Hurricanes and our finances – How to be prepared!

July 2nd, 2018

The year that stands out in my mind the most is 1988. That was the year that Hurricane Gilbert had a direct impact on Jamaica. As a category 5 hurricane, the effect it had on the island was catastrophic. As a young child that event made an impact on me as it highlighted various vulnerabilities [...]


Are you prepared for the hurricane season?

June 10th, 2017

The rains which lashed the island a few weeks ago made one thing very clear, we were not ready for such heavy rainfall. Roadways were quickly flooded and some persons found themselves stranded in their communities. Was this a glimpse of what would have happened if we had been hit by a hurricane? Well since [...]


Are you ready for Hurricane Season?

June 24th, 2014

The official Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1st and ends November 30th each year. In Jamaica, hurricanes are viewed with great trepidation as we teeter on the edge of collapsing even when we have minor storms. It is of course even worse when that storm is accompanied by heavy winds as those associated with a [...]



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