Single father for 5 years… and forever?

Five years ago, Horace* made a pact with the mother of his son. She would go to the United States, pursuing economic opportunity, while their son lived with him.

“She went away, she was corresponding with him, after a while the (time between) calls go from one month to two months to three months. A little before him reach 18, no calls,” Horace says.

It has been months since he or his son Ronald* have heard from her and it seems her telephone has been disconnected.

While they have not discussed the silence from ‘up north’ at length, Horace knows that it is having an effect, as “sometimes I see him staring into space. I know he misses her. Even the other day I check him phone and he was trying to call her”.

Still, even before this extended silence, there were times when Ronald had to do the calling anyway. Horace confirms “deep down inside I know him worry. Is him mother and him was with her for a while, so deep down them will always be together”.

What do you think about this situation? What would you do if you were in the father’s place? What about the son?

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