New Year – New ways to save money!

Okay so its 2015 and you started the year feeling so optimistic only to realize that you are so heavily in debt that it feels as if it will take a miracle to recover.

The problem with the new year is that it encourages people to do things that they did not get accomplished the year before and that usually has an extra cost associated with it.

Budget Woes

A friend of mine lamented that in a bid to realize her new year resolutions she had spent over $10,000 on gym fees and weight loss supplements. Another friend spent thousands of dollars on hair extensions that literally broke her budget.

Although there is no need to stop making new year resolutions, it is important that you find a way to meet them without putting yourself in debt.

New Year Goals

If you want to lose weight there are options that don’t require you to find loads of money. There are free exercise programmes on the Internet. If you don’t like working out alone at home, then grab a friend and your tablet or laptop and go to the park.

Healthy food choices often cost less than eating fast food and is certainly a cheaper option in your bid to lose weight. Free fat free recipes are also available on the Internet.

If you want a new look, there are various options that cost a lot less than you might think! If you want to save money check out offering yourself as practice for cosmetology students.

They are supervised by a professional so there is no need to fear a botched hair style.

The best thing you can do to change bad habits this year is to create and stick to a budget for you and your family.

Putting aside something for a rainy day is essential because you never know when your steady income will dry up leaving you to live off your savings.

A well planned budget can not only save you money it can help you to plan how to get out of debt and how much you can afford to spend on vacation or any other purchase.

So how will you save money this year? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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