Heartened By Rose Heights Example

I recently read an article in the Jamaica Gleaner about a community finally fighting back by taking a zero-tolerance approach to gunmen in their midst. Rose Heights Community Group Apprehends Gunman is a clear indication that Jamaicans on the island are finally getting fed up of living in fear and starting to stand up to lawlessness. The fact that a mother had no problem turning in her son should not be lost on anyone because it is well-known that people seem to not be willing to turn in their own family-members or boyfriends.

People looking at Jamaica from the outside certainly wonder what was really being done about crime because the murders continue to climb. The PNP were able to do little, even with their imported police officers and the JLP promised a solution in 12 months that has clearly not materialized. For years the police have been saying that without the help of the community, they cannot reduce the crime rate and this is a great example of the community stepping up to the plate instead of blaming the police or the politicians.

One comment I recently read online said that the gunmen were not aliens that come and do their dirty deeds than take off again, they go back to homes in communities and no one says anything. That culture has helped fueled the problems we have today and it must change. At the same time, the documented corruption within the police force and lack of public trust would certainly hamper attempts to copy the Rose Heights efforts in many other communities.

What is so different about Rose Heights that the residents trust the police? What is so different about the attitude of these residents and how did they change?

Answer these questions and we now have a model to expand on in other communities.

David Mullings

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8 Responses to “Heartened By Rose Heights Example”

  1. prof fred smith says:

    This is an era of modern technology and we should make technology work for us.Almost everyone has a cell phone, we should take pictures of criminals (police or gunmen)and record their voices then email it to the newspapers and to the police. There is no need to show our faces. You can film them with their family because they all have family. Most family enjoy the fruits of their criminal activity and deserve to go to jail. Sometimes just letting the public know who is who,will help. Nobody wants their friend to know they are living a double life or living with criminals. This information will also serve as evidence for the police. Together we can take back our country from the criminals. yes we can!!!!

  2. J. Williams says:

    Well said Mr. Mullings

  3. Joan says:

    I am so proud of my Jamaican brothers and sisters who pushed back against crime in Rose Heights, Montego Bay. The strategy that it seem will work going forward is when the entire community stand up against crime. Not some people but every law abiding citizen. there is no way the criminal can survive if an entire community is against it. They will have to go elswhere or change. Govt. and private sector must move quickly to put in the mechanism for training and employment. Local investors must start taking risk….can’t wait forever for the Chinese!

    Well done Rose Heights!!!!

  4. FRANCORO says:

    The Prime Minister has proved one more time the real reason for Jamaica’s demise;croneyism.The real and only reason why Golding is speaking on behalf of Dudus is because he is first and foremost a laborite and secondly the power he has aaquired over the years and most importantly holds the leash to Bruce’s political
    career here and after. The Prime Minister knows the future of his continuation even as an MP rests with how he deals with his most dangerous constituent. The Prime Minster is between a rock and a hard place.

  5. Uforatie says:

    I hope the is the start of something good and lasting. I do hope other communities follow suite, because this is the only way things will change in Jamaica.

  6. Uforatie says:

    I hope the is the start of something good and lasting. I do hope other communities follow suit, because this is the only way things will change in Jamaica.

  7. Miamice says:

    Well-said David. The people of Rose Heights were very brave to take it upon themselves to apprehend this criminal. Let us now pray that the Jamaican justice system plays its role in expiditiously prosecuting the suspect and not releasing him for him to exact revenge.

  8. Joan says:

    Prime Minister Golding should extrapolate from the Rose Heights community’s response and seek ways to create a model based on stronger and more involved communities.

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