My Alternative to Being “Scared For the Holidays”

December 14th, 2019

I read a blog post by journalist Kate Chappell, and it made me think. Yes, crime is on the increase. Yes, the roads are a mess. Traffic (and bad driving) has reached another level. Noise pollution (now encouraged by the Government’s amendment to the Noise Abatement Act) has reached new highs. And Kate is right – […]


Why is Mr. John Canoe Disappearing Down the Road?

December 30th, 2014

So, what did Christmas mean to Jamaicans this year? The few days preceding Christmas, in Kingston at least, were frenetic. Traffic swelled to gridlock levels, supermarkets were under siege and nerves were frayed as shoppers with limited budgets struggled to find the best bargains. Desperate women fought over Christmas cake in a well-known supermarket. There […]