Welcome to the Diaspora Speaks by Ambassador Anthony Johnson

Hello everyone.

Welcome to the beginning of our new journey as you travel with me on my tour of duty as Jamaica’s tenth Ambassador to the USA.

I am posted in Washington to represent Jamaica to the world and also to represent each and everyone of you in the diaspora. You will be able to  send me your thoughts and your opinions, which will be of great value to me.

Since I can’t possibly be everywhere all the time, it is important that I am constantly hearing from you, wherever you are.

Jamaicans can be found everywhere. We have at least one nurse in the Arctic circle and there is a community in Uruguay near the tip of South America. It would be great if we could hear from them.

The information from this type of exchange is invaluable. It allows us to be transparent. To really know what is happening in the lives of our people – the opportunities as well as the problems and challenges which may arise.

The Jamaican society is changing fast. The Government wants to revive downtown Kingston – to make it one of the great waterfronts of the world. All of us can have a stake in this.  as new shops and boutiques are opened and jobs appear to remove the unemployment and hopelessness which lay the basis for crime and violence. Jamaicans are bright and ready to take up new opportunities, so this will be so not just for Kingston, but for

* * New Falmouth with its cruise pier

* The rebuilding of Vernam Field with the host of opportunities for Central Jamaica.

I wont mention them all now, but I hope to gain from you, insights which can enable us to make contacts with institutions and individuals who can help us to build a new Jamaica.


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  1. Don. Taylor says:

    I read in the Jamaica observer (06/05/09)that that trinidad and tobago airline; Caribbean air
    is one of the two interested parties in the sale of Jamaica’s national asset Air Jamaica.

    Let is be known if this so called Caribbean
    airline wore to acquire control of our national asset Air Jamaica.I and other Jamaicans in the diaspora that only fly Air Jamaica to Jamaica
    will boycott it with the same passion that we only fly Air Jamaica now.I remember the LNG promise,Carib cement willful shortages in 2006,the problem faced by my fellow Jamaicans
    in trinidad both business people and job seekers.This Will be the down fall of Air Jamaica and so the beginning failure of the

    Jamaica world wide Jamaican community as the collective ability to save our airline give us a chance to buy shares in the airline.It is that little part of Jamaica that fly.It would not be the same if cash rich trinidad control it.

    let trinidad and tobago keep and stick their
    cash;what ever they promise we cant trust them.

  2. Romer Johnson says:

    Hi !

    Greetings to a Anthony Johnson from the son of Maxwell Charles Rowe Johnson. Please reply with contact info to sereau@juno.com

    Thanks !

  3. I am ready to return to jamaica but the news is not geat for present Jamaicans or returning residents. Everyone that I’ve spoken to tells me that coming back home is a bad idea.
    so, why?

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