Where is the Transparency – Part 2

By David Mullings
Transparency International recently presented the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 2009 and it was widely reported in the Jamaican media that Jamaica had declined.

Since The Golding Administration has come to power, the CPI for Jamaica has been the following:

2008 – Score = 3.1, Rank = 96
2009 – Score = 3.0, Rank = 99

That is not good if you have promised to combat corruption and run a transparent government. Naturally, PNP loyalists will point to this as proof that promises were made that have not been kept.

But take a look at the PNP’s record: Both PJ Patterson and Portia Simpson-Miller promised transparency. How did their promises stack up?

2002 - Score = 4.0, Rank = 45
2003 - Score = 3.8, Rank = 57
2004 - Score = 3.3, Rank = 74
2005 - Score = 3.6, Rank = 64
2006 - Score = 3.7, Rank = 61
2007 – Score = 3.3, Rank = 86

The pattern is quite clear under the PNP and that pattern has continued under the JLP.

Is this proof that politicians are the same no matter what the colour of the party?

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  1. Duncan says:

    That’s right David. You hit the nail on the head, they are all the same and that is why Jamaica is in shambles! Regardless of the political party they all seem to be self-serving in nature. Remember the priorities of some of the JLP members immediately after they won the last election? They wanted to know where their Toyota Prado’s were !! No joke, despite the dire economic condition of the country, they were most interested in their expensive government-issued motor vehicle. They call themselves public servants? They are more like public leeches!

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