How to enjoy your ‘staycation’!

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Many of us had to suddenly change our travel plans this year. Instead of hopping a plane and heading off to a foreign location, hanging out at our many fun spots or just going to endless parties, many Jamaicans have been forced to stay home due to travel restrictions imposed because of  the Covid19 pandemic.

Others who were expecting visitors from abroad, have also had to restructure how they will spend their vacation time without the usual influx of family and friends. Allis not lost! Here are some tips on how you can still enjoy your vacation without leaving home!

Set the mood

You wouldn’t be cleaning and cooking on a regular vacation, and you shouldn’t be during your staycation, either. So get your housework and errands done before your time off so that your ‘vacation’ doesn’t result in some long overdue cleaning exercise.

After the chores are done and the place is sparkling,  it will be easier to relax. If you can afford it you can even freshen up a room with a new coat of paint. If that is not in your budget, there are some other small touches that range from free to a minimal cost such as displaying freshly picked flowers, playing music or lighting candles that can help make you feel that you are in some exotic place.

Set a budget!

Since you would have a budget for a ‘real’ vacation why not set a budget for the things that you need at home to make yourself more comfortable?  By setting aside a set amount of fun money for your time off, you give yourself permission to treat yourself while staying within sensible financial limits.

Thinking through your budget can also help you reflect on how much you’re saving by not taking a typical vacation and remind you that you deserve to splurge a little even though you’re staying home.

Disrupt your routine

It is not going to feel like a vacation if you do the same things that you would do at home. Change around the routine to enjoy the true experience.

Put away the phone and find other ways to have fun with your family. If you work from home, remember vacation means no work no matter how tempting it is to spend your free time on the computer. Break out the board games and have a zoom party! The best thing is that afterwards the clean up will be a breeze!

So how do you enjoy your staycation? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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