Getting rid of that Clutter!

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I would like to think that I am an organized person, of course my idea of being organized might not match up to someone else’s idea. No matter the person though it is fair to say that being organized is an easy way of making your surroundings look better.

Unfortunately, not everyone has mastered the skill of organizing and as a result they are drowning in clutter.  So how can you keep your home or office clutter-free?

Remove things we don’t need.

Our homes are full of things. Some of these things have long since outgrown its use. Perhaps it the old mattress just lying on its side propped up in the living room that we only meant to leave a few days and ended up being its permanent location or maybe it is a television that we hoped to fix one day.

Clutter begins to appear most prominently when we own too much stuff. So go through your house and identify items especially large ones that take up space but are not being used because of being either broken or just not needed anymore.

What else might you have in our homes that you need to get rid of?

Well, there might be junk drawers full of unneeded items (rubber bands, old batteries, or old keys), closets full of clothes you no longer wear.
Decorations that are no longer meaningful and/or outdated.

The most important key in completing this step is to start with the small and easy projects first. Then you can move on to getting rid of things that might be harder such as sentimental items that have been collected over the years or family member’s clutter which has begun to invade common areas.

Implement habits to manage your clutter

Regardless of how many times you organize if you have the same habits within a short time things will revert to how they used to be. Therefore it is important to create new behaviours to replace your old ways.

This includes: placing daily-use items (clothes, books, toys) back in their designated areas, clearing the kitchen after every meal and getting rid of items that you do not need quickly.

Over the years, I have found that clutter attracts clutter. Once it begins to collect, it requires intentional action to clear it away. So the best thing after organizing an area is to keep it clear of accumulating anymore things.

So how do you ensure that you keep your home clutter free? Drop me a line below!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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2 Responses to “Getting rid of that Clutter!”

  1. Valerie Kerr says:

    Primary Guideline: DONT JUST PUT THINGS DOWN; PUT THINGS AWAY. There should be a designated place for just about every item in the home after you have learned how to categorize by room, by frequency of use, by accessibility and so on.

  2. teriann says:

    Hi Valerie,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Yes it would be extremely helpful if we all just put things away as soon as we can that minimizes the stress. Keep visiting and sharing with us!

    Teri Ann

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