Confessions of a Recovering ‘Shopaholic’!

Do you know someone who can’t resist doing something even if it is detrimental to their health?

Even when faced with the loss of relationships, reduced income and serious debt they still persist in obsessively doing what is ultimately destroying their life.

That is a gloomy description that seems to best fit those with substance abuse problems, however I am referring to a different type of problem. The person described above is a confirmed addict of shopping.

I used to be a ‘shopaholic’ too which might sound as if I was rich but I was no where near that level of financial security. ┬áI just enjoyed finding a bargain, even if the item was not really something I needed.

The worst part about having issues with shopping is not knowing when to buy and when to walk away.  Recently a friend of mine revealed she too struggled with the same problem and she wanted to know how she could overcome it as well.

So I have decided to share a few tips that helped me to learn how to shop wisely.

  • Write a budget and stick to it. It does not make sense to write it if you intend to ignore it so I suggest placing a specific amount aside in an account that is not easily accessible.
  • Shop with a list and avoid going to the store with more money than you need. (Leave the card at home if you need to after withdrawing the amount you need to buy specific items)
  • Ensure you really need the item by asking if you could see yourself using/wearing it regularly (if not, walk away even if it is on sale).
  • Don’t shop alone if possible. If you know the times you are more susceptible it is a good idea to take along a friend who knows your problem and can give the necessary support.

In these times it is very important to shop wisely. Even though there is a euphoric feeling when shopping, the aftermath of unpaid bills and heavy debt is certainly not pleasant.

So are you a shopaholic? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner Online Writer

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