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If you want to send and receive packages overseas what do you need to know?

Well the first order of business if you are shipping overseas  is to determine your budget and how quickly you need the item delivered.

Shipping Options

There are various companies in Jamaica that offer shipping services overseas and the cost of this service varies depending on the types and weight of items that are being shipped as well as their destination. There are also restrictions on certain items which require a special permit.

Most shipping companies allow customers to choose to book online, by phone or in person and some even offer front door pick up or you can drop off  your items at conveniently located depots.

In addition, import licenses are required for some chemicals, gaming machines, milk powder, motor vehicle parts, refined sugar, plants, pharmaceuticals and certain toys.


At times the cost for shipping an item overseas can be more than the cost of the actual item due to custom and other processing fees. So the most important thing to consider is to ensure that the importance of the items being shipped outweigh the cost that is will incur on the sender.

Some persons also pay for additional insurance depending on the type of item being delivered overseas.

Delivery in Jamaica

If you want to deliver a package locally then you can utilize various bearers or courier services. However what if you want something delivered to you in Jamaica from overseas?

There are several shipping options. Often persons send barrels to their friends and family in Jamaica which are then cleared by customs after paying the appropriate processing fees.

However, another delivery option is offered by local delivery companies, They offer customers the use of a US address so that the items can be  shipped there by various online vendors and then arrangements are made by the company to ship the items to Jamaica. When the items arrive in Jamaica the customer pays processing and custom fees.

So are you eager to send and receive your deliveries?

As long as you budget carefully, ensure that the items are properly packages and the appropriate permits approved you are well on your way to enjoying your delivery experience!

What’s your take? Do you send or receive packages overseas? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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