and many others as adults they wont be heard of. Anyone who is willing to be honest know that for yrs many of our “KIDS” were not kids at all and falsifying papers to run if we are willing to tell the truth. When u have U18 kids beating records for u20 it really makes me wonder what is really going on with our athletes

  6. truth says:

    Not to mention sending 84 athletes and the next country close to is 34 which is Trinidad I would hope we continue to dominate.

  7. conrad says:

    Yes we are blessed with a lot of talent so is the other countries but for now just think what if we invite a few of our neighbors to take part in the boys and girls championship and see what happens li am sure if will lift there standards

  8. Sean Mack says:

    What revenue are you speaking about Dallo, note the existence of the Penns Relay some fifty yes Fifty years before KC went there. reality is whether or not Jamaicans High schools went there there would still be a Penns Relay. I must admit that the Jamaican schools have added some luster to the High School category, but this was done more for exposure for our kids in an effort to gain a scholarship to develop our athletes, offering an education and development of the athlete. It is simple if you get invited somewhere and you do not want to go “stay home” the schools have that choice.
    your idea is tantamount to a man promoting a talent show and all the participants come saying they should benefit from the talent search although the talent exposure were priceless, which often times launch a career.

  9. dallo says:

    let’s test your hypothesis Sean Mack, let jamaica cease their participation in these relays and see how they do.

    all i’m doing is suggesting a common sense approach to a business arrangement, where all the contributors to its success are rewarded accordingly. you seem content to let some archaic man-made law(s)get in the way. these people amend laws all the time when it suit their purpose.

  10. DonManJ says:

    “Truth” you sound and apperar like an angry and bitter person. Try to look pass beyond your anger and maybe you’ll see the beauty of thats surroung you. You’ll be amazed much happier you would be

  11. levyl says:

    Angry at what? smh

  12. truth says:

    Angry what is there to be angry about kids running DWL please stop people just don’t like the truth. I say again we bring 84kids Trinidad 34kids Bahamas 22kids Guyana 9Kids simple math just simple math alone predicts domination yet we boast and brag to be little other countries. When our athletes get caught with drugs oh a mus di us do sumtin lol please give me a break.

  13. truth says:

    My biggest problem is the same Mighty USA we love to criticize and talk down we do the same exact thing to our smaller Caribbean counter parts its real Disgusting I have no BIAS like most I SPEAK TRUTH HENCE THE NAME…

  14. dallo says:

    at the same time ‘truth’, the usa has earned all it’s stripes as a purveyor of skullduggery, so don’t get it twisted.

    i agree with you that many of us beat wi chest an’ gwaan chupid just like dem in the way we treat our caribbean neighbors.

    sick mi stomach also.

  15. dallo says:

    btw ‘truth’, if you are hinting that little kimone shaw is taking drugs, i think u r cuckoo.
    we, along with the rest of the world , produce these young phenoms, and if you were to check it out, they hardly ever pan out. someone like a usain bolt is actually an exception in this regard.
    so just be careful with these aspersions u r casting out there, in the name of ‘truth’.

  16. truth says:

    mr dallo of shallow mind never once did I infer that she was taking drugs but if you had any clue as to what these coaches will give our youth in the name of building up their own rep you wouldn’t be so sure either. Once again anyone who is a track historian will tell you 11.42 for A 13YR OLD is very interesting. Take a look and research as much as u like I wait for u to give me another person.

  17. truth says:

    Also if you continue to read I said they never pan out if you check back for them so what does that tell u???? I will wait again for a next response PS I SPEAK TRUTH NO BIAS.

  18. truth says:

    Memba a jus talk wi a talk verbal sparring.

  19. dallo says:

    ‘You will continue to see drug testing failures from our athletes. That is the truth when think about a 13yr old girl running an 11.4 that is unreal…’i could very well construe that as an accusation against kimone my yute.

    young phenoms are found in all areas of sports and just life in general. there are a myriad of reasons why they don’t carry their early achievements into adulthood; some due to burnout, others because they lose focus or just a lack of vision or ambition.

    are you suggesting there is a specific reason why these young stars peter out later in life?

  20. dallo says:

    kimone ran 11.42 with a 3.3 tail wind which is illegal anyway. she’s obviously born with a big talent, as was anneisha mclaughlin, nicole freeman, gillian russell, usain bolt, yohan blake etc. nothing you can do about that, it is what it is.

  21. truth says:

    Once again friend you forgot to read on when I said that most don’t pan out I agree wit your reasoning as to why they don’t work out in the end let me make this clear though I DONT BELIEVE that little girl is on drugs or knowingly taking them but our coaches who are adults I don’t put anyting past them. Lemme ask a question mi friend how familiar are you with are athletes falsifying our documents to meet the age requirements to run at Penn Relays??

  22. truth says:

    And this ting about young phenoms I understand but this yr champs was really shocking 13yr old running 48.72 u15 running 20.89 in the 200m Usain 400m record smash 45.00 Don’t forget this all coming from mainly one school it certainly makes one wonder.I seen Javon run personally and firmly believe the yute is talented and will challenge for the 400m Olympic title soon. Moral of this is that we glorify ours and put down others why not build us and lef dem alone. Last question what is your take on Yohan Blake and please help me to understand a man running his 3rd 200m on the senior level and run19.26 when bolt a 200m specialist run 19.19 going all out.

  23. dallo says:

    i’ve heard stories of finagling on birth certificates or cerfitikits, lol, and there’s probably something to that, but nothing verifiable from my vantage point.

    i always thought yohan blake would make a great 200m runner, based on those 4×400 legs he ran for jago. those sub 20′s he ran in 2010 verified that for me, but i must admit that i, like pretty much everybody, else didn’t see that 19.26 coming.

    hey, the man is super talented, works like a maniac, so i give him the benefit of the doubt. i definitely sniff an air of suspicion on your part, so let’s hear it nuh.

  24. truth says:

    Well I will say he was a beast from when so ah na nuttin new but I will not be shocked to hear him name call up again the man is way to muscular and has accelerated way to quick at his rate bolt record will smash. Lemme ask one next quest up to now we don’t heat nuttin bout Tyson Gay which is a sprinter I respected before the allegation how comes no word on that what is your take?

  25. Thatiam says:

    Why can’t all just get along?

  26. truth says:

    We get along jus debate about the number sport in the world in my opinion anyway.

  27. dallo says:

    i saw something about a week ago where his connections hinted there is some movement with his case and a decision is not far off.

    when him got caught, i recall him talkin ’bout he got stuff to tell the u.s doping authorities regarding things him know about the world of drugs, whatever that is. so there might be some passa passa coming up at the time his verdict is announced.

    i had x amount of respect for the sprinter too, but if you get caught with the hardcore stuff, that speaks for itself.

  28. truth says:

    Agreed completely agree I wont be surprise if when all is said and done he is excempt from any real punishment. The case kinda weird still once it came out around the same time Powell and Simpson name get call up some people feel as though they were sacrificial lambs but the question remains Gay 31 powell 31 not to mention VCB 32(I know her case was turned around) but same time how and why now dem all to old

  29. truth says:

    Just like the Steve Mullings Case dat one still weird I truly feel that he was sacrificed

  30. DonManJ says:

    “Truth” here are advice: you are quite confused and possibly lonely person? Try to be more trusting and stop being so cynical. Believe in a better tomorrow, see the glass as half full rather than half empty, beleive that heaven is here and now not some fantasy land or planet. Love life! Spend less time here and maybe more time adding value to you

  31. truth says:

    DonManJ go yah bed stop trace DWFL… Weirdo

  32. Thatiam says:

    DonManJ you are a true gentle man. Unlike so called “Truth” who just lifted up his frock tail exposing his draws

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