Why is my child not reading? Part 2

Children love bedtime stories. Read them often. It also helps you to bond with your child. Another benefit of reading is to help him/her to understand certain concepts or to deal with issues that he/she may be experiencing, for example, Rohan may be attending a new school and is missing his friends. You may read a story of someone who is facing similar challenges and how he manages to cope.

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Do you read bedtime stories to your child? What is the response? Does it create bonding? Does the child show more interest in reading? What methods do you use to encourage reading?

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  1. Baby Moses says:

    Great article. It’s important to introduce kids to book at an early age, even before they have the ability to read, couple this with reading to them often and you will spark their interest in reading. As a person who loves to read, once your interest gets sparked you will only continue to read more and more.

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