Election Questions on Crime

It may seem that crime is not an area related to finance but given that it impacts so negatively on a country’s ability to grow, I ask your indulgence in permitting me to address the area as it relates to business. One of the costs that is increasingly making it difficult for businesses to survive is that of security. In addition to that many businesses are losing valuable human resources to the scourge of murder. We therefore think it appropriate to ask our future leaders questions surrounding this important area.

The first question is – “Are you committed to the dismantling of garrison communities?”
The problem with such communities is that they discourage the start of new business enterprises, they restrict the movement of persons and they encourage the payment of protection monies. All of these factors are major impediments to business development. In addition it creates employment problems for persons that live in these communities as many companies are wary of hiring these persons for fear of dealing with criminal elements. Closely allied to this question is this additional one – “Are you prepared to put in place infrastructure in order to improve the social conditions under which these people live. One cannot solve the garrison problem without resolving the social ills as well.

The next question on our list is – “Are you prepared to give the security forces the necessary resources that they need to fight crime?” This is not just a matter of salary; many of the police stations in which our policemen work are in a deplorable condition. There is a lack of technology in our stations with many not having a single computer. We need the facility to be able to check quickly if there is an outstanding traffic ticket or an outstanding warrant for a person. We need to do away with all of the paper and use more modern methods to help fight crime. An additional question is – “Are you going to provide additional funding for the forensics department?” Too many cases are being dismissed for the lack of proper evidence. We need to have proper crime scene evidence collection procedures but in addition we need the capability to process that evidence. This will include the areas of ballistic testing and DNA evidence.

The final question is – “Are you willing to deal with the issue of corruption within governments especially as it relates to the awarding of contracts?” Having proper procedures and systems in place and following them is critical for the development of businesses. All companies that wish to work for government must believe that they have an equal chance of providing the services that are needed. Transparency within government plays a critical part in moving the country’s development forward and in achieving sustainable economic growth.

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