Pay your taxes…

Well it is that time of year when many of us try to figure out how we can get around paying our taxes.  We see this as a major intrusion by government into our business and an unnecessary evil.  We think that things would be so much better if we didn’t have to pay taxes.

Today I would like to put a different spin on it and suggest to you that paying your taxes is one of the best investments that one can make. I know it sounds crazy but I assure you that I am not working for the tax authorities.  We often forgot that in order for an economy to function certain services need to be in place.  We need to have good roads and a viable transportation system in order to move persons to their workplace and to move goods and services from one point to another.

Of course there is the important matter of law and order.  A country that does not have a system of law enforcement will surely fall into chaos.  The police serve a vital role in preserving society and a peaceful way of life.  Likewise the fire services provide much needed rescue services as well as the preservation of the single most important asset that most people will ever own, their home.

Then there is the major area of education which is needed to prepare our children for the future ahead.  In order for a country to go forward it need to have a well trained well equipped work force.

One other area of course is the whole provision of health services which are vital to keeping our people in good health and enable them to continue working.  One other area is the whole aspect of providing a safety net for the less fortunate in society.

Now the obvious point that one will raise is that the Government often wastes a lot of the tax payers’ money so “why should we pay the taxes anyway?”  Even if this point is true we should not decide not to pay taxes instead we should try to hold the government accountable for spending the resources correctly.

So  why not go to your revenue office and when you pay your taxes do so with a smile.

Feedback question: How do we get more persons to pay their taxes?

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