Washington New Capital Of The World? Why?

In the 19th Century, Paris was the capital of the world. In the early 20th Century, London was the capital of the world. Since World War11, Washington has established itself as the capital of the world.

Year 2009 has special significance for Washington and the capital is bracing itself to meet the challenges of the time. This is done American-style, with a commander-in-chief who has all the Hollywood style and American chutzpa which make the show as interesting as it is important.

President Barack Obama has beaten the odds to become the first President of African descent and is riding a 77% approval rating from the public. This is unprecedented and considering that the economic picture is gloomy, it is amazing that he has been able to put the correct foot forward every time.

The person next to him in popularity seems to be his wife, Michelle, who has been voted as the most fashionable woman in the land by some of the paparazzi magazines. The last time the Americans had this one-two combination was 1961 when a handsome, young former Navy Lieutenant, John Kennedy and his beautiful young wife, Jackie, took over the White House.

In addition, the Presidential family has two sweet prep school daughters who have their own audience. Several schools are disappointed that they were not selected by the First Family. Some say they should have gone to a public school. Others wanted various Protestant denominations to get the pick. In the end they chose an exclusive school with sound academic credentials – the public once again have applauded the judgment.


But being President is not just style. He has adopted a punishing schedule which sees him tackling a wide range of problems and winning support every time. His main problem of course, is the Recession, which is being called an economic tsunami. Fortunately, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has decreed that the Recession started in December 2007, a full 13 months before the grandson of a Kenyan emigrant took the reins of power.

He has been praised for:

* Appointing a White House staff of professionals, each of whom had earned his/her place. There is no example of ‘good friend’ being the only qualification;

* Nominating a Cabinet of both Democrats and Republicans to keep his promise of having an inclusive Administrative;

* Appointing heads of agencies who have a strong background of professional experience in the field – not merely correct political connections;

* Following diplomatic protocol to a T. He has visited countries in the correct order and ensured that there are no ruffled feathers;

* Bringing back strong international support for the USA. Being the world’s richest and mightiest nation naturally attracts envy, suspicion and blame for anything that goes wrong. By his policy of openness and his glamour, the USA is once again, seen as a respected friend;

* Getting through the trillion dollar economic recovery package. The actual amount is just over $800 billion, but knowledgeable folk say that it is sure to top the trillion dollar (one thousand billion dollars) before it has been completed;    .

* Being gracious enough to appoint his main campaign opponent, Hilary Clinton to the second most important post in the Cabinet – Secretary of State (Foreign Minister).

What do you think of Obama Administration’s progress so far?

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