Congratulations Miss Universe & Miss Jamaica World…

Yes its that time again. Congratulations to Leila Lopes, Miss Universe and Danielle Crosskill, Miss Jamaica World. And yes I have lots of questions for you today :) .

As I’m sure you’ve heard Miss Angola, Leila Lopes made history for her country as she was crowned Miss Universe.

In my opinion the 25 year old beauty illustrated both striking beauty and intelligence. But I’m sure you have heard the negative comments from Miss France, Laury Thilleman. Do you think Miss Angola deserved to win?

Unfortunately Shakira Martin, Miss Jamaica Universe (below) did not place in the final grouping, but good effort young lady. So once again I find myself asking do we in Jamaica have the right formula for selecting our beauties for the pageants and the right panel selecting the beauty? You tell me….

The newly crowned Miss Jamaica World, Danielle Crosskill will represent Jamaica at Miss World in London on November 6.

Unfortunately Chantal Raymond was unable to bring home the crown last year. But Jamaica has won the Miss World title on three occasions, Carole Joan Crawford in 1963, Cindy Breakspeare in 1976 and most recently Lisa Hanna in 1993.

Do you think the right girl won and is likely to bring home the crown for the 4th time?

Although I’m running around for London fashion week i’ll be checking in regularly to get your thoughts. So lets get to chatting :) .

Talk soon


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14 Responses to “Congratulations Miss Universe & Miss Jamaica World…”

  1. Patricia says:

    Who are we kidding we know that Shakira Martin and Chantal Raymond would never past top 20 so we need to stop kidding our self and choose persons of international standards its like we choosing a leader to run our country, we want a leader who can represent us on any international stage can hold his or her own as a leader and not just to make pure noise on the local stage near election. not to hide behing their ministers to do the talking for them. Choosing someone who represent this country Jamaica should be very important to all of us.

  2. Anna Williams says:

    It will always be anybody’s guess as to who will win Miss World or Miss Universe. Jamaicans take it too seriously and many people seem to believe that if Jamaica does not win,then there’s a problem with the Jamaican contestant. I think, to the contrary. It all depends on the judges at the given time. The beautiful bronze skinned Leila Lopes’ win is proof of that.

  3. paul says:

    Leila Lopes is not bronze – she is BLACK, which puts the lie to the myth that only light-skinned girls can win.
    Shakira Martin is beautiful and certainly up to Miss Universe standard – so she didn’t win – so what – everybody cant win.
    That said, we dont stand a chance in the Miss World, and it’s nothing to do with the shade of Miss Croskill.

  4. Paul Butt says:

    It’s interesting that all the former Miss Universes, Miss Worlds look nothing like the majority of the people that occupy the hills, gullies and cities of jamaica. Is it not about time that we started embracing our African heritage and realise that the majority of Jamaicans are of African heritage. Think about it, Miss Japan, Miss China and Miss UK will all look like the majority within their respective countries… think about it!

  5. Verlis says:

    If we only use “pretty face”, “melanin deficiency” and “right connection” as our only criteria for selecting Miss World candidates we are going to have a hard time copping that Miss World title. The characteristic that is most evident in our three winners is INTELLIGENCE. If our panel start weighing this heavily during selection, then its very possible we may start hitting top 20′s more frequently.

  6. annette says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-no more no less

  7. Anna Williams says:

    It’s an insult to the Jamaican contestants to imply that they are less intelligent and that they will not win because they are incapable of answering the questions. Some contestants have won after giving the most asinine answers. The Jamaican girls are always very sharp, but Jamaica is only one country out of many others. Some countries have never had a winner so why do we think we should have a monopoly over these contests? If people want to complain that there should be more dark-skinned contestants, then that’s another issue, but no matter what they do, there will always be those who criticize. The same black people who complain are the same ones who will say that the dark skinned girls are not as pretty as those with light complexions. In fact, some of them are criticizing Leila Lopes’ win right now because they think she is not beautiful enough since she is dark skinned. Folks need to get over themselves with this color thing. It’s only a beauty contest. There are more pressing things for Jamaicans to be concerned about.

  8. Ced Palm says:

    Having watched international beauty contests for many years, statistics of the winners show that ladies of a lighter skin hue tend to come out on top, therefore it was with happiness that I witnessed Miss Angola’s victory.or those who may still have doubts, Leila Lopes’ winning of this prestigious beauty contest gives credibility to the fact that Black is still Beautiful. In this 21st century world, it is hoped that the vast majority of us have matured to the point of accepting diversity in beauty – brown, white, black, Chinese, African, European, Indian, Venezuelan, Jamaican. There is beauty on every continent, in all countries and we need to appreciate that.

  9. princessi says:

    Miss world? miss universe?
    Ask yourselves who owns it; who runs it and for whom. The standard is based on the european bone structure and body format of contestants and therefore heavily weighted in favour of causians or as near-to as possible. The organizers in Jamaica know this which explains their choice year after year.
    Trying to judge black beauty against caucasian, chinese , Indian and mixtures of any of these is like comparing apples to oranges; bananas to potatoes. It is an unfair comparison. It is particularly unfair to blacks as no ‘true’ black or chinese has ever won or ever will. they are simply invited to take part. If Jamaica will take part in this nonsense then I prefer a black representative as miss Jamaica and no pale imitation of what we are should be.

    Paul Butt you are right none of the so-called Jamaican winners of miss world/universe contest look anything like the majority population. I remember when Joan Crawford won Miss world as a representative of Jamaica, a few people raised these same concerns; the reaction was that it would be good for tourism. I wonder what the excuse is now. Out of many…we are ONE BIG LIE.

  10. Nadir says:

    Although the ladies are somewhat gorgeous, we are not selecting right ones to represent the country. Who do we have judging these competitions? That is our problem. Do Jamaica really know what to look for in an ambassador?

  11. Jakan says:

    Where is my post?@ Paul, while that holds for Ms Japan and Miss China, Miss USA and Miss UK is the same as Miss Jamaica for the look varies. Recall Miss UK last year was Lenford Christie’s neice-a black woman and there have been many black and other mixed Miss USA as well as black Miss France among others. I think this year’s Miss Jamaica was just too forgettable. She even came across as absent minded to me. Yendi was always front and centre in the prelims so she figured when it mattered A regrads Miss France and her silly comments, who does she think she is as if unless she knows the girl she did not count. Well since Miss Angola was the only one she did not know well and she is the one who won then it was a good thing Miss France did not know Miss Angola well. I have to say though that Yendi lost for less blunder than Miss Angola committed but I guess that first runner up was not close enough unlike Miss Mexico who was just up on Yendi

  12. Lena says:

    Danielle Crosskill, looks like a normal girl to me, she has nothing which look like she could be a queen much less to win Miss World…people are you kidding. Stop being bias and just be honest for once….her body is not ready nothing is ready not even a girl next door look is in the running so what is our point here? did you really think she stand a chance in Miss World? how did she even get into the Miss Jamaica Pageant?!

  13. Janet says:

    I agree that we should choose the right girls to represent us in the international competition where Miss World and Miss Universe is concerned. Martin didn’t have that looks. She should never have won in the first place, she has nothing thats stands out for a queen, HER WHOLE FEATURES ARE ORDINARY. Crosskill wasn’t the favourite to win, but she earned her place as a result of crowd favourite Chavoy Gordon’S flop in the interview. Had it not been for that Crosskill would have place second.

  14. Sahsaq says:

    haha shakira martin is so not cute. why do jamaicans even bother entering? danielle is not beauty pageant material either. very plain.

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