Style Week Jamaica Review Pt 2.

A piece from the 'Strings' Collection by Cecilia Davena.

Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica came alive at 9:40pm Sunday night, for Style Weeks Fashion Block. Although it started a little late the Jamaican public came out on to celebrate this free fashion event. Kevin O’Brien opened the show, closely followed by Donna Shamair, Shades of Africa, Balla Shawn, Cecilia Davena, Kaydian Nicely, Coco Johnson and Neah Lis.

Yes your right some of these designers did present collections on previous nights, but all ensured something new, fresh and unique hit the runway on Sunday night. Take a look at a few of the pieces below.

A vibrant, bold, abstract piece that was part of Kevin O'Brien's collection.

Shades of Africa presented mens & womenswear.

Kevin O’Brien added some bold  statement pieces to his ‘all white’ collection that he presented previously. An outstanding presentation on his part once again! I liked how Tanya Cameron the designer for Shades of Africa used traditional African fabrics for relatively modern looks. Such as the one pictured above, alongside some very traditional pieces. Definitely a good mix.

Carl Brown presented 'Calilles Hatitude' at Fashion Block.

Nish by Nikolay presented some cute swimwear.

Carl Brown presented some exquisite hats in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th, while Nikolay showcased some sexy swimwear. Designers Debra Jarett, Andre Shirley and Donovan Depass also took the runway by storm with some great collections.

After a brief intermission when the compere of the night Jerry D entertained us all we got back to some show stopping fashion.  Andre Rowe, Gregory HOD Williams, White Skyy, Courtney Washington all graced the runway with amazing pieces. Some are pictured below.

A Saint model strikes a pose in a Andre Rowe piece.

Celebrity designers White Skyy presented some female pieces alongside the mens collection.

Franz Christie, Rick B, the fabulous Indashio and Donna Rose were the designers that closed Fashion Block. All presented unique, exciting creations that were worth waiting till after midnight for. Some are pictured below.

Although I found each of the fashion events full of  so much talent, creativity, uniqueness and able to compete on the global fashion stage, the turn out was continuously disappointing. I hope that next year Jamaica realises what a phenomenal event Style Week is and support it fully in huge numbers.

A simple but beautiful piece by Franz Christie.

A show stopping Jamaica 50th tribute by Donna Rose.

Keep watching the blog as I post some of the video footage taken from Style Week 2012 and one on one interviews with the designers. Great job Deiwght and the Saint team. I’m looking forward to next years event already.


P.S. Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) 2012 starts June 7th, so keep watching!


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