Jamaica: A Nation in Crisis

I am proud of the fact that everyday during prep school I recited the National Pledge of Jamaica:

Before God and All mankind
I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart
The wisdom and courage of my mind,
The strength and vigour of my body
in the service of my fellow citizens

I promise to stand up for justice,
Brotherhood and Peace, to work diligently and creatively,
To think generously and honestly, so that,
Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty, fellowship
and prosperity, and play her part in advancing the welfare
of the whole human race

As a child I never really understood it, I just recited it, but as I got older, I came to believe strongly in those words.

Today we face an International crisis and my beloved country is seen as a “captured state”: captured by crime and corruption, captured by mass disillusion and captured by self-deceit.

How can Jamaica really “play her part in advancing the welfare
of the whole human race” when we cannot trust the politicians of either party?

I have heard this slogan of “better mus’ come” used in Jamaica’s past but better has not come and will not come as long as there is or appears to be a strong link between criminals and politics, politicians who do not enjoy trust or confidence and citizens who keep fooling themselves that Jamaica is not as bad as it seems.

Barack Obama, someone our current Prime Minister looks up to, said “If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists – to protect them and to promote their common welfare – all else is lost.”

It is ironic that Jamaica now finds itself clashing with the USA, Golding versus Obama.

I promised as a child to stand up for “justice, brotherhood and peace” in service of my country and I have taken that pledge seriously ever since I was 15 years old. The articles linked below indicate a country in crisis.

Golding’s About-Face


Does Mr Golding Have The Moral Authority To Lead?


Time to ship out, Prime Minister?


PM: I sanctioned the Manatt initiative


Jamaicans rightfully wonder what can they do when you lose trust and confidence in BOTH political parties in a two-party system. Tribalism still exists and some people stupidly hold to this notion of “Power” or “Shower” at all levels of the society, regardless of economic means or level of education.

Some Jamaicans still defend criminality and make excuses for it.

Some Jamaicans defend politicians even when it is clear that they have not put the country first and have abrogated the trust of the public, even when they are shown to be hypocrites based on what they have said in the past.

This goes for politicians on both sides of the aisle, it has happened in both the PNP and the JLP.

Winston Churchill said “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things” and so I am criticizing the current and past crop of Jamaican politicians, as well as those Jamaicans who seek to hold back our country through their selfish actions, with the expressed hope that I play my little part in calling attention to the unhealthy state of things in Jamaica.

I end this by modifying a line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” – “Something is rotten in the State of Jamaica”

David Mullings
Jamaica Diaspora Future Leaders Representative – USA

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31 Responses to “Jamaica: A Nation in Crisis”

  1. essy says:

    i as a jamaican totally agree with your stance, May God help us in this land

  2. warren says:

    i think the bruce led administration should step down for the handling of the matter ,they have discredited them selves and should not be leading the country ,the people of jamaica has lost trust in them and they within them selves have also lost faith. they should try to regain honour by steppping down as leaders . i think they are all a bunch of crooks that dont have aa clue of what they are doing

  3. Uforatie says:

    I really would like to respond to this article by placing a comment, but I have decided against it as I know you won’t publish it unless you agree with every word.

  4. Mika says:

    Jamaica: A Nation in Crisis is a important and touching article. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Navada says:

    There use to be a phrase that says “am proud to be a Jamaican”. In school we were thought about brain drain.
    Now am an adult just leaving university and i understand perfectly the term. I dont have a visa, but seriously thinking about getting one that is one way. The persons we elect to represent us are public liars.
    They are no different from known criminals. No trust, no honesty, no integrity. If our leaders are currupt, how would you describe the followers?
    Mr. Mullings your article rimind me just how we devaite from what our grand and great-grand parents stood for as a people.

  6. Howard Harris says:

    The two party must come together for the good of the nation with one mine and unity.Stop being a hipocrite and serve.Remember you are put in the role as a servant of the people of Jamaica and not their master.

  7. tony says:

    And it shall come to pass, that this “consideration of resignation” will be just another mini drama in the “Bold and the Reckless” Jamaican political soap.A lot will be said but it will change nothing, and Mr. Golding will feel justified in continuing in his dual role of PM and MP.

  8. Joy says:

    This administration should resgin en bloc. It boggles my mind to see old gray head men with protruding bellies , false teeth and arching backs metamorphise into LIARDS. I also fail to understand why young testerone driven men refuse to rebuff the lies , deceit and confusion they are fed. Does this governing body look at Jamaicans as a stupid bunch, constipated, lacking in knowledge and understanding so we can’t differentiate lies from truth . Has CREDIBILITY got a meaning or what? God knows I am tired of seeing these ruthless people masquerading as leaders when they are CRIMINALS.

  9. B H says:

    At this moment in time Jamaica is going through some very hard times,however, we can help by praying and fasting.

  10. Maxine says:

    All I have to say is so so true. When will they learn really? I had an discussion with a few of my cousins & Aunt regarding their PNP Party & ask them what really have they done for you or the people in this area? Kingston 16 is PNP Strong hold from I was a child & left to come to the States & its a disgrace to see how everytime I go back to Jamaica it diminishes & yet they are cursing the other party when they need to let their leaders know they’re hungry, they need jobs, something for the youths them to look forward to in life other than holding up corners & kill them one another. PNP is now yelling how this is wrong & that is wrong all Porcha want to do is go back & rob the country some more. PNP had almost 2 Decades {18 YRS} and still Jamaica don’t own Jamaica “Foreign Sector Own Jamaica”. While talking a neighbor said the right thing we soon have a white man come to we & call we a name we no recognize & him tell we seh him own we now. SO SAD but its the Truth so just like the Police System in Jamaica we need to start over Fresh get rid of the corrupted politicians & police. Jamaica need a serious change & soon before there’s no more Jamaica. Trust me I love my country but its GOD in Heaven keeping us but just like when we were kid & we parents give us a washout that’s the samething Jamaica need a serious washout.

  11. dpgs says:

    There is too much talking and not enough being done to make Jamaica into a better place. If We dont try to make it better it will get worse. That is just how life is. You just have to try everyday and the people who don;t have a clue you need to avoid them. Don’t even listen to what they say just keep on trying to make it better. And then one day , Guess what? A better life will arrive out of all the bad.

  12. dpgs says:

    Now that we know the cause of thr crime we can fix the problem. If we try.

  13. doreen gordon says:

    Dear David,

    Its good to hear that there is a diaspora initiative. While events unfolded in Jamaica, I was hoping that Jamaicans abroad would also take a stand against the hijacking of our country by criminals by putting pressure on the government, forming lobby groups, supporting a free media and by joining forces with Jamaicans at home. Please keep up the work!

    Doreen Gordon

  14. Bob says:

    I strongly believe that we some how get an opportunity to turn Jamaica around for good!.. by ditching this prime minister and also ditching the PNP and JLP. appealed to the queen directly to either allowed us to re draft our constitution!.. or declare Jamaica a republic.. and elect a president and draft a new constitution . which will be understand by all and also strengthen our laws especially when it come to crime and corruption and political connections!…

    we need strong laws that deter people from committing crimes in the first place!. if they chose to commit crime they should not be comforted in any way whatsoever!.. even in prison .. they also must be made to work to feed and cloth themselves!…while serving their sentences!…

    No way should we let this opportunity pass us by!.. we have to do something now to be able to correct the situation. before its too late!…

  15. Claude Ingram says:

    Jamaica is a one party state JLPNP. We need another party.

  16. As a jamaican born and bred i will continue to love and honor my country .i migrated to the USA where i now reside ,to hear Amaricans talk how beautiful Jamaaica is is to die for ! The disciplin that is in this country is quite amazing why cant we try to adopt some ?PLEASE MY JAMAICAN PEOPLE STOP THE BLOOD SHEDING hats of to SHAGGYfor wanting to stand up ,i love you brother and i will continue to a lover of my country XYMICA ONE LOVE PEACE

  17. Garveyite says:

    “Today we face an International crisis and my beloved country is seen as a “captured state”: captured by crime and corruption, captured by mass disillusion and captured by self-deceit”.

    Christ! are you for real?
    What about the multi-national pirates and buccaneers, world bank/IMF and US/CIA interference?


  18. heartofstone says:

    Basically empty words, ringing hollow now, without substance, almost mocking the dead we sacrificed by holding our tongues.
    Why are you proud that you repeated them in prep school every day? Anyone with a voice could accomplish that. Pride should come from having the guts to put those words into action. You pledged, I pledged, we pledged, to “stand up for justice, brotherhood and peace”, but have we? Why did we stay silent for so many years while the stage was being set for the horrors we are now witnessing, some of us actually experiencing, today? In what way are we “standing up for justice”, when we have done nothing about the senseless and barbaric killings overtaking the society? Those who died in police custody, killed in shootouts, killed by hardened juvenile sociopaths? Didn’t we see the signs or hear the chimes long ago?
    We’re basically still inert, for we have no plan to initiate change. We must be the world’s only nation of cowards.

    Yet we recite our pledge with pride.

  19. Sean H. says:

    Nice peace.
    Nothing gets rotten overnight, so I must ask where were all the voices, especially the media, the churches, the “luminaries” et. al. when the seeds of all this were being planted ??? The conundrum that Jamaica faces spans decades and is comprised of sins of commission as well as omission. History shows it is the sins of omission that have done the most damage – and i am not just speaking of the ones within the last 2 or 3 years.

  20. MightyMouse says:

    Where is Renalto Adams…..I will be wiling to return to jamaica and help get this guy in power.

  21. Rain says:

    Who has the determination to clean up the police force? lets start with that because the rotten thugs and rampart prostitutes are really running Jamaica. I’ve lost respect for now, we couldnt even hold on to our beloved Air Jamaica. very sad situation but not news when we here the goverment is in bed with the dons.

    Again I pose the question. Is there someone who is capable of leading Jamaica back to a respecable state of existance?

  22. nordrica says:

    What can i say i cry for my nation, even though they are not crying for themselves. i ask myself what am going to go home to. government have stole the whole Jamaica, and now they are selling themselves.

  23. ISIS says:

    There has been since the sixties a coherent amnesia about Jamaicans not recognizing their burgeoning problems that are now out of control and their reputations are proceeding them for crime of the most heinous type everywhere they are.
    Their problems will not go away until they recognise that people find them distasteful, arrogant and unbelievably stupid.
    All the problems that affect them are happening around the world but they haven’t stopped to check so they go around preying on those that look just like them – black.
    Gun crime, sex crimes including incest, tearing each other down for a little fame and fortune – back stabbing, then they want to stand up and show off in front of everyone as if people across the world don’t know what their coming out of.

  24. Glenford Henry says:

    In view of the fact that our main political parties put party interest before country, we should use the opportunity to change the system.

    We need a system of governance modeled off the US system. We should ask the US Government to help us implement it including using their constitution.

  25. Denzil says:

    You are right on the devalued and increasingly worthless money. I repeat my mantra: “There are no solutions to the problems that plague, and which are escalating in Jamaica, to be found in the same laws, people, systems, policies, and procedures that caused them in the first place”.

    Professor Grassle was right, they are “dinosaurs” and should be relegated to the place dinosaurs now occupy, history. In our case a bad and painful one.

    The politicians in Jamaica, do not, and have never had the interest of Jamaica, and the Jamaican people, first and foremost. This is evidenced by the Jamaican Constitution, a document, of politicians, by politicians, and for politicians. It is a document which would be a great deal more useful to the Jamaican people were it written on toilet paper.

    Their loyalty is, and has always been to their respective parties, in so far as those remain the vehicles to attain, and retain the unfettered power they enjoy, when they form the so called government.

    The only ones who benefit, and conspicuously so, are themselves and their associates. The poor and misinformed who support them continue to be just that.

    And the country goes to hell.

  26. Yanique says:

    Whatb is happening in this country, are we sleeping or just dont care. I have never voted and am so sure will never because there is no one to give my Vote.

    They have all gone bad, how can we prevent crime in Jamaica lnad we love if the persons elected to make a difference have double lives, how can they use own hard earned money to defend murders of our children, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. “SHAME ON YOU MR. PM”

  27. Bary M says:

    As it was said by Renato Adams, “How can you get goog/sweet wine from a dirty bottle?” And this goes right to the so-called leadership of Jamaica. Jamaica has gone and it is surely a fail state. Jamaicans who have come to serve have failed Jamaica and jamaicans in abundant ways that it takes one with an extensive vocabulary to explain. As a child I thought Jamaica was the country to be from and the place to live. Today, and I hate to say it, Jamaica is the worst place to be from and to live. One’s life means nothing. A dog has a greater chance of surviving than a human. Never ever will I ove back to that place, and if I can pursuade others no to then I think I have accomplish something.

  28. a.l.smalling says:

    Whenever there is an issue to be address and instead of addressing it forthright we call ourselves all kinds of fancy groups in pretending to be great and worst of all bring other people and parties in as comparison,all we are doing is making the culprits feel comfortable and establishing a reason for ourselves to be given consideration. My problem with this whole issue is that it has proven that there is not a single person in the J L P.THAT IS FIT FOR LEADERSHIP,hence, I think a resignation should be exigent and if there is any doubt a referendum should be called. Unfortunately,the latter is made obsolete by the already popular demand of the people. Th whole thing that transpired in the tourist town yesterday is tantamount to show that we are wading through an egotistic political cesspool as that is the only way to describe the mess that we are shamefully in. NOW WE KNOW THAT NOT EVEN THOSE WHOM WE VOTED IN KNOW WHO IS RUNNING THE COUNTRY.

  29. Jahmar says:

    These comments and piece make it clear. Jamaicans need a revolution.

  30. m.j willis says:

    i still say also,a month at a time of mass demonstrations islandwide,marching on these so called politicians,will drive them out of office..look at whats going on in south east asia right now,AND THEY DONT HAVE BLACK CRIMINALS GOING ROUND KILLING CITIZENS IN THEIR BEDS EACH NIGHT,JUST BECAUSE THEY CARRY GRUDGES FOR WHAT MATERIAL THINGS HONEST CITIZENS POSSESS…the asians are out enmass,just because politics is out of hand in their countries,hopefully these lazy ass laid back island people have the same will… dont forget that white queen in england is watching and hearing things,they still can take that place back,if need be..just in case most of you dont read and realize what the word being independent mean in true terms of a colonialist past…part of devine rights mean..they can take back any territory deem,non governable,right up to the end of time on this earth…only territory deem untouchable is the united states..[might make right]

  31. netta says:

    I don’t think the prime should sign anything because the money that the americans r spendin for this venture should be used to help so many hungry jobless and homeless people here. They say their is no money and yet they refuse to do the right leave dudus alone spend time fighting their own crime. They justice but there is no justice u work all ur life and not even foodstamp they can afford to give but yet still they find time to trouble other people’s matter. Their is in God they trust but I assured u that an understatement

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